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IPhone 2019 production scheme has appeared on the web


The new iPhone is gradually approaching its official release - Apple has already provided all the necessary drawings and documentation to set up the production process. Accidentally or not, but one of the images of the future novelty of 2019 was freely available, thereby revealing some of the features of the future smartphone. The source of the leak is likely a Chinese company that will assemble the devices.

In the declassified drawing, the 2019 iPhone is not visible from the front side, so the presence of the famous branded cutout, or monobrow, is unknown. At one time, this shape of the screen cutout was caused by the need to accommodate Face ID facial recognition in the device. After that, the form was copied by many large participants in the mobile technology market, but by the beginning of 2019, again, many companies began to get rid of it.

By the appearance of the device in the photo, which was in the public domain, it is noticeable that the design of the future gadget differs little from the models of the past two years. The image of the iPhone 2019 leaked online allows you to see the smoothed corners of the body of the device, which are characteristic of all models dating back to 2014. A hole for Qi wireless charging technology is visible in the central part of the case.

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And yet the new iPhone, judging by the drawing, has its own individual peculiarity. Its main difference is where the main photo module is located. In the left corner on the left of the drawing, three holes are visible, which indirectly indicates the presence of a triple main camera. Looking back at the beginning of 2019, the triple camera on the iPhone XI was not originally planned. In January, after the release of the final version of the smartphone design, the main camera module was positioned vertically and consisted of two sensors.

According to the tradition that Apple has followed for a couple of years, presenting updated smartphone families in the fall, the new iPhone, most likely, should not be expected earlier than this date. The 2019 lineup, which became known a little earlier, will include three variants of smartphones, each of which will be a continuation of the 2018 model. So, the drawing, which shows the iPhone XI, will be an updated version of the iPhone XS, the most budgetary iPhone XR will be replaced by the fresh iPhone XR2, and the premium iPhone XS Max 2018 will be replaced by the flagship iPhone XI Plus 2019.

Among lovers of Apple products there is hope that the cost of new models of smartphones will be less than that of their predecessors. There are grounds for this. In the past year, the high cost of the 2018 line led to an overall decline in demand and, by extension, global sales, reducing revenue. After that, the company revised the structure of its financial statements, having ceased to specify individual sales of a particular gadget.

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