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Without movement there is no life. No matter where we go - shopping mall, fitness club, work, vacation destination. It all depends on the correct rhythm. Without it, life turns into a set of necessary actions, smoothly turning into a routine. You can avoid this with Bose wireless headphones. They will help you choose the right pace, give you the joy of communicating with the world of music.

General description

Scientists have proven that urban noise negatively affects not only the physical health of a person, but also his psyche.

Thanks to the consistently high sound quality of Bose SoundSport Free headphones, you can forget about your location for an indefinite (or certain) time and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of music.

They are easy to use. This is facilitated by the absence of wires, compactness and the presence of a special case in the kit.


The name of this product includes the word "sport". This is a hint of their attitude towards people who strive or lead an active lifestyle. For those who love morning runs, they will be just right. The device has a stable fixation in the ears of any shape, high sound quality that does not depend on the evolution of the user. Any music lover will appreciate this.


Thanks to IPX4 water resistance, the headphones are not afraid of rain or snow.

One of the most popular criteria for evaluating products of this kind is noise reduction. It should be close to the maximum values, but you should not purchase devices with the highest possible values. There are a lot of facts when people, keen on music, fell under the wheels of a car without hearing their signals. It's best if you can't hear most of the sounds, but stay oriented in your surroundings.

Travelers will love them

One of the undeniable advantages of SoundSport Free is the lack of wires. In addition, travelers will love the compact case. Its presence gives odds to monitor "Cheburashkas" or standard "pills".

It is also important that the product is reliable. Regardless of the originality and quirkiness of the route, these headphones will not let you down. They are not afraid of blizzards, sandstorms and downpours. The presence of silicone ear tips with soft hooks minimizes the chance of losing them.


The volume of the sound, the quality of the output sound is easy to assess. Especially in places of mass stay - at train stations, airports, large stores. Few people like the deafening noise of aircraft or railway equipment, the sounds of the crowd.

However, this background is not a hindrance for Bose SoundSport Free. Their sound will block any noise. At the same time, the presence of high-quality noise cancellation will help not to miss the announcement of the beginning of check-in for the desired flight or a message about the arrival of the expected train.

Another way to use

In a fitness club or thundering gym, the Bose SoundSport Free is unleashed. Luxury reproduction adds energy to the trainee, pushes him to another approach or repetition of the exercise.

At the same time, moderate noise isolation hides extraneous sounds, but does not allow complete distraction from the environment.

Owners of headphones with wires often find themselves in such places in stupid situations. For example, it is really possible to catch on a projectile or some kind of ledge with a wire. This can result in an unplanned exercise or pirouette, to everyone's laugh.

Owners of SoundSport Free will definitely not get into this situation. This is partly due to the presence of StayHear + Sport ear pads, which do not allow the headset to slip or evolve in any other way, even with too intense training. Products can fall out of the ears only with a very strong blow, for example, during taekwondo ap-chaga.

One of the most important issues when training in gyms is hygiene. Simple water droplets from headphones are easy to simply brush away and forget about it. Harder with sweat. It can corrode the body of any device. The creators of Bose SoundSport Free were at their best here too. The earbuds are covered with a special protective layer that reliably protects them. The device should be wiped periodically, even with a slightly damp cloth.


Their range of action is 10 meters, so there is no need to carry a smartphone with you from the locker room.

This wireless accessory will appeal to the user anywhere: outdoors, in the gym, while relaxing or traveling. Its reliability and sound quality are almost benchmark.

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Author: Jake Pinkman