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When Dorothy Met Alice

Image In the fantasy thriller Brightness, which will be released on Netflix in December, Will Smith will find a magic wand in the company of an orc and confront all sorts of strange creatures. The online service decided to go even further and combine the heroines of famous fantasy tales in one film, according to the Deadline portal.

Netflix has acquired the screenplay rights for Justin Merz for Dorothy and Alice. Merz is an English teacher, in whose filmography there is only the cartoon Children from the Boxcar. However, Justin is well acquainted with the world of fairy tales: he worked on the script for the upcoming film Rose Red ("Rose" *), where it will be found out who really saved Snow White.

In the new film, fabulous worlds will collide in the moment when Alice from Through the Looking Glass and Dorothy from Oz will meet. Haunted by nightmares about the impending doom of Oz, Dorothy Gale finds herself in a place reserved for those tormented by restless and vivid dreams. Here she meets Alice, a girl who draws her into a dangerous venture to save fantastic worlds, because they are not just fictions, but the most that neither is reality ...


The project, which could start a new franchise, is being produced by Brian Uncless, best known for the Hunger Games series.

*- preliminary translation.

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