Insider # 6.10: iPhone SE 2; Redmi K30; Intel's “processor war” with AMD; British rover walker to land on the Moon (Topic)

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Insider # 6.10: iPhone SE 2; Redmi K30; Intel's “processor war” with AMD; British rover walker to land on the Moon


Another release of insider data will talk about the prospects for the iPhone SE 2 and the design features of the Redmi K30 smartphone. We will also discuss the rivalry between the two major chipset manufacturers Intel and AMD. In conclusion, we will learn about the development by British scientists of a walker for traveling to the moon.

Analyst Predicts iPhone SE 2 Commercial Success

The iPhone SE was released in March 2016. The device came out after numerous complaints from users about the growing size and pricing of smartphone screens, while Apple had the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus at the forefront of its sales. The former had a 4.7 "screen and the latter had a 5.5" display.

The iPhone SE was similar in appearance to the iPhone 5s, but it was equipped with the A9 chipset. The same was used in the hardware version 6s.


As a result, the gadget was equipped with a 4-inch LCD display with a resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels. On the rear panel, an upgraded 12-megapixel camera was installed, with which another 1.2-megapixel camera worked in tandem. It was used for FaceTime.

At first, devices with ROM versions of 16 and 64 GB were on sale, but soon modifications for 32 and 128 GB appeared on the market. Their cost has not changed. It was $ 399 and $ 499 respectively.

In early October, Apple product analyst Min Chi Kuo announced that the iPhone SE 2 will appear next year. He predicts the appearance of an iPhone 8, but with an A13 Bionic chip. This means that the device will be deprived of the ability to identify by face, but will leave a fingerprint scanner.


A 4.7-inch 750 x 1334-dot LCD is also expected. The main camera will receive sensors with a resolution of 12 and 7 megapixels.

With a high degree of probability, the device will be presented in March next year. The analyst believes that the price tag starts at $ 399 US. Sales will begin with memory versions 64 and 128 GB, cases will receive three types of colors: Space Gray, Silver and Red. The RAM size will be 3 GB.

Kuo claims that this gadget will be popular with users and bring significant profit to the company. They will produce from 2 to 4 million iPhone SE 2 per month. The specialist predicts that Yabloko will sell at least 30 million of these devices per year.

These smartphones are of interest to those who have not tried iOS devices yet. Most of them aren't ready to shell out almost $ 700 for the iPhone 11, but would not mind getting a product with the same functionality.

Head of Redmi has declassified the start date of sales of the company's flagship

Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro will be announced soon. President of the company Liu Weibing, talking about these devices, has declassified some data of the flagship Redmi K30.

The first photo of the gadget was published on the Internet, which received an original appearance. In its upper right corner, the manufacturer has placed a notch floor for a dual selfie camera. It has an oval shape. This is the first time Redmi has used this approach.


It is believed that this form factor will help improve the functionality of facial recognition.

The head of the enterprise explained that the basis of the hardware filling of the device will be a processor based on the Snapdragon 700 series. It will also receive a 5G modem.

Nothing was reported about other nuances of the smartphone's equipment and the date of its launch on the market. It is only known that it is scheduled for 2020.

Intel and AMD have entered a new level of competition

The two largest manufacturers of components and components for computer technology Intel and AMD are ready for a new round of competition.

This year, Intel took the lead. However, this is not for long. There are prerequisites for this, data about which were published on the network.

AMD Ryzen processors are selling well. This allowed this developer to bypass its arch rival in some regions of the world. This is also aided by AMD's bug fixes. In the course of these, she made a number of software improvements. This affected some chip models that are currently relevant and in demand.

Intel also does not stand still. From unnamed sources, the planned methods of dealing with a competitor became known. Various marketing gimmicks will come into play here, including lower prices for products.

According to insiders, next year the tech giant expects to spend about $ 3 billion to turn the situation in its favor. It is not yet clear what AMD will be able to counter this. Its profit in 2018 is almost 10 times less than the above amount.

Experts are sure of only one thing. If a monopolist appears in this market, then nothing good will come of it. There may be stagnation in the development of new processors and other electronic devices.

Britain to Send Robot Walker to the Moon

Recently, a UK startup announced that it is working on an interesting device with its efforts. It is the Walking Rover, which has legs instead of wheels.


The company plans to send it to the moon in 2021 from Cape Canaveral. There he must stay at least 10 days. This rover looks like a spider. It weighs 1.3 kg and receives energy for operation from solar panels. Walking Rover can walk and jump.

The presence of two cameras and a 3D lidar will help him to complete the mission. Due to the design features, the robot will be able to get into the most inaccessible corners of the Earth's satellite.

One of the publications reported that Astrobiotic's Peregrine lander will be used to deliver the walker. The launch will cost almost $ 80 million. If all goes according to plan, the Walking Rover will be the smallest rover ever to have traveled there.

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