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Insider # 4.03: new iPhone models, holographic smartphone from RED, Black Shark 2 gaming device


This inside story is about long-awaited insights from the Apple camp. We will also talk about the prospects for a holographic smartphone from RED and about the Black Shark 2 gaming smartphone.

About Apple's New iPhone Models

By tradition, Apple shows its new products in the fall, but information about them and all sorts of leaks are much ahead of this time. This year was no exception. The conflict with the Chinese, the fall in demand for the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, led to an increase in the company's activity, the desire to issue more advanced new products.

This, in turn, leads to the emergence of fresh data, which is actively shared by insider agencies or other media outlets.

In their publications, such authorities as Business Insider, Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal do not indicate the names of new products, but give metered information about them. For example, according to these publications, at least one future iPhone will have a main camera consisting of a triple unit.


Previously there was information that all Apple smartphones this year will receive OLED screens, the dimensions of which will be similar to last year's models. However, authoritative analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently announced that the XR version will be equipped with a cheaper LCD matrix. Allegedly - this will be done for reasons of economy. It was also said about the improvement of the Face ID facial recognition system. In a year, Apple will achieve better 3D and augmented reality experiences thanks to improved adaptations of new cameras.

All charging accessories will remain unchanged. Smartphones will still be equipped with a 5-watt charger; users will have to buy an 18-watt charger for fast charging.

An improvement is that iPhones will be equipped with reversible wireless chargers that support AirPods and Apple Watch. It is immediately said that it is not yet known whether the company will abandon the outdated Lightning connectors, replacing them with promising USB Type-C. There are already prototypes of devices with such equipment.


According to the information, the appearance of new iPhone models will remain the same. Ming-Chi Kuo pointed to a high probability of the appearance of a frosted rear glass in one of the models, while maintaining a cutout in the screen. The devices will start supporting the most modern 5G networks no earlier than 2020.

As expected, all gadgets will receive more efficient and faster processors. The amount of RAM and built-in storage will also grow. For example, the iPhone XR will receive 4 GB of RAM, now this parameter corresponds to 3 GB. What batteries will be installed is not yet known.

Camera for RED Hydrogen One

By announcing this smartphone, the manufacturer pinned certain hopes on it. This was facilitated by the presence of an innovative screen and a large number of replaceable modules.


Last year's first version of the device has collected a considerable amount of positive feedback from journalists and experts. However, this did not allow her to become a hit. Many wondered about the prospects for this development. They are not clear yet.

RED CEO Jim Jennard tried to dispel the fog in this direction by publishing information on the H4V forum. However, everything turned out the other way around - there were even more questions.

The official said that information about the modules of the smartphone has been removed from the pages of Hydrogen One due to the fact that the project will undergo radical changes.

This suggests that the company is developing a new gadget that will receive an advanced high quality camera. The plug-in modules themselves will not be subject to changes, which will remain a mystery with them. For those who have already purchased the $ 1,300 RED Hydrogen One, this news is far from pleasant. What will happen next, how RED will get out of this situation is not yet known.

Gaming Black Shark 2 Coming Soon

The Black Shark 2 gaming smartphone will receive a long awaited update. Its announcement will take place on March 18. It is known to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, 12GB of RAM and Liquid Cooling 3.0, which provides liquid cooling.


The device screen has a resolution of 2340x1080 pixels, the OS is Android Pie. He is predicted to have a high-quality battery, which is 60% better than its previous counterpart.

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