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Fox will share a spell to make wishes come true

Image Golden Globe Award Winner and Losers star Chris Colfer is preparing to film his own series of books, Fairy Tale Land . According to The Hollywood Reporter , 20th Century Fox and Sean Levy's 21 Laps will merge with Colfer . to adapt the popular fantasy series for the big screen.

Fox has bought out the rights to the book series, and 21 Laps and Dan Levine (Arrival, The Freedom Writers) will be producing. The 27-year-old Chris Colfer himself is not only adapting the first of his series of books called The Spell of Desires , but will also take the director's chair of the project, which will be his debut in this field. ...

The first book of the series was released in 2012, when Colfer was filming the next season of the musical comedy series The Losers , which received many prestigious awards. Over the years, the Fairy Tale Lands book universe has grown to include five illustrated stories, audiobooks and an upcoming graphic novel. The sixth and final novel in the series is due to hit the shelves in mid-July, and Colfer himself plans to go on a book tour to celebrate the end of the story.


The main protagonists of "Spells of Desire" - the twins Alex and Conner Bailey after the death of their father are transferred to a magic book, in which classic fairy tales come to life ... Once in a world where they meet face to face with characters that they had previously read about only in fairy tales, the guys begin to fight with dark forces in order to return home.

Sean Levy 21 Laps has eight Oscar nominations thanks to last year's fantastic film Arrival starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. She is currently producing the second season of Mysterious Events.

Chris Colfer became famous for his role as Kurt Hummel in The Losers , which earned him a Golden Globe , several People's Choice awards; and a Emmy nomination. As the show drew to a close, Colfer's career as a writer was gaining momentum, with his books in the Fairy Tale series becoming bestsellers and translated into two dozen languages.

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Author: Jake Pinkman