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LG News: OLED Smart TV Sales Begins; the company's flagship smartphone will cost less than its predecessor


This review is a compilation of data related to LG. This manufacturer of electronics and mobile technology is known all over the world. Not so long ago, a presentation of advanced TVs took place, and the company has already announced the start of their sales. This review will also touch upon the issue of the company's flagship mobile product.

Smart TVs begin to conquer the world

LG Electronics has announced the launch of this model year's TVs, including OLED and NanoCell products. Consumers are offered devices with screens of various dimensions, the maximum is equipped with a diagonal of 86 cm.


Through AI capabilities, these TVs have high quality sound and picture quality. The use of the second generation ? (Alpha) 9 Gen 2 intelligent processor and deep learning programs also played a significant role in this. Apple AirPlay 2 and Amazon Alexa are known to be no strangers to devices.

About 20% of TVs belonging to the premium segment are equipped with OLED panels. Their demand is expected to be at least 3.6 million pieces this year. Analysts at the company predict another 17 million units will be sold over the next two years. All of this will allow LG to take and strengthen its leading position in the premium TV segment.

An update will be released in the second half of 2019 that supports Apple AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeKit apps. These programs facilitate the broadcast of any content, make it possible to connect the TV to the general scheme of Apple's smart home. Additionally, all gadgets of the 2019 lineup will receive a software update, as well as Amazon Alexa, complementing the built-in Google Assistant.


With the ?9 Gen 2 Processor, the W, E and C Series TVs will offer enhanced picture and sound quality. This chipset optimizes the picture by having access to an extensive visual database. Therefore, such devices have a high degree of realism of the transmitted image. The brightness is also adjusted for optimal performance.

The OLED TV lineup consists of devices with different screen sizes: B9 (model 65 / 55B9), E9 (model 65 / 55E9), W9 (model 77 / 65W9), C9 (model 77/65 / 55C9). The body of the NanoCell series has ultra-thin bezels and a wide viewing angle. They are on liquid crystals, equipped with equally high color rendering and image parameters.


New TVs offer self-selection of Dolby Vision compatible content. This is necessary to achieve HDR quality in all lighting conditions. Here the processor performs an additional function. It consists in fine tuning the sound corresponding to the type of content. This improves the clarity of the transmission of dialogues in films and TV shows, and improves the clarity of the voice during broadcasts, for example, concerts.

As an alternative to automation, there is a manual adjustment of all the above parameters.

LG NanoCell 2019 lineup is 14 models equipped with artificial intelligence. Their screens range in size from 49 to 86 inches. This also includes an 8K OLED TV (model 88Z9) and the LG Signature OLED TV R (model 65R9), a foldable device.

Sales of new products will begin in March, first they will be tested in South Korea and the United States. Then TVs will start selling in Europe, Asia and America. Prices are not yet known.

LG flagship will get cheaper

During the MWC 2019 exhibition in Barcelona, the presentation of the flagship smartphone model LG G8 ThinQ took place. Representatives of the developer's company spoke in detail about the technical equipment of the device, its capabilities. At the same time, the cost of the product was not named and they modestly kept silent about the start date of its sales.


As it became known, from March 15, those who wish can order this device for themselves. So far only in South Korea, but soon access to it will be expanded. On March 22, it will already be available in the store. The initial cost of the flagship is announced at around $ 791.

Its counterpart, which left the market, cost one dollar less.

LG G8 ThinQ is equipped with a 6.1-inch OLED display that is a smartphone speaker, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, Boombox speaker resonance camera and functionality that allows scanning the user's palm.

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