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Top 10 Best Shooters of All Time


The shooter genre has always stood out in the entire gaming industry. Doom in 1992 showed that games can be unprecedentedly brutal, Half-Life in 1998, that shooters have a place not only for shooting faceless dummies, but also for unusual plot and puzzles. And now in 2007, with the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, shooters became the best-selling genre among games. It's impossible to imagine the gaming industry without first-person action games, so we present to your attention the top best shooters in history that any fan of the genre should play.

When choosing positions in the top of the best games, we were guided primarily by the fact that a shooter, even today, should be played with interest, regardless of the release date. After all, as you know, real classics never get old.


We start our top games with the mystical action movie FEAR, which was developed by recognized masters of the genre from Monolith Studios. Let's be honest, even 13 years ago the game was criticized for its cliched plot and monotonous locations.

But all this is a trifle compared to the adrenaline that every shootout in FEAR gives. Clever opponents, a juicy dismemberment system, an extensive arsenal of weapons and stunning graphics - this is the perfect scheme to create the most additive shooter.

Battlefield 3

The eleventh installment of the popular DICE multiplayer action series is a true benchmark in tactical multiplayer battles. Each class in the game had its own special role on the battlefield, which made even large-scale battles involving 64 people on a map like Caspian Border not like a simple meat grinder.

By the way, about the meat grinder. DICE hasn't forgotten about casual players, and on maps like Metro and Close Quarters even newcomers to the genre could reach the top of the tournament table.

Far Cry 3

Honestly, in this position we wanted to put Far Cry 5, which well developed numerous ideas of 3 parts, which we wrote about in our review. But Far Cry 3 is still a much more significant game for the genre. In it, Ubisoft found the perfect model of a modern first-person shooter, which harmoniously combines a spectacular storyline with open-world gameplay.

Narcotic trips, tasks to burn fields with hemp under dubstep, a helicopter mission to "Flight of the Valkyries" Wagner - Ubisoft knows a lot about how to entertain the player.

Wolfenstein II New Colossus

William Blaskowitz is a real veteran of shooters, as he has been exterminating Nazi trash since 1991, when enemies were like a bunch of shapeless pixels. And in 2017, he continued to carry his heavy burden and once again freed the world from the German dictatorship. The main merit of the developers of Wolfenstein II is that they were able to turn the game into a real movie. Somewhere absurdly funny, somewhere sad, and in some moments even philosophical notes were felt.

Halo Reach

Games Halo is the least popular among some narrow-minded PC gamers. We declare with full responsibility that it is absolutely in vain and if you love first-person action and have the opportunity to buy or rent an Xbox 360, then pay close attention to Halo Reach.

An epic and sentimental story about the last battle of humanity, impeccable and constantly changing gameplay, aliens who, in terms of intelligence, can give a head start to clones from FEAR ... And, of course, the masterpiece music of Martin O'Donnell, it is worth mentioning separately. p>

Team Fortress 2

Of course, you can recall the popular cyber discipline and the main hit of the computer clubs of the 2000s - Counter Strike 1.6, but we love another Valve game - Team Fortress 2 more - It is much more elaborate and varied than a shooter about clashes between special forces and terrorists.

Similar to Battlefield in TF2, each class is different, and radically different. Just having a good reaction and shooting accurately is only part of the story, cooperation with other players is of great importance. Well, do not forget about the huge scope for customizing the class and you will play TF 2 with the same interest for many years and constantly find something new in the game.

Metroid Prime

Metroid series, GameCube game console - these words mean nothing to many modern USA shooter players. It's a shame, since Metroid Prime, which came out on the Nintendo GameCube, is one of the most highly rated first-person action games in history. In the early 2000s, the game was praised almost more than Half-Life 2.

Even now, the game remains a unique project among shooters. In Metroid Prime, the focus was not on gunfights, but on exploring environments where multiple puzzles had to be solved.

Portal 2

And again in our top of the best shooters is a project from Valve, which is very expected. At the same time, Portal 2 is very different from the usual projects in the genre, because there are not even firearms here. In the arsenal of the protagonist of the game Chell there is only a portal gun, and your main opponent will be numerous puzzles. A humorous storyline, quirky setting, and ever-changing game conditions are what makes Portal 2 a great game no matter the genre.


Philosophical storyline and shooters are so rare that Bioshock blew up the gaming industry in 2007. The utopian underwater city, with explicit references to Atlas Shrugged, left behind a fine wine aftertaste. No one has ever made first-person action films so intensely intellectual that any game critics can recommend.

The plot and setting are not the only features of Bioshock. The developers have not forgotten about the gameplay, in which role-playing elements are masterfully intertwined, which is why each new passage will bring fresh impressions.

Half-Life 2

The second part of Half-Life 2 is not just a game, it is a cultural phenomenon that has a huge army of dedicated and talented fans. Gamers in 2004 were so impressed by the hotly anticipated creation of Valve that one of the gaming publications even gave the game an incredible -11 out of 10 points.

What's so special about the game? This is just a shooter in which there are no unnecessary elements, absolutely every second here gives new impressions. You will never know what the developers will surprise you next time. Even 14 years later, Half-Life 2 is an almost perfect shooter and a must-have for any gamer's collection.

Our top of the best shooters of all time has come to an end. We hope you have found some new and interesting games for yourself, we guarantee that if you love shooters, then none of the projects presented above will leave you indifferent. