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How to rescue a drowned smartphone?


Did an accident happen and you dropped your smartphone into the water? Act quickly. This is the only way you will be able to keep the device working, even if it survived a strong dive.

Water damages electronics in two ways.

1. Causes short circuits between components when they communicate with each other;

2. Will cause rust on metal parts.

A safe way to dry your smartphone is to place it in a moisture-absorbent material. Any type of desiccant will work for this: silica gel, rice, flakes, pet litter.

It is best to take silica gel to dry your smartphone - small white sachets that can be found in a shoe box, in a new bag and medicine packs. You can buy it in a store or order it online. You will need a lot of silica gel, enough to completely cover the device. Rice does not absorb moisture so well, but since you will probably find it in your house, and you cannot waste time, feel free to take it.

Remember : the more time your smartphone spends underwater, the less chance you have to revive it. Act quickly, but do not forget about your own safety: do not take your smartphone out of the water while it is charging. You can get an electric shock. First, unplug the charger and only then pick up your smartphone.

The tools you need.

- moisture-absorbing material;

- soft towel or napkin;

- vacuum cleaner;

is a container with a tight-fitting lid (a simple jar is also suitable).

What to do if your smartphone falls into the water?

- Quickly and safely remove it from the water.

- Turn off the power. The longer the smartphone is in use, the higher the chance of a short circuit. This will destroy the device. Do not test it for functionality, disable it as soon as possible.

- Remove the battery if possible. Skip this step if your device has a non-removable battery.

- Shake off drops of water.

- Check the moisture indicator. Some smartphones have a special sticker that changes color when exposed to moisture. It can be located at the bottom near the speaker or on the side of the rib. If it is red, it indicates that moisture has entered the inside of the case. In this case, the smartphone will not be accepted under warranty. One thing is good: you can disassemble the device and dry all the components separately.

- Remove all peripherals : slot, sim cards, flash drives, stubs. They will prevent water from leaving the hull.

- Blot your smartphone with a towel or napkin. Gently wipe the area under the battery to ensure that no lint remains on the contacts.

- Use the vacuum cleaner in reverse pull mode to suck drips out of crevices and ports.

- Place the smartphone and all its parts in a container with desiccant. Close the lid.

- Please wait. Drying takes at least 24 hours. Turning on a poorly dried device will damage it further.

- Check for moisture. After a day or two, remove the smartphone from the container and see if there are any signs of moisture on it. It can be seen as fog or smudges under the display.

- Turn on the power. When you are sure that the smartphone is dry, insert the battery and try to turn it on. If the operating system boots up and the phone works as usual, congratulations - you saved it.

Finally, some more tips.

- Wet components are best dried separately. If your smartphone is not covered by the warranty, you can open it, but only if you already have this experience and are confident in your abilities.

- The intense heat will come out harming the display , electronic components and destroying the adhesive. This is bad for the durability of the device. Some people put their smartphone near the central heating battery to speed up the drying process. Do this at your own risk.

- Do not use a hairdryer to dry the electronics: the air flow will drive moisture deeper into the case. You can cause severe overheating and further damage your device.

- If you drop your smartphone in salt water, first turn it off and then dip it in fresh water to wash off the salt. Then follow the rest of the steps.

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