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10 Anime Showdowns


Any piece of art must have a conflict to be interesting and complete enough. In some cases, it can be straightforward, with two characters facing off against each other, and the plot revolves around that. Confrontation in anime is also not uncommon, however, there are not so many good ones. Here are 10 anime confrontations, both intellectual and physical.

Naruto and Sasuke

Location: Naruto


Let's start with the classics. The sounds of this confrontation are a flute sniffing softly in the Village hidden in the foliage. The rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke has been going on since childhood, and from a banal boyish rivalry develops into a conflict between the two greatest shinobi of their time. Sasuke was a genius from birth, a member of the Uchiha clan and the owner of shiringan, an innate genjutsu technique that allows him to impose illusions on enemies. Driven by the desire to take revenge on his brother, he does not stop even to take the path of the renegade ninja.

Naruto, on the contrary, grew up a loser without talent and ambition, but despite all the hatred of the world, he directed his inner resentment towards self-improvement, the desire to become needed and protect all people dear to him, and even those who offended him, because justice is his ideal. The conflict between these two is not just that each of them infuriates the other and sees, as a potential enemy, their rivalry is a conflict of ideals and views.

Kira and L

Location: Death Note


One of the greatest intellectual battles in anime, and I am not afraid of that word. The battle of the greatest detective and almighty killer, who imagines himself to be a god. This battle is not only at the level of the criminal and the one who wants to catch him, but also the battle for what justice will mean in their world: the desire of one person who decides who lives or who dies, or the rule of law calling for fair judgment.

Every battle between Kira and L is great from start to finish, every move is a check to the opponent's king, because they always put each other in a position on the brink of death. Alas, one of them still loses ...

Kogami and Makishima

Location: Psycho-Pass


A similar intellectual conflict occurs between Kogami and Makishima from Psyho-Pass. Of the many rivalries on this list, this is one of the more mundane, but with a certain charm. On the one hand, we have a cop who has gone, who believes that killing bad people without a trial is a forced measure of justice, and on the other, a moved charismatic psychopath who makes some people hurt others by manipulating them and hiding behind ideals that have grown out of his complexes. However, this rivalry, although for the good and understanding of what is good for society, both of its participants are outside the law and in fact both are the ones who need to be isolated.

Ryuko and Satsuki

Location: Kill la Kill


If there are more snobbishly exaggerated conflicts than those shown to us in Jojo, it is Ryuko and Satsuki. This is an exaggerated battle of two rivals, where there is blood, explosions, scale and the coolest animation. Ryuko, torn off her head, is not afraid to commit tough, impulsive acts on the verge of failure, just to win. But Satsuki is more cold-blooded and cruel, accustomed to acting with cold calculation. It all mixes into a daring conflict, where every encounter is the coolest bossfight.

Spike and Vicious

Location: Cowboy Bebop


What could be better than atmospheric confrontation in space like spaghetti westerns? It sounds crazy, but this is precisely the reality of the confrontation between Spike Spiegel and his adversary Vishese. Moreover, this multi-level conflict has everything: romance, unrequited love and broken friendly feelings. Once friends, and now sworn enemies, they are two strong and worthy opponents. You can watch their confrontation with admiration.

Ichiro and Ippo

Location: The First Step


As you might guess, the most powerful and professional confrontation is always in sports. It is there that the spirit of rivalry is always at its peak and, depending on its level, can be elevated to the rank of a cult. The fight between Chiro and Ippo is a case of how the conflict only grows, the rivals become stronger with each new meeting, and their fight turns not just into a measurement of strength and skill, but acquires a mental character when a mountain meets a mountain and so it remains unclear. which one is higher. After all, if it seems that there should be a resolved conflict in a sports anime, then The First Step is rather an exception.

Kaneda and Tetsuo

Location: Akira


"Akira" is a negative example of what happens to a person who is used to living in the shadow of another and suddenly gains strength. If at first there are no problems between these friends, in the end it turns out that Tetsuo envied Kaneda in many ways, being just an ordinary insect. And this insect gains the power of a god. However, Kaneda, while remaining an ordinary person, still finds a way to defeat him, because he knows that Tetsuo is just a confused fool who needs to be given a good slap on the head. Alas, such conflicts are simply not resolved, despite the fact that the root of the problems is just the same.

Alucard and Pastor Anderson

Location: Hellsing


The struggle between a monster and a man is an old conflict, chewed up by many. In Hellsing we have a fanatical priest on one side and Dracula on the other, and here you don't know who is better to root for. In any case, they represent their organizations, which, while squabbling, are both wrong. The moral in such confrontations is the same - fighting monsters, we ourselves risk becoming them. And the Nazis are bastards.

Deku and Bakuga

Location: My Hero Academia


Another conflict that grew out of childhood. Deku grew up in the shadow of Bakuga, and the second really liked it, liked to be a special person, surrounded by ordinary people. However, when Deku suddenly became his equal, and even stronger, for Bakuga it was a personal grievance. How can trash suddenly get better than it? Bakuga's complexes are deep and hidden behind a mountain of aggression and desire to be the center of attention. Deku, on the other hand, admired him and was simply not allowed to stay behind. What is notable about this confrontation anime is that the participants view the conflict differently. Everyone just wants to be stronger in order to prove something to themselves.

Kaguya and Head Shirogane

Location: Kaguya-sama: Love is War


And in the end, I cannot but mention the intellectual confrontation based on the most dangerous feeling in the world - love. The fight between Kaguya and Shirogane can be compared to how two people throw grenades at each other while sitting in the same trench. The reason for their conflict is simple - they love each other, but both are very proud to admit it. Which exit? Make the second confess first! And so this is a delightful, down-to-earth, but such a charming anime confrontation in which you want one thing - that they both lose.

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