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Top 10 Star Wars Games


There have been a lot of Star Wars games throughout the franchise's existence. Therefore, it is quite difficult to make the TOP of the best Star Wars games, because it is easy to miss this or that good game. In connection with the announcement of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, we decided to recall the cool games in the Star Wars universe.

Lego Star Wars Series

Lego games have always had their own signature style that fits perfectly with Star Wars. The games based on these films follow the main plot perfectly and also remain interesting and damn funny. Even though they target children, they even go for adults. It is important that since the release of the very first game, not a single failed part has been released yet.


Star Wars The Force Unleashed

This is one of the most recent games that LucasArts made before being bought, and started doing necromancy sessions with its intellectual property. Unlike other games, it is not canon, but it also has a much cooler storyline than many other games in this franchise. We can say that this is an alternative history, which was created from the words "what if". In the game, Darth Vader had a secret apprentice, the Dark Jedi Star Killer, whose story was really cool.


The game has an excellent combat system, physics, dark power mechanics, and you could kick Darth Vader's ass in it. If you haven’t played this action, we recommend giving it a try.

Star Wars Episode 1: Jedi Power Battles

This game takes not its performance, but the fact that it is simply fun to play. And all for the simple reason that the developers took the Beat 'em up genre and mixed it all with the Star Wars setting, getting a good mix. Yes, there were bugs, yes, visually it is average, but the members of the Jedi Council are represented in it in every way better than in the film.


Jedi Knights 2: Jedi Outcast

In general, the series of these games was very cool, but in Jedi Outcast 2, where we played as Kyle Katarn, they were best able to combine a first-person shooter and a third-person lightsaber. The use of force is also well implemented in it. It was this game that set the bar for how the power mechanic should develop in subsequent Star Wars games. It is noteworthy that the game had multiplayer, where players would hang out for a long time in deadly sword fights.


Star Wars Galaxies

Today this multiplayer RPG is already archaic. But how pleasant it was to explore in it the entire distant, distant galaxy. In addition to the Jedi and Sith, other roles could be played, such as warriors, smugglers, or alien beings. In addition, becoming a Jedi in the game was very difficult, which looks realistic overall. First you had to earn it.


The easiest way to describe the game is with the word "pleasant". Alas, today she died long ago, and only her memory warms the soul.

Star Wars Republic Commandos

For me personally, this is the very first shooter in the Star Wars universe that I've played. Republic Commandos came out at a time when LucasArts was laying its golden eggs in cool games. We played as clone stormtroopers from the Delta Squad and completed various combat missions between the second and third episodes of the MCU. The game was an excellent tactical first-person shooter that at times became so dynamic that it could be on a par with Halo. And since we were introduced to stormtroopers even before the days of the Empire, they really shot accurately. Although in reality you played as a specially trained clone and were much stronger than the other clones.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005)

And here is my second coolest Star Wars shooter. Here is a remark. The first part of the game is also excellent, but the second was the perfect sequel, more refined and expanding on what the first part showed us before. In terms of scale, it was a great multiplayer game with flying ships, different timeline scenarios from different periods of Star Wars, and a whole bunch of characters. Battlefront 2 is fun to play and to replay. And seriously, this game has more variety and originality than modern Star Wars Battlefront 2. Plus, it doesn't have any micropayments.


Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic

I think many would agree that Kotor was one of the best [if not the best] Star Wars games. After all, there is no more suitable way to convey the entire cosmic scale of this saga and immerse it in the lore than a story-driven RPG. This was the same BioWare game we all loved. It has good characters and quests, many locations to explore, a streamlined in-game economy, and a full-fledged morality mechanic that allows you to choose both the dark and light sides of power.


Knights of The Old Republic was what inspired the studio to new achievements and in the future we got Mass Effect. Separately, it is worth noting the plot, which told about the distant past of the Republic before what we saw in films and other games, and what happened with Revan and Malak, although not canon, will remain in our memory for a long time. And it warms the soul that the sequel did not disappoint either, even taking into account that it was made by another studio.

Star Wars The Old Republic

It is impossible not to mention the excellent MMO RPG from the same BioWare, where events took place 300 years after the events of Kotor, with which she was closely associated. We chose the character class, his skills, and after that the faction - the Republic or the Sith Empire. The game was generally called the best competitor of WoW in its time.


Star Wars Empire at War

And at the end of our list, let's remember a good strategy, about the confrontation between the Empire and the rebels. The plot unfolded between the events of the third and fourth films. We could play both on a real cosmic scale and in the classic RTS at certain locations. And as always - everything is in our favorite Star Wars setting.


This was our top list of the best Star Wars games. Consider it a list of recommendations for a mandatory acquaintance with these worlds in games.

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Author: Jake Pinkman