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Anthem Guide - 10 Helpful Hints for Beating the Game


On February 22nd, Anthem was finally released, an ambitious project that the legendary development studio had been working hard on for 6 years. As a result, the game turned out to be, to put it mildly, not perfect. But if you are not afraid of ambiguous reviews, want to give a chance to the first new IP Bioware in 10 years and spend a dozen hours surrounded by the deadly fauna of Pandora, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our Anthem guide. In this article, we will share 10 tips that will quickly introduce you to the specifics of the gameplay and introduce you to some not obvious secrets that make it easier to play Anthem.

1. Consider the unique features of javelin combo attacks

Variable combo attacks that open up ample scope for tactical maneuvers are one of the main advantages of the Anthem combat system. How the combo works is pretty simple. For each type of javelin, the skills are divided into catalysts (marked with a small circle) and detonators (marked with a four-pointed star). The former inflict elemental damage, while the latter reinforce it and produce a chain reaction that depends equally on both the catalyst and the detonator. Nothing complicated, but it is useful to remember that the effect of the combo additionally differs from the chosen javelin: the Ranger deals increased damage, the Colossus's combo attacks have the same properties, but attack in the area, the Interceptor gets an increase in his own attacks, and the Storm hits several additional targets at once with elemental damage .

2. Attack the vulnerable spots on the titans body

Our main nightmare in the game is titans, they are hard to find, they are easy to lose and titans are almost impossible to kill. Perhaps these are the most powerful opponents in the game, but they also have weak points - chest, forearm and back. The only problem is that vulnerable points become active and are highlighted only at the moment of a monster attack. Therefore, let's give a little secret about playing Anthem: cooperate with the team and direct one player to distract the titan's attention, while the other, in the meantime, it is advisable to concentrate on attacking vulnerable points.

Anthem Guide - 10 helpful gameplay tips

3. Cool your javelins with pools

Javelin flying is one of the things that sets Anthem apart from the competition. Soaring over the colorful flora and like Iron Man shooting hostile living creatures from flare launchers - what could be better? But it should be borne in mind that the jetpack overheats and even the most prolonged flight and aerobatics can break off at the most inopportune moment. To avoid this problem, let's give the following advice for flying in Anthem: if you notice overheating, make a steep dive and get closer to the reservoir. It doesn't matter which one, let it be a river, a tiny lake or even a waterfall - the water will reduce overheating and with proper skill you will be able to fly for a long time without touching the ground.

4. Evasion is the key to salvation

At the beginning of Anthem, you might get the impression that a floating javelin is an almost invulnerable target for the eternally mowing computer dummies. However, this feeling is deceiving and the appearance of enemies with homing projectiles will bring players back to the ground, and literally. As much as we enjoy flying, we admit that standard evasions are much more effective for avoiding attacks, especially for the Interceptor javelin, which can make 3 evasions in a row.

Anthem Guide - 10 helpful walkthrough tips

5. Explore your surroundings to discover resources

Careful research of locations and grind resources is the best way to acquire powerful equipment in the shortest possible time. In Anthem, in the Expedition and Free Play modes, look out for any notable objects, such as piles of stones or strange-looking flowers. These are often where valuable resources can be found, such as amber and chimeric alloy.

6. Don't expect too much from the open world

After spending time on the passage of the story company and expeditions, you may want to go to the free game (Freeroam) in order to explore the picturesque expanses of Pandora without unnecessary haste. But here we advise you to moderate expectations. Don't expect a classic open world in the style of the iconic Bioware games in Anthem: you can stumble upon dangerous enemies, rare animals and collect an armful of resources, but that's all it offers. Moreover, the world itself is compact, teeming with invisible walls and connected by a huge number of loading screens.

7. Play on Hard

This tip in Anthem is certainly not suitable for all categories of players. For novice gamers, and an easy level may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but if you have been playing shooters for several years, say even a veteran of the genre and, moreover, play the game with your comrades, then feel free to set the difficult level of difficulty. It will be optimal for playing Anthem for three reasons: the combat system will be revealed in the best light for the player, better quality loot will start falling out of enemies, and in general you can get more fun from the game. Of course, if you don't mind the moderate challenge.

Anthem Guide - 10 helpful walkthrough tips

8. Easy ways to mine gold coins

At one point, you will definitely get tired of the default appearance of javelins and you will probably want changes. Anthem can satisfy your sense of beauty by offering one of the most versatile character customization systems available. The only problem is that the prices of visuals bite and often require exorbitant amounts of gold coins. Of course, you can buy them for real money, but here's another way to find gold coins in Anthem: complete feats, go through the story campaign, and participate in daily, weekly and monthly unique events.

We recommend you to be especially careful with events, because often they are obscenely simple and almost always generously shower the player with resources. 500+ coins can be mined from just one event every day.

9. Looking for a storyline in Anthem? Let it unfold

Bioware embarked on a bold experiment and included a large amount of story content in the game focused on grinding resources. Of course, the level of the storyline campaign in the game does not even come close to the famous projects of Bioware, but it is still capable of offering some pleasant surprises. If you are a fan of story-driven games, then here are the following tips for completing Anthem: carefully explore Fort Tarsis, interact with the characters, look for quest items and carefully study the codex. Alternatively, we can suggest ending the first playthrough of Anthem in solo at normal difficulty, because It has long been known that in the company of comrades, in a series of laughter and jokes, you can miss a huge number of plot points.

10. Don't forget to visit the Forge

In the final of the Anthem guide, it is worth dwelling in more detail on the Blacksmith in Fort Tarsis, since it is in it that all actions related to javelins are carried out. In the forge, you can craft weapons, choose javelins, customize their appearance and equipment. You can find the forge in Anthem on the eastern side of Tarsis and is identified by the wrench icon on the map.

Anthem Guide - 10 helpful walkthrough tips

If you met the release of Anthem without much enthusiasm and the game did not meet your expectations, we recommend that you pay attention to the free multiplayer hit Apex Legends, a review of which you can find on our website.

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