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The main criteria for choosing a smartphone in 2018


Technologies are currently developing very rapidly. And now, by 2018, flagship smartphones have lost their bezels and boast a widescreen display. Of course, this applies only to the most expensive devices.

Budget models so far for the most part have a standard aspect ratio. But due to the constant development of the capabilities and characteristics of smartphones, there is some confusion about which device to choose in 2018.

Let's take a look at the most important characteristics of a smartphone and prioritize the choice of a new device.

Attention to the screen

The screen of a smart phone can be considered its business card. Because it is through the mediation of the screen that a person contacts the device. Of course, you should understand that everything here depends on the price tag. But the general trend is that the most budgetary ones are IPS screens.

Smartphone screen

And do not think that they cannot convey a high-quality picture. It goes without saying that it is best to hold the smartphone in your hands before buying and pay attention to the viewing angles. Since the image on some IPS screens fades at an angle. However, screen resolution is still the primary criterion here.

By the way! HD resolution should be the minimum value considered. This is for budget devices. Mid-budget smartphones already offer Full HD or Full HD Plus resolution. This is considered the norm. As for the flagship devices, things are not so simple here.

Since the resolution is higher than Full HD Plus , many consider it too much for a small smartphone screen. And to save energy, manufacturers do not install higher-resolution screens in their devices.

On most devices of the budget and mid-budget class, you will find exactly IPS screen . As for the more expensive devices, they can boast of a AMOLED screen. Such a display is distinguished by its colorfulness. But at the same time, not all users will like aggressive colors.

Therefore, some people deliberately ignore devices with Amoled screens. Although they are generally considered the best. Most of the flagship devices are equipped with exactly AMOLED screens.

The issue of the display diagonal cannot be ignored. The further you go, the bigger the screens get. And 5 inches is currently the minimum.

If you do not need a large display, and also have small palms, then you should choose a miniature device.

If you are going to watch movies and actively play on your smartphone, then it is better to look at devices with a diagonal of 5.5 inches.

In this case, one should pay attention to smartphones that have a aspect ratio of 18: 9 . Since it is unlikely that anyone wants to lag behind the trend. And such smartphones look better against the background of their monotonous competitors.

Internal storage space

Internal memory size
Photo Panda is not very happy

It must be remembered that your phone's operating system, like applications, takes up space in the device's memory and over the years this space is needed more and more. Each new version of the OS or application adds weight inapplicably.

Now the minimum amount of internal (built-in) memory for optimal operation is 32 GB . Taking a phone with 16 and even more so 8 GB of internal memory is absolutely not worth it.

Processor, video accelerator

Video on the phone

Although the processor is hidden from prying eyes deep in the depths of the smartphone, it is he who ensures the adequate operation of the device. If we talk about budget models, then we should start from four core processors with a frequency of at least 1.5 GHz .

Mid-range smartphones currently have an eight-core 2.0 gigahertz processor. Flagship devices have even more powerful processors. It is from the given values that you should start when choosing a smartphone in 2018.

For budget and mid-budget devices, a snapdragon processor is considered an ideal option. The same goes for other devices from popular manufacturers. As for the devices of A brands, they differ in their own processors. Which is not a minus at all, but quite the opposite!

The video accelerator is responsible for the graphics part. If your smartphone has a powerful processor, but the video does not match the accelerator, then you will not be able to play heavy games. In 2018, attention should be paid to smartphones that differ in the video core from PowerVR and Adreno.

Corpus and its materials

Smartphone crashed

As for the body of the smartphone, the trend has not changed since the previous year.

The most expensive devices have a metal or glass case. Moreover, glass is gaining more and more popularity lately.

Mid-budget devices feature a metal body.

This is the most practical option. The cheapest devices have a plastic case, which has recently become known as polycarbonate.

If you have found an inexpensive device in a metal case, then we can congratulate you. This is a pretty good option. Just don't forget about the rest of the selection criteria!

Built-in cameras

2017 was the year of dual cameras. And in 2018, this trend was not broken. Of course, most budget devices have only one main camera. And some manufacturers even manage to put an ordinary dummy instead of the second camera's peephole.

Camera on the phone

Too cheap deception! But in the middle price category, you can already count on a very real dual main camera. Most of the flagships have 2 built-in 12 megapixel cameras. This is the norm.

As for the front camera, you should pay attention to devices that have a front camera of 5 megapixels and above.

Moreover, in 2018, 5 megapixels in the front camera is already very small. This should only be the norm for cheap smartphones.

As for mid-budget devices, here you should focus on the appointment of 8 megapixels. But if you are going to shell out a tidy sum of money for a smartphone, then you need to pay attention to devices that have a front camera similar in characteristics to the main camera (with the exception of an additional lens).


Currently, you can trace the direct dependence of the battery capacity on the diagonal of the display.


For smartphones with a 5 " screen, a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh is sufficient.

As for smartphones with a diagonal of 5.5 , here you should focus on models with a battery of 4000 mAh .

Larger devices should have a larger battery. Otherwise, the autonomy will not please you.

What else should a smartphone have?

In 2018, the NFC technology becomes especially relevant. It allows you to pay for purchases without a bank card. Only with a smartphone. Before buying, ask if the selected smartphone has a NFC module.

NFC on the phone

The presence of a USB type-c connector is not critical. But still, such a connector allows you to transfer information at a significantly higher speed than standard micro USB. So having a type-c port will also be an undeniable advantage.

Knowledge of all the listed criteria for choosing a smartphone will undoubtedly allow you to choose the device that will be relevant in 2018!

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