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A New Hope: What Journalists Think of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


We had reasons not to trust EA responsible for introducing loot boxes in Star Wars Battlefront 2 when they published Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. A lot of facts said that perhaps we will not have a very good product. However, as we noted in our release calendar - we look forward to the development studio Respawn Entertainment. Faith was not in vain. We have collected for you the ratings and opinions of Western media about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and diluted them with our thoughts.

Detached hut

The problem with many Star Wars games is that they often feel detached from the main franchise, as if they are all just works based on motives, a set of free-standing huts that have nothing to do with a civilized city. And if we got a great game, for example, Star Wars Force Unleashed or the same KOTOR dilogy, they were not canon. This is a shame, because often games convey the atmosphere of a distant, distant galaxy much better than some films, but finally, that Star Wars game that we have needed for a long time has appeared. The same thoughts are shared in their Game Spot review, who rated the game at 8/10.


“Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the last game in canon and is one of the best favorites for the franchise as it tries to go beyond the typical attributes of Star Wars. This is not just another Jedi tale cut off from the general universe. As in the best Star Wars games, she complements the ideas of films and other works, exploring new corners of the galaxy, focusing on the main themes of the franchise: knowing yourself, fighting your darkness and overcoming adversity with friends. ”

The latest edition is just concentrating, it notes the strong connection between the main character and his robot. Their relationship works both in plot and gameplay:

“When Cal and BD-1 meet, they become inseparable, working together as partners to solve mysteries in forgotten ruins as they travel to different planets.

BD is Cal's constant companion. The robot sits on his back and GG regularly talks to the droid as they explore the planets. BD also plays an important gameplay role. Most importantly, BD helps Cal recuperate and heal in the middle of a long fight. He can also open doors and hack certain droid enemies to turn the tide of battle. BD is always important during any fight or puzzle solving. These constant interactions between Cal and the little droid really build their relationship. ”- Game Spot.


Guardians of the Galaxy

If we talk about the value of the game for the universe, Fallen Order answers the question of what happened to the few Jedi who survived after the destruction of the order.

The main objective of the game is to do everything possible to survive in this hostile environment, and also try to improve the state of affairs for the Jedi, if at all possible.

Hiding from the Imperial Inquisition, Kestis is looking for someone who can help him return the Jedi Order and revive some form of power. In this he is helped by a team of gambling guys and outcasts, typical by the standards of the Star Wars universe.


Polygon believes that, as often happens in Star Wars, the supporting characters are much more interesting and expressive than the main character of the game:

“All of the minor characters in the game are more interesting than Cal Kestis himself. They have their own stories of failures, triumphs that give me a feeling of regret, because not so much time was spent on them as on the simple main character. This is a common problem in all Star Wars, although the most recent films do much better at it, and don't just focus on one chosen dude who came out of nowhere and is gorgeous because we were told. Kestis, alas, is a step back, but at least the other cast and those you meet along the way are much more memorable than the new character. ”


Polygon also praises the exploratory part of the game, which is based on metroidvania:

“The most common challenge is trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B, which is a breath of fresh air in Star Wars games. There are battles in the game, and some of them are great, but the vast majority of my time is spent solving puzzles and exploring rather than fighting. I am learning to keep myself in check if I cannot find all the secrets or access all areas on every planet at once, because I can always go back when I unlock a new Power ability. "- Polygon.

The combat system is also excellent, and many publications say that when stormtroopers appeared, they took out their lightsabers with great pleasure and rushed forward. For example, this is how it describes a USgamer fight:

“The combat in Jedi: Fallen Order is great. In that regard, this is by far EA's best Star Wars game to date [not that it has many competitors]. If they gave me a few more months to play quietly, in my eyes she would be a contender for the Game of the Year. Alas, the game is teeming with many other problems to justify such a title. But she's so damn close to really becoming a contender that it's actually a little heartbreaking. For example, wherever the God of War of 2018 was able to surprise, the Fallen Order stumbles. ”- USgamer.


So, the publication sees a problem in the lightning-fast development of the plot. Cel, who has to use force, is noticed by the Imperial inquisitors and he has to hide from them. It only takes Kestis a few minutes to find allies.

“The empire is shown here not just as bad guys, but real and cruel monsters - this is very cool. Unfortunately, these intriguing themes are not well served by the uneven rhythm of the game, with key revelations and events often occurring almost unexpectedly.

A sense of haste permeates the Fallen Order, which ultimately prevents me from fully appreciating it. All technical aspects of the game are degraded, which range from "slightly annoying" to "gameplay breaking". While playing on the PlayStation 4 Pro, I was constantly faced with pop-up textures, strange frame rate sticking, and confused enemies. There were a few moments when the game just stopped loading in a new area. ”


However, there is still more good in the game than bad, and this is noted by almost everyone. IGN gave the game a 9/10 and delivered the following verdict:

“The game delivers a strong dark story while maintaining fun and loyalty to Star Wars, combining fast, challenging combat techniques with energetic platforming, worthy puzzles, and varied locations to explore an all-round amazing gameplay.” - IGN.

He is joined by Game Informer, who noted in their review that exploration is the best and most fun side of the game.

“Respawn's first journey through the Star Wars universe is largely successful. I could not tear myself away from this game because of the wonderful sensations received during the exploration and the desire to see where this story will lead me. Inspiration from Dark Souls, Uncharted and Metroid Prime has come together in the minds of the developers to create something unique that works incredibly well in our favorite franchise. ”

Based on all of the above, the opinions of journalists about Jedi Fallen Order boil down to the fact that the game is really worth our attention.

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Author: Jake Pinkman