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Best Anime Supporting Characters


A good anime minor character [basically anywhere] should always steal our attention when he's in shot. We worry about him during failures and admire when he kicks everyone's ass. He gives us a break from the main character with whom we spend most of the time. It is about these very best supporting characters in anime that we will talk about.


It was obvious that Levy would be on this list. He is the most skillful and strongest soldier of humanity. Levi is straightforward and cool, always making malicious comments towards others, which shows that he is not afraid to answer for his words. Levi is a bit obsessed with cleanliness, and even if he is covered in blood up to his elbows, he will think about how to quickly wash his hands. When it appears, some earbuds feel arousal in the lower abdomen. That's how cool he is.


Roy Mustang

Let's start with the fact that Roy Mustang is a wildly tough and powerful alchemist. Secondly, he is a charismatic and witty character who is not afraid to make serious decisions. Well, and also a sexist, intriguer and tough careerist (minus this for that). However, the main and most important trait of Roy Mustang is a sense of responsibility. He is gnawed at the memories of the people he killed in the war, following orders. He strives for the title of Fuhrer not for the sake of power, but in order not to allow a single bloodshed, and not to force other soldiers to kill innocents.


Hanji Zoe

She is a scouting major and a scientist with a rather strange, even intimidating attraction to the Titans. However, despite her comedic and strange habits, she is a strong opponent and a responsible boss, ready to make tough decisions, which is especially evident in the last episodes of the series.



We all love this old pervert hermit, and we cried over his fate in season two. Long ago, the toads predicted to him that his student would change the shinobi world. Jiraiya thought that the ninja was Nagato, but later he met Naruto, and became for him in a sense, not just a mentor, but also a spiritual father. We love Jiraiya for his humor, relaxed lifestyle, and seeing potential in one of the most talented ninja in the Hidden Foliage Village.


Yoruichi Shihoin

One of the strongest Shinigami, also known as the "Goddess of Speed". She is cunning, smart, and also has a fairly simple approach to life, which makes her also a very outgoing person. She doesn't particularly like to fight, but when she has to, she can bring many to their knees.



Viral is a classic character who went through the path of re-education from an arrogant asshole to his dude. At first, he compares people to macaques, and then he himself fights for the inhabitants of the underground village. In addition, he has the principles of an honest warrior. He will not fight unarmed or use dirty tricks to win. Also, after each defeat, he will still return to the battlefield.


Renji Abarai

Bleach's most daring and impulsive character. One of those guys who pretend that they don't care and they live to chill, but in fact they always worry about their friends. And if necessary, he is ready to raise the fifth point, solve problems and save those who are dear to him. In addition, he always strives to be better and tries to surpass his lieutenant.


Minene Uryuu

She is an international terrorist, and at first she seems to be on top of her head. Soon, she becomes the most enjoyable character in the entire anime that you worry about. Her role in the plot turns out to be one of the most important so that Yuno and Yukki could eventually survive and solve all their problems. In general, how not to worry about a character who wants to kill God?


Franken Stein

The eternal leader of such famous lists as the best sick bastard in the head, the best character with a maniac smile. He is obsessed with experiments and is ready to do them on anything. Despite all his good-naturedness and disposition, he is a sadist who behaves awkwardly. Not a character, but a feast for the eyes, personifying Dr. Frankenstein from a classic by Mary Shelley.



God of vagabonds - this already sounds quite poetic. He fully wants to repay Chihiro for the kindness shown, but at times he goes too far. But that doesn't stop him from being one of the most unusual minor characters in the anime. He has no analogues in Japanese folklore, so he can be called a completely original character, authentic to the work of Hayao Miyazaki.


Hana Midorikawa

She is the secretary of the underground student council and is very contrasting. Hana can be a tough sadist driven by a thirst for revenge, or she can just do what she loves - drinking dandelion tea with friends. She rushes from one extreme to another and is also very immobile in terms of battle. She can slap anyone in the face very relish.


Itachi Uchiha

The entire first season and part of the second are presented to us as a bad character. He slaughtered his entire clan, but he had his own reasons. For all his controversial history, he is a pacifist, strategist, and loving brother who worries about Sasuke and really wants Naruto to be able to bring him back to the village.


Arataka Reigen

Some of the most charismatic and badass anime crooks of our time. He does an excellent job with the role of a psychic, and always tries to keep everything under control. Man is luck - you can't name him otherwise, looking at all the events of the first season. He loves to throw salt, do an excellent massage, and is also the author of the most powerful secret blow, which consists in the fact that he, with all the foolishness and unexpectedly kicks the enemy on the head.


Maes Hughes

Never before in anime have we worried about the happy family life of the characters as we did about the Hughes family. Maes is just a great person in every way. He is fair, always ready to help, it is easy to find a common language with him, and he always fights for a just cause and strives to be the best in his work. Loves his wife and daughter very much. You remember all this and immediately tears well up.


Also among the best anime supporting characters are: Rem, Chiku Fujiwara, Krul Tepes, Juzo Suzuya, Kaoru Nagisa, Shikamaru Nara and Tamommi Masaoku.

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