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Real disaster: the first Anthem patch slowed down PC performance


The official release of Anthem took place today and according to the tradition in the gaming industry, the game has got a patch of the first day. With the task of fixing the developers' flaws, the patch coped with varying success: there are several pleasant innovations and improvements. At the same time, oddly enough, the patch managed to worsen several important points, which caused a general outrage among gamers.

Let's start with the good news. For example, in cooperative mode, the loading speed of levels has significantly increased, and one of the Colossus javelin classes has the ability to revive fallen companions on command without disabling the protective barrier. Nice changes have also been made to the inventory - it is now much easier to understand how a particular modifier improves a weapon.

Now let's move on to the disadvantages of the Anthem patch. First of all, the owners of the console versions of the game were outraged, from which HDR mysteriously disappeared.

The Anthem Day 1 patch that became available today broke HDR functionality.

What have you done with HDR on consoles when you get it back?

The patch of the first day brought problems for owners of the PC version of Anthem, which is especially noticeable in a significant decrease in game performance. The journalists of the American edition of Kotaku report that previously, at medium graphics settings, the game produced an average of 50 frames per second in certain locations, and after installing the patch, the average FPS mark dropped to 30 frames. An even more surprising decision by Bioware is related to the lack of FPS cap during loading screens, due to which the number of FPS sometimes reaches 1000 frames per second and the video card buzzes like a "wind tunnel".

Anthem game

Anthem Executive Producer Marc Darrah is aware of the issue and has already noted that performance issues were caused by the latest update on Nvidia graphics cards. In addition, the developers have deprived players of access to quick play in the "Fortresses" mode for an indefinite period. The developers report that the solution is due to unstable servers, but Kotaku are confident that the problem lies in a misbalance, due to which Fortresses have become the main source of fast grinding of items.

If, after the latest news, you are still unsure whether to buy Anthem, we suggest you check out our beta review of the game.

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Author: Jake Pinkman