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11 Meat Shooters To Play


One of the first major projects this year will be Doom Eternal. The last game in 2016 was a successful comeback. It could have become another COD-focused shooter, or God understand what, if Bethesda hadn't made the difficult decision to make a game in the classic old-school shooter style that started it all. This is why we are looking forward to Eternal. In the meantime, we decided to recall other cult meat shooters, which we love very much and we recommend you to get acquainted, unless of course you yourself are an avid fan of this type of FPS and have passed them all.

Serious Sam Series


An iconic series of games, which, in principle, was one of my first shooters as such. I could say that it is worth playing a certain game, but as for me, all parts of the series are great, well, except for the cartoon second, which, with its visual style, reduced the entire atmosphere for which we loved this story about a fighter against otherworldly creatures, to naught ... Plus, there are re-releases of the main line today, and you can enjoy them. And yes, how I hated bone bulls, and how I adored absurd kamikaze. This is the whole game.



The new Wolfenstein trilogy is kind of not a meat shooter, and many would argue that I put it here. Moreover, the original Wolfenstein [I'm talking about the 2001 game from id Software] was not such a game, but rather balancing on the edge. But for some reason, the fast gameplay of the new trilogy, two-handed shooting from big guns, the dismemberment that is present in all parts - gives me the same feeling of playing meat shooters.

Shadow Warrior


The original Shadow Warrior was a great Doom game, only in an Asian setting. The 2013 remake of this game turned out to be much better than the original. You fought against demons, and you had a large arsenal for this, but the sweetest was the katana, which you could attack both close up and send air strikes that dismembered enemies in droves. And this is a separate art form that was well developed in the second part of 2016.



Dusk was my 2019 revelation as this game completely recreates the atmosphere of the first meat shooters. Lack of a plot as such, a large number of enemies of monsters. Fast gameplay and meat, low poly but so soulful. If you have played all of the projects [or most] presented here, then you should definitely check out Dusk. This is a game made just for those who grew up on this.

The Darkness 2


As with Wolfenstein, I can't be 100% sure that it is a meat shooter. On the one hand, we have brutal gameplay here, demonic enemies, two tentacles that make your opponents red and may even clear their stomachs [who knows, he will understand]. But on the other hand, The Darkness 2 has a good storyline, different mechanics, such as controlling a demon, completely non-dynamic levels in a mental hospital and not so fast gameplay. Most likely, The Darkness 2 borrows many good elements from the best meat shooters and adapts in its own way, while remaining a brutal game.

Duke Nukem 3D


Last year, the updated Duke Nukem 3D was released, which is a living classic. When the original game was played in its time, everyone was waiting for the sequel. We were welcomed by the poor Duke Nukem Forever, where we could throw shit, and our hero laughed at it. Seriously, don’t play it, it’s not just stupid, but also boring in principle. Better go back to Duke Nukem 3D, which works great on newer systems.



Bulletstorm inherits a lot from Duke Nukem and does it much better than the most recent game. Our main character, although not as spoiled as Duke Nyukem himself, is also that drunk. The game is also known to have won one of the first places for the best kick in the industry. But most of all I love this brutal shooter for the variety of weapons, such as a grenade launcher with paired spiked grenades and a barrel that shoots construction drills. Add in the entertainment of all weapons in alternate fire.



The first Quake was once a game that could be called Doom with improved technologies. Even the weapon in the middle of the screen was borrowed. Only now Quake did a bias in dark fantasy in the surroundings of a Gothic castle, which was significantly different from Doom's hell. Basically, the game has exactly the same gameplay and simple as a stick storyline, which ends with the fact that you have to kill hordes of enemies.

Unreal Tournament


Unreal Tournament skillfully encroached on Quake territory, and he did it well. The game was cruel and brutal, it made you feel like a hunter for glory. It’s hard to forget that wonderful feeling when you release a cutting disc that rips off an enemy’s head, but it’s even more fun to launch them in the room so they bounce off the walls. It was literally a meat grinder.



Painkiller even had a touching plot. Our hero, after dying in a car accident, in which his wife also died, ended up in purgatory, and he is trying to break through the crowds of hellhounds, demons, corpses, ghouls and other evil spirits to her in heaven. Along the way, the hero did not forget to slap the most important horned and his henchmen generals in one place. To do this, we had a rich arsenal that allows you to kill, feeling that you are making art.

Will Rock


I don't know how I got to Will Rock as a child and I can't say it was the best game of my life, but it was cool. From the Twisted Sister song "I Wanna Rock" on the main menu, where I stuck out and just listened to it, to sprightly gunfights in the ever-changing setting of ancient times. I especially remember enjoying the acid weapons. However, few of my acquaintances remember this game, and I have always classified it as a little-known meat shooter.

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