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Holographic screen smartphone named worst device of the year


American network resource The Mashable took charge and named the worst smartphone of 2018. It was a device with a holographic screen Red Hydrogen One. Despite the first place in the anti-rating, the experts of the publication nevertheless recognized a number of positive characteristics of the device, including loud sound and a high-quality battery.

All other qualities, according to The Mashable, such as filling, external design and software, allowed Hydrogen One to lead the 2018 anti-rating of smartphones. The specialist of the publication called the smartphone too massive and generally noted its unsuccessful design, because of which the device is inconvenient to hold. The expert also pointed to an unreliable display, an outdated Android OS. At the same time, the price of the device turned out to be higher than some top Apple models.

The manufacturer RED, familiar from its high-quality 8K cameras, announced this year the release of its proprietary RED Hydrogen One smartphone with a holographic display. The uniqueness of the novelty caused a revival, although the smartphone was presented a few months later than the manufacturer's announced date.

The key feature of the device is the 5.7-inch screen, which can switch from normal state to 2D and 3D, creating a holographic display. This possibility is provided by the 4-view screen technology. Hydrogen One adds the flagship Snapdragon 835 chipset and a standard set of 3.5mm audio jacks, speakers with stereo sound, and a USB-C port. Additionally, the Red Hydrogen One smartphone can increase its functionality with the help of third-party gadgets. For this, a special connector is provided on the rear panel through which professional lenses and other useful modules are connected to the smartphone.


The manufacturer clearly demonstrated the capabilities of Hydrogen One on, showing possible ways to use holographic screen technology. In the first case, the smartphone supported video in 3D format, while the image remained static. In the second mode, the device reproduced the faces of the interlocutors in the form of holograms during a video chat session.

Despite the promising characteristics, Hydrogen One did not live up to expectations in the IT sector, and after that it also received the title of outsider of the year. The slightly clouded display of the device turned out to be rather weak, and did not become the main feature of the device. As a result, the smartphone did not live up to the declared value of over $ 1200. In addition, the manufacturer of high-quality video equipment was unable to add additional bonuses to its smartphone even in this area. Hydrogen One received a completely inconspicuous camera, which loses to competitors and phones with a lower price.

Experts from The Mashable, although they awarded Hydrogen One the status of "the worst smartphone of 2018", still expressed their approval to the developers for their courage and attempt to create something completely new in the smartphone market, going against the generally accepted trends.

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