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Anthem has been touted as a breakthrough in the multiplayer service genre. A true Destiny and The Division killer, eye-catching with mind-blowing graphics, thrilling javelin flights and cinematic storytelling. Most importantly, Anthem was supposed to be the triumphant return of the iconic Bioware, whose honor was slightly tarnished by a string of not-so-successful games. But the reality turned out to be completely different - after the reviews on Anthem, it is obvious that the game not only did not return the studio to its former greatness, but became the worst game in the entire 20-year history of developers.

Based on nearly 2 dozen Anthem reviews, the overall score for the game on Metacritic is extremely low - only 62 points in the PC version, which is even less than the score of 71 points for the infamous Mass Effect Andromeda. And the saddest thing is that when the failure of "Andromeda" was justified by an inexperienced development studio, Anthem was developed under the leadership of the creator of the Mass Effect series Casey Hudson, the main development department and with the participation of cult writer Bioware Drew Karpishin. Anthem's ratings clearly show that the game has fallen short of the expectations of many Bioware fans. However, even they add to the pluses mainly the description of the universe, flying on javelins and the combat system. The cons - everything else.

Anthem Briefs: - 76

A rich and multifaceted plot composition, perfect as a setting for driving and addictive gameplay, which is reinforced by an unusually effective movement system. It is she who is able to offer unique solutions for exploring the world and combat sections.

The Digital Fix - 70

Numerous technical flaws, boring combat, attractive and at the same time cluttered visual component does not fit with the narrative using meaningless dialogues with two answer options, a typical protagonist and a series of banal decisions that feed the customization system and the plot. In its current state, Anthem is a boring and uninteresting game that can only appeal to unassuming groups of gamers who like to hunt for loot.

Anthem game review and ratings

IGN - 65

Anthem has a dynamic combat system, but it saves too much on post-game content, which, together with an unsuccessful storyline, makes the game feel like hours of exhausting grind.


Anthem's biggest disappointment is that there is a spark of potential in this game. Javelin flying and a combat system with the ability to combine attacks with other players can be a surprise. But a little later, the realization comes that over and over again you will have to return to Fort Tarsis during free play in order to get a new dose of experience points. Or you will catch frustration, being near death and watching the red screen of death, while the teammate will do anything but revive you. Or at some point, you might want to customize the look of your javelin and find that the game offers interesting costume cosmetic items for real money only.

Guardian - 40

Even in its strongest moments, Anthem is incapable of surprising and transcending. The combat system, despite a few good decisions, is only a little further away from the "Gears of War with jets" stigma and a narrative that borders on inconsistency and downright annoying motives. As a result, the "anthem" turned out to be a tiresome and conservative dirge that we had heard many times before.

Not the most flattering reviews from critics on Anthem were additionally clouded by the problems of the patch of the first day, and to our great regret, it seems that Bioware is unlikely to be able to even remotely approach its victories from the past decade. The last hope is only for the recently announced sequel to the Dragon Age series.

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Author: Jake Pinkman