Insider # 5.11: Xiaomi bendable device; Samsung Galaxy S11; Snapdragon 865; OnePlus 8 Pro (Topic)

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Insider # 5.11: Xiaomi bendable device; Samsung Galaxy S11; Snapdragon 865; OnePlus 8 Pro


In the next release of inside information, we will first tell you about a new patent from Xiaomi. He describes a bendable gadget. The second and third blocks of information are devoted to data on the Galaxy S11 smartphone and the Snapdragon 865 chipset. In conclusion, we will discuss the capabilities of the device from OnePlus.

Foldable Xiaomi smartphone will get five cameras

Data on a new patent from the Chinese company Xiaomi, describing a flexible product, appeared on the network. This company has previously presented a device with five sensors. Now her new folding model will get the same number of lenses.


The leak says that the same camera unit can be used as the front or the main one. It all depends on how the user will hold the product.

The description says that the camera will be placed on the left side of the device. There is also a battery and a processor with hardware filling. Therefore, it turned out to be more voluminous than the right side.

Xiaomi has yet to officially unveil any of its foldable devices. At the beginning of this year, a video was published on the network, which showed the work of the prototype of the company's flexible smartphone.


That apparatus consisted of three parts. There was nothing to do with the design of the gadget from the last patent.

Nothing is known about the technical characteristics, name and date of the announcement of the new product.

Samsung Galaxy S11 will be built on the basis of the new chipset

Recently it became known what processor Samsung engineers will equip with one of their latest products. It is about equipping the Galaxy S11 smartphone.

Insiders have received information that the hardware of this device will be based on the Exynos 990 chip. It is nothing more than a renamed Exynos 9830. This became known from the device specifications published by the manufacturer.


Here SoC consists of six cores: two ARM Cortex A-76 and four Cortex A-55. The Mali-G77 graphics chipset will work with them.

This processor is designed according to the requirements of the 7nm manufacturing process. Photolithography in deep ultraviolet (EUV) was applied. Interestingly, this platform does not provide for a 5G modem. Does this mean that the new smartphone from Korean developers will not receive support for the latest generation networks?


Not really. Everything is very simple here. Insiders claim that the gadget will receive several modifications. Among them will be LTE and 5G. In the latter case, a separate module or chip is used that supports fifth generation networks.

More details about the Samsung Galaxy S11 and its release date have not yet been received.

Qualcomm has hinted at the timing of the appearance of the flagship processor

Americans from Qualcomm love to combine spectacular announcements with planned events. This has happened more than once. The next forum of the company is scheduled for December this year. Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit 2019 will take place at this time.

Insiders believe the flagship Snapdragon 865 processor will be unveiled between December 3 and 5.

According to rumors, Samsung's EUV technology was used in its production. It involves the use of a 7nm technical process.

This event can be considered out of the ordinary. The main reason for this lies in the fact that US developers for the first time in many years abandoned the development of TSMC FinFET. They used this technology to create all of their latest chips.

Mobile device manufacturers will be able to choose between two modifications: for LTE devices and with an integrated Snapdragon X55 5G modem. The latest version will cost more.

The key advantage of EUV over FinFET is to reduce power consumption and reduce the size of the chipset by 15-20%. Experts predict that the next generation of processors will be developed using 5nm EUV technology.

OnePlus plans to equip its smartphone with a 120Hz display

When the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro were unveiled, rumors began circulating that the developer's next models would receive screens with high refresh rates. The exact number was even named - 120 Hz. Allegedly, this step will allow you to get an animation that has super smoothness. This will improve your viewing comfort.

And those who predicted this were not mistaken! Insider Max J. recently confirmed that the OnePlus 8 Pro will feature a 120Hz display.


He also claims that the manufacturer's engineers have decided to use more advanced sensors in cameras to improve the photo capabilities of the device. The purpose of this is to bring the novelty to a leading position among camera phones.

There are some interesting players in the mobile photography market right now. It was not for nothing that they were brought into a separate group and given the appropriate definition - camera phones. Apparently, a fight for its market share is expected in this segment. OnePlus understood this and wants to take part in it.


At the moment, there is no documentary evidence of all of the above. However, we already know that next year all leading smartphone manufacturers will switch to 120 Hz displays.

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