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Top 30 Best Fantasy Movies 2019: Part 2


Fairy tales are loved not only by children, but also by adults. In modern fairy tales, you rarely meet Kashcheev Bessmertnykh, Zmeev Gorynychey, Bab Yozhek and Ivanushek Foolish, but this did not stop them being fairy tales. In our top 30 best fantasy films of 2019, the theme is more and more inclined towards science fiction, but the magic is also present in them in full. After all, the forces of the Jedi of the Star Wars universe, travel through parallel worlds and the zombie apocalypse are just magic tricks that only the magic and imagination of storytellers can do.

The same can be said about the movement of live real players into the bodies of avatars of a computer game ...

11. Jumanji: The Next Level (USA) 5 6.55

Moreover, this movement is not the first time. In the past, I remember, the players-travelers who returned from the virtual world of Jumanji were very glad that they destroyed the devilish game with ends. But the filmmakers, in the wake of box office success, decided to make it so that the game, after all, was destroyed only in appearance. As a result, they have a chance to drive players into it anew.

This time more people got into the game than in the past. Among others, two old fart got into the playing space of Jumanji - Spencer's grandfather Eddie Gillin (Denny De Vito), who initially appeared in the body of the avatar of Dr. Bravestone (Dwayne Johnson), and his friend, a dark-skinned old man Milo Walker (Danny Glover), who took possession of the body of a zeal Finbara (Jack Black). This time, only Marta was in her last avatar.

The "second coming" began with the fact that Spencer, disillusioned with this world, took to sneak away into the world of Jumanji, where he again hoped to find himself in the body of the jock Bravestone.

But to his great disappointment, this time the game placed him in the body of a young Asian thief, Ming Fleetwood, who is allergic to pollen.

The comrades who came to visit him guessed by typing that this idiot dived into the game again. Since they are all friends, and their motto is akin to the musketeer's motto - "One for all and all for one!"

There are some exceptions, though. The game, being in the basement, drew into itself both old fart from the first floor, but pardoned Bethany, who was standing close to the console. Apparently, this is because she had to return the former pilot Alex to the game. They both joined the players a bit later, and this time Bethany had to move into the skin of a flying horse.

In the new game, players had to get into the lair of the new main boss - Jorgen the Cruel. He put Jumanji in danger when he stole a stone of a falcon heart from a local tribe. Players need to return it to its original owners.

But how to do this when you are attacked from all sides by crazy ostriches and mandrills?

12. Pokemon. Detective Pikachu (USA, Japan) 6.53

Following Disney characters, sponge Bob and other animated characters, Pokemon also moved to the world of fiction films. In the next fantasy movie of 2019, the main character is the electric fuzzy Pikachu, the main character of the animated series.

This tale tells about a parallel world in which Pokemon inhabit the Earth along with people. Moreover, there is a certain city of Ryme City, where Pokemon battles are banned, and the Pokemon themselves are equal in rights with the human population.

The hero of the film, 20-year-old Tim Goodman, learns that his father, who lived in Ryme City, died in a car accident. He goes to the city to pick up his things, and willy-nilly is involved in the investigation of the death of his father. The reason is the father's companion - Pokemon Pikachu, who, it turns out, can talk.

Pikachu, suffering from partial memory loss, insists that he was with his father in the car at the time of the accident. It got into his head that he was a detective earlier, as a result of which he encourages Tim to start an investigation into his father's disappearance. Precisely disappearance, since no one saw him dead. Tim agrees and finds himself in the center of a real conspiracy that threatens to destroy the entire population of the city, and maybe the world.

And then, oh, how useful Pikachu's fighting skills are. But he, predictably, forgot not only what happened to him before and why he suddenly spoke in human language, but also how to start up his "Pikachurin" lightning.

At the end of the movie, of course, he will remember everything. But there is still a whole hour and a half before the final of the picture ...

