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Bioware Returns with New Anthem Trailer, Game Details and Detailed Screenshots


New Anthem from RPG veterans Bioware still looks like a dark horse. The only thing you can be sure about is "Anthem" - this is one of the most beautiful modern games, but other aspects, including the plot and role-playing elements, for which gamers fell in love with Bioware, remained in question. At PAX West 2018, the developers decided to finally tell more about the world of the game and released a new trailer for Anthem to convince gamers that their new game is primarily an RPG, albeit one focused on co-op passage.

The world of the game will not be just a static decoration, but is modified by the player's actions. Of course, there will be minimal visual changes, the developers are working more to ensure that all the consequences of our decisions affect primarily the inhabitants of the world, namely the agents (one of them can be seen below in the new Anthem screenshot). Agents are individual, elaborate characters who play an important role in the plot. As you progress through the game, from dialogues with agents, the player will be able to learn more about their character and get new quests. It is separately mentioned that even after the completion of the main plot, the agents will have new lines in the dialogues, in other words, the game will continue.

Anthem game

The plot of the game revolves around ancient artifacts that are designed to power the Anthem - a source of security for all mankind. At the same time, Bioware notes that Anthem will not become another game from the category of "save humanity - get a castle and a princess to boot", this is more of a personal adventure focused on individual characters. This approach to storytelling is emphasized separately by the game's motto, which sounds like "Our world, my story." Also, the standard for Bioware games has not been forgotten, in which all information about the world, monsters and characters is entered.

Anthem game

Now you can move on to the most interesting aspect of the game Anthem - role-playing elements. As it should be for the studio's past projects, there will be wagering in the game. Of course, one should not expect total nonlinearity, but individual missions will give the player the opportunity to make a fateful decision. It will be possible to see the consequences of some choices in a few minutes, but there will also be those that will affect the plot and characters only after a dozen hours. The dialogue system will also return, which will now take place in the first person. But, again, you won't have to count on a lot of wagering, because no more than 2 answer options are planned in any dialogue.

Anthem screenshot

Anthem's release date is scheduled for February 22, 2019. And for fans of the role-playing genre, we recommend that you pay attention to the preliminary review of Assassins Creed Odyssey, since Odyssey will be the first real RPG game in the history of the series.

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