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Big screen makes you surf the web more

According to the news agency Strategy Analytics, American users are significantly more likely to use the Internet from phablets - devices with a screen of 5.5 inches or more. This data was obtained through the AppOptix application developed by Strategy Analytics.

During 2017, almost three times more mobile Internet traffic went through phablets than smartphones with medium and small screens (less than 5 inches).

To be more precise, on average, phablet users spend about 840 MB traffic daily, while owners of small smartphones (4, 5 inches or less) consume less than 350MB . Owners of smartphones with an average diagonal (4.5-5.5 inches) spend 600-730 MB traffic every day.

The amount of time spent on the Internet by users of different devices also differs depending on the diagonal:

  • 5.5 inches and above - 261 minutes per day;
  • 5.0-5.5 inches - 234 minutes per day;
  • 4.5-5.0 - 242 minutes;
  • up to 4.5 inches - 184 minutes.

Strategy Analytics emphasizes that data consumption is directly related to screen size. Phablets provide a high level of comfort when surfing the Internet, which is why their owners incur high costs for mobile traffic. This information is worth considering for those who are going to purchase a smartphone with a large diagonal. If you are not prepared to spend an additional 1 hour and 17 minutes on the Internet, Strategy Analytics recommends purchasing a device with a maximum screen size of 4.5 inches.

Analysts predict that traffic consumption will continue to grow, and are already urging mobile Internet operators to prepare for the increased demand for their services. Research shows that most US ISPs have failed to cope with the significant increase in data consumption in early 2017 and will not cope with further growth.

The situation may change for the better with the deployment of 5G networks. High-speed Internet of the fifth generation is able to minimize delays in data transmission due to the technology of decentralization.

By the beginning of 2019, the four largest Internet providers in the United States will be engaged in large-scale implementation of 5G. it is expected that already in 2020 a significant part of the country will be covered by the new high-speed Internet network.

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Author: Jake Pinkman