13. Brownie (USA) 6.37

The next best fantasy film for 2019 is domestically produced. Therefore, he tells the story of a completely mundane and romantic-nostalgic theme. The highlight of the program here is a "hereditary brownie" living in one of the old apartments of one of the old high-rise buildings in Moscow.

No, his name is not Kuzya and not Nafanya. Here his name is simply Brownie. This Brownie is akin to a poltergeist. Nobody sees him, but everyone feels in the mess that he can arrange by grabbing, throwing and moving various objects and things.

To make it clearer, the hero of Patrick Swayze in the movie "Ghost" had almost the same abilities and skills in the end.

The brownie imagines himself to be the absolute owner of the apartment and kicks out of it any new buyers who have been unsuccessfully found by realtors for many years. The price does not bite, but when people face with their own eyes a poltergeist living inside the purchased living space, they understand that they would not pay even a broken penny for such an apartment. Rather, I would still give money so that I don't have to be around her anymore.

Another realtor finds new buyers - a young single mother with a little daughter. Before showing the dwelling to a new potential mistress, she hires a sorceress, who for a similar fee agrees to bind the evil Brownie with spells and throw him out of the house. She does this very well, but slipping on her own potions, she shakes her head on the floor, after which she sees a vision of a treasure chest hidden in the apartment.

When she regains consciousness, she takes a payment from the realtor and leaves the house, but before that she lets the Brownie into the house again. In her opinion, the Brownie will soon drive new buyers out of the house, and it is much easier to rob an empty hut. She will somehow cope with the Brownie.

But the days go by, and the war between the Brownie and new buyers continues and is ready to turn into a tedious and grueling siege. Therefore, the witch decides to somewhat speed up the process and send her dumb son to the dwelling for reconnaissance. But she does not realize that her son's friend has powdered his brains and wants to escape, taking with her the treasures that the naive dumbass will take for her from the hut of the crazy Brownie.

Someone's going to get angry. And everything could have ended not so hot at all, if not for the cat of the new owners, who alone is able to communicate with the Brownie and see him as clearly as the others.

14. Espen in search of the Golden Castle (Norway) 6.36

This 2019 Norwegian fantasy film looks even more like traditional fairy tales from the distant past than the previous domestic one. And all because here, as in most old fantasy stories, we are talking about living water.

The picture is a direct sequel to the film "Espen in the Kingdom of the Trolls", which was released in 2017. A year has passed since past adventures, and the princess, to whom fans are piling up with an offer of marriage, finally decides to invite her former saviors - Espen and her brothers to the next celebration.

Those arrive, but the attitude shown to them by the local nobles makes them very angry and outraged. And no wonder, because they really look like ragamuffins, and only a limited circle of people knows about their past exploits. They are now and then mistaken for servants and asked to bring snacks or go for wine. And one tray of drinks was nevertheless delivered to the king. As usual, the one on which the glasses of poisoned swill stood.

After drinking the poisoned wine, the king collapsed into a swoon, and the naive substituted younger brothers were imprisoned. But Espen volunteers to find the lost fairytale city, where, according to legend, there is a spring with living water that can cure the princess's father. Thus, he will remove suspicion from the brothers and save them from execution.

The princess, of course, decides to go with him. And this is in the days when a coup d'etat is taking place before her eyes. Well what can I say. Everything is like a fairy tale.

Predictably, a gang of bandits has been sent in their footsteps, which with might and main will put a spoke in their wheels. As if the fairy-tale creatures that come across on the way alone are not enough.

15. Isn't it romantic? (USA) 6.19

The heroine of the next fantasy film in 2019 was raised by her mother wrongly all her life. She basically killed all the craving for ambition in her daughter, because, in her opinion, nothing shines for chubby girls in this life. And Natalie, that's the name of our heroine, she ate all this meekly.

As a result, quite expectedly, a complete woman who is not striving for anything has grown out of her, who is urged on by everyone, and who takes such an attitude towards herself for granted. Romance in her understanding is just a myth that exists only for some elite, but certainly not for her. And therefore, she cannot stand all soap operas, melodramas and romantic serials. After all, they are just another means for her to doubt her complete worthlessness.

