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24 Fun Facts About Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


GameInformer is now hosting a month dedicated to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The site's journalists have gathered together facts about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which have not been mentioned before in one way or another, but they are no less interesting for that.

1. The game, most likely, will not have the "New game plus" mode. According to project director Stig Asmussen, the game is inspired by the Metrodovanie genre, so if you start a new game with already pumped abilities, the design will go down the drain and something will definitely go wrong, as the developers intended.

2. The game will have difficulty levels, but they have not yet come up with names. Perhaps they will be referred to as Padawan, Jedi, etc.


3. The game will look great on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. The studio does not tell exactly what will be improved, since Respawn strives to ensure that the game looks good on weak hardware, and is available to everyone. However, the best gaming experience is, as always, on a powerful PC.

4. In the game, the map is built into the gameplay in the form of a hologram, if you look at it during the battle, the enemies will attack you.


5. The reporters asked Asmussen if there would be a lightsaber dismemberment in the game. He replied that the studio did not want the game to be rated M 17+. Therefore, there will be no bloody massacre against people. The same cannot be said about robots and creatures. They will react to the lightsaber as needed, and the damage on human enemies will be displayed on their armor, but there will be no dismembered limbs flying in all directions with blood. It's not Star Wars style.


6. The first force you learn is called Force Slow. It will allow you to slow down enemies and surrounding objects in battle.


7. You start the game with two health bars. Later in the game, you can, of course, increase their number.

8. When reporters arrived at the Respawn office, they saw that most of the conference rooms were devoted to Star Wars. Many walls are covered in murals inspired by Star Wars, and statues throughout the building, such as the figure of Darth Maul and a full-size speed bike.


9. After we saw at E3 how Cel sat down to pilot the AT-AT, the journalists asked if it would still be possible to control such machines in the game or was it an isolated case? Asmussen replied: "There are other 'exotic' gameplay moments, but they will also be one-off ... that's all I can say for now."

10. According to the designers, the films "Rouge One" and "Rebels" are the source of inspiration for the entourage in the game.


Senior Hard Surface Artist Tim Wallace said, “Rouge One was a new film in which the designers struggled to show that their film was far from the main trilogy and more distinctive. Therefore, for them they were the perfect example of how to do their job. ”


Senior Concept Artist Gabriel Yeganyan: “Looking at 'Rebels' we saw how the Empire has evolved since the days of the Republic, and became what it is. We took the best moments where it was shown, the elements that were most effective in the show and brought them to the state in which they were shown in Rouge One. ”

11. The AT-ATs that were used in the game and were shown to us at E3 were recreated focusing on the AT-ATs from Rebels, so the studio calls them "RAT-AT", short for "Rebels AT-AT".

12. The lightsaber can be used in an unlit room as a flashlight.


13. The BD-1 robot will constantly react to different situations and warn you of danger. So, when all is well and he feels safe, he blinks green, when he noticed an enemy or your health drops - red.

14. Respawn wants to keep loading screens to a minimum to make the game feel seamless and seamless. They want to try to do even moving from planet to planet or switching to a cut-scene without them.

15. We already know that the color of the lightsaber, BD-1, Cel's suit and the design of his ship are customizable, besides this:

“We are giving new lightsaber parts as a bonus when pre-ordering. This will not affect the functionality in any way, but from an aesthetic point of view, it looks pretty cool. In the game itself, you can also find their different components, they can be interestingly combined. As for the colors of the swords, you can change them, however there are some colors that LucasFilm forbade us to use.

16. During the battle, you can not concentrate on one enemy and fight all at once. However, the combat system looks more effective when you deal with opponents in turn.

17. For scanning the environment, in addition to useful information, we will receive bonuses, but Respawn still does not specify what it will be:

“BD-1 can scan enemies and it will create logs and databank entries. Most of the information here is just additional data for Star Wars fans and for creating an in-game encyclopedia. Anything that we imagine, something new or something old that people might forget about. A data bank is needed just for this. However, we want to reward the player with, for example, currency for scanning to stimulate their interest, ”says Stig Asmussen.


18. The map will show everything you find, but it will not show some secrets.

Lead Level Designer Jeff Magers: “We can say that on 99% of the map shown, we have 1% of secrets. We will give the player a smaller footprint and plan to tell exactly where he needs to go. But at the same time we will not say: "The secret is here!" - if we reduce it to a small, easily digestible region to study. This is where we're headed.

19. The combat team decided to avoid pressing more than one button during attacks. There will still be such moments, for example, throwing a lightsaber is a block and a triangle. But in general, they want to attach a specific button to a specific attack.

20. The part of the game shown in the E3 demo is the most linear of all Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The world itself is much more open. It's just that this piece was the most cinematic and fit for the E3 format.

21. If you find the enemy who killed you and get even with him, then you will recover part of your health, or your Jedi power boost will increase. With this, the developers are pushing you to play differently after death and focus on different goals.


22. Enemies will constantly say something during the fight. Cel, in turn, will remain silent, and is not even going to joke. The most he can do is call BD-1.

23. Asmussen already knows whether the opening cutscene will include the credits "In a distant, distant galaxy ..." but he never revealed whether they will be included or not.

24. While blocking is a very important part of combat, if you like to dodge, you will still be successful.

According to the developers, they add attacks to enemies that will make them dodge from enemies, even those who prefer to always block attacks. But if you're used to always dodging, you will find that dodging gives you a lot more room to counterattack.

Those were all the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order facts that GameInformer introduced.

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