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Mini Guide: how to choose the right smartphone


It often happens that a person comes to a store to buy a smartphone and gets lost in the abundance of models laid out in the window. To prevent this from happening, you should think in advance what to buy. The 9-step mini-guide will help you define and narrow your choice.

With the right smartphone, you can manage all your daily tasks. Your work and personal life will become more organized.

It is very easy to buy a smartphone: every electronics store is ready to offer you dozens of different models. But how to choose the one that suits you and not overpay?

How do you know that the phone you like will cope with all the tasks assigned to it? Follow the steps below and you can narrow your selection down to 1-2 models. Then it will be much easier to decide on the purchase.

Think what you want from a smartphone

smartphone with projector

Do you like listening to music? This means you need a model with a lot of memory. Alternatively, the smartphone must support an SD card. Want to watch videos on the subway? Better to opt for a large screen - 5 inches or more.

Is the camera important

Smartphone and Go pro

If you love taking pictures, it is worth choosing from those phones that are specifically designed for mobile photography. A dual camera, optical zoom, minimum aperture of 2.0 f, 12MP and above is what you need. If you are indifferent to shooting, you should not pay attention to these characteristics.

Are you going to expand the capabilities of the phone or will the basic set of functions be enough

Transparent phone

iPhone has the largest app store. They are all tested before being added to the store. This means that there is practically no chance of downloading a virus from the AppStore.

But Android smartphones allow the ability to install applications from unverified sources. This way, you can even install applications that have not yet made it to the official Google Play store.

Is the touchscreen comfortable for you

Physical keyboard on a smartphone

Some people find it easier to feel real buttons than to slide their fingers across the screen. If your hands aren't as nimble as you'd like, it's best to look for a smartphone with a physical keyboard. Yes, there are some, for example, Blackberry.

Afraid to get confused in the abundance of settings

Smartphone sensor

The iPhone interface is what is called user-friendly - even those who have not held a smartphone in their hands will quickly begin to navigate in it. So if you're looking for your first high-tech gadget, grab your iPhone.

How advanced are you in technology

Playing with your phone

If you want to personally tinker with the phone's deep customizations, you need an open source operating system. This is Android.

The most important question: how much do you hope to meet

Smartphone price

Don't forget that overpaying for unnecessary features is stupid. Perhaps you will be satisfied with a simple $ 100 gadget, for which you will immediately pay off. The top device will have to be borrowed. Carefully assess your capabilities!

It's time to head to the store


Visit several sites, select the most attractive models, compare their characteristics.

Compare price offers in different stores. You may stumble upon unexpected discounts.

But remember: a truly reliable thing cannot cost a penny.

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