And then at one fine moment something inexplicable happens. In an attempt to win back her purse from a street thief, she puts her head on a metal pile, after which she loses her memory and wakes up in some kind of parallel world, very reminiscent of one of those serial soap operas that her naive girlfriend eats in batches.

All people here are the same as in her "world", but, for some reason, they are charming, vulnerable and courteous to the point of caricature. And most importantly, no one pays attention to its completeness. And there are even those who look at her with real adoration.

Isn't that damn romantic?

This fantasy picture is dedicated to a separate article from the heading "what to see from films". Anyone looking for a comedic fairy tale story right now can follow thislink.

16. The Dead Don't Die (USA, Sweden) 6.18

This fantasy film is shot in the spirit of the good old zombie apocalypse, worthy of George A. Romero himself. It just started here not with military experiments, but with the activities of oil corporations. They blew up or stuffed something up in their north, which influenced not only physical phenomena, but also mystical ones.

The tale is about a small town in the American hinterland, where everything is always quiet and calm. The focus of the police station is the sheriff and his two deputies, who, over the course of the next routine day, begin to notice that strange things are happening around. Radio communication with the headquarters disappears, the clock stops. And at a time when it should already be dark, the Sun is still hanging over the horizon and is not going to set very much.

On TV, scientists sound the alarm and talk about a possible displacement of the earth's axis, which could affect the rotation of the planet. In response to their panic, government officials and heads of oil companies say that, we quote: "hydraulic fracturing of the polar reservoir did not cause any significant consequences."

And although no one really understands the term "hydraulic fracturing of the polar layer", everyone notices that something strange is happening with Mother Earth. Widespread natural disasters have begun in the world, the day has lengthened by several hours, and domestic animals and livestock are fleeing to forests and fields. And to top it off, the dead begin to dig out of their graves and pay visits to the locals, attacking them and trying to fill their rotten stomachs with the flesh of their recent acquaintances.

The police team up with several locals and fight back the ghouls. But how long will they last, considering that the numerical superiority is far from on their side?

17. Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise (US) 6.19

Coming next in our top 30 best fantasy movies of 2019 is the final episode of the 9-episode saga of the Skywalker family of Jedi. We do not think that the final was conceived by George Lucas exactly like that. And in general we do not think that George Lucas intended the final in principle. But what Chris Terrio and the company wrote for us, was actually filmed for us.

The action of this fantasy film takes place one Earth year after the events described in The Last Jedi. Kylo Ren, who has not calmed down, is trying to find crystals, which contain a certain map that can lead him to the planet Exegol, the one that is considered the haven of the ancient Sith.

It would be better if he did not find it. Arriving along the indicated route, he ran into the weak, but quite viable and evil Palpatine, whom everyone had previously considered dead. He receives a new task from him - to finish off the last Jedi Rey.

And Rey, in turn, is also looking for artifacts that can lead her and the Resistance army to Exegol, for which she and her accomplices fly to Pasanna, where she finds a sword with ancient Sith runes. C-3PO knows all galactic languages, including the Sith language, and he would have counted and translated the runes from a dagger, but he has a special blocker program in his brain that does not allow him to operate on data about the Sith dialect.

It is clear that they will hack the program. It is clear that Rey will travel to Exegol, where he will fight Palpatine. And it's clear that damn Kylo will follow them everywhere. But the end result is inevitable and predictable. As always, everything will be very beautiful. But, alas, not very interesting.

The film, in our opinion, came out as weak, predictable, cliched and uninteresting as it could get. In fact, this is a set of special effects in a beautiful package. But special effects alone won't get you far. That is why the rating of the film is so low.

Although, let's be honest, a lot of fans like it. There are no comrades for taste and color.

18. The Knight Before Christmas (USA) 5.89

This fantasy movie is a worthy contender for ourTop 70 Best Time Travel Movies. If it had come out earlier, it would have been in 66th place in the given selection. Far from the leaders, but still.

He tells the story of an alien from the past - a knight from the Middle Ages - Sir Cole, who, rushing to his brother's wedding, ran into a witch who sent him into the future.

The insidious old woman, as he calls her, sent him here for a reason. He must do something, learn about something, or feel something before he gets back to his time. But the longer he stays in this time, the more he likes it. And not only because everyone here rides on steel horses and goes to shops where the shelves are full of goods.

The main reason is that it was during this time that he found his love - a local school teacher named Brooke, who is not so easy to part with. And it's not a fact that, having seen a crazy old woman here, he will ask to be sent home, back to the XIV century from the birth of Christ.

The film is replete with funny twists on the theme of medieval disinterestedness and the assimilation of an ancient knight in a high-tech world. But all these jokes have a bland taste. The feeling constantly arises that you have already seen all this somewhere and somewhere. Although, those who have not watched films in the spirit of "Aliens", and who are not bored with naive romanticism, the film will go.

And on New Year's Eve, most likely, anyone who is used to watching New Year's films with their family will visit.

19. Godzilla II: King of the Monsters (USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico) 5.81

This 2019 fantasy film is one of the most controversial of the year. While in 2019 he was nominated for the Golden Saturn in 4 nominations at once, in 2020 he was almost awarded the Golden Raspberry in the category “Worst sequel, remake or plagiarism”. Yes, American "bitter academics" do that too.

This fantasy is more reminiscent of science fiction, but one from which any science fiction writer and generally versed in physics, chemistry and mathematics will burst his belly with laughter. That is why the film was called a fairy tale.

The action takes place 5 years after the mega-lizard Godzilla first appeared in the world, from which, if necessary, a mega-radioactive (or whatever) laser began to beat from his mouth.

Someone might giggle, they say, well, and the interpretation. This, they say, is not a laser, but gamma radiation. What's the difference? What looks like what here is what we call them.

This mega-lizard on Earth was not alone. All over the world, in rocks, underground, in age-old ice, other titanic megatars sleep. The staff of the organization "Monarch", which is engaged in observing these very relict animals, knows about it.

One of these employees is Emma Russell, who invented a device that can awaken these creatures from sleep and, moreover, control them. The ambitious chiefs of the Monarch immediately decided to test this device on the recently found Titan - Motra. And the attempt would have been successful if it had not been for the terrorists who decided to kidnap Orca (that was the name of the device) along with its creator and her daughter Madison, suspiciously similar to the "Eleventh" from "Stranger Things".

Madison soon learns to her horror that her mother is not a prisoner. She cooperates with terrorists who want to wake up all the Titans and arrange a "global purge" for this world. Madison completely disagrees with such nonsense, and therefore kidnaps Orca and dumps him out of this madhouse.

But will she be able to stop the coming apocalypse when the monsters have already begun to wake up? And who will help if Orca doesn't work? After all, the defender of all mankind - superlaser Godzilla, apparently, grunted at the most inopportune moment ...

20. In the tall grass (Canada) 5.08

The second part of our top 30 best fantasy films of 2019 concludes with a picture, to which we also allocatedseparate materialin thewhat to seesection earlier. The tape is based on the story of the same name byStephen King, written together with his son.

Let's not focus on this masterpiece. Those who wish to familiarize themselves with it in more detail and, moreover, immediately watch it online, can simply follow the link suggested above. Let's just say that the plot revolves around several people who managed to get out of the car and get lost in the tall, much taller than human growth, roadside grass.

The herb has magical properties. She is able to powder the brains of people, as a result of which they lose their sense of direction and time. As a result, a person is forced to wander in the thickets until he dies of thirst and hunger.

Will the next ones get out of it? And will they solve the mystery of this treacherous field? We will find out, but only by watching the movie.


With this, the second part of our top 30 best fantasy films of 2019 has come to an end. See you in the sequel in a week. Until then, as usual, all the best to you. I wish you good health in these severe pandemic days, useful, easy self-isolation and, as always, more cool films and TV series!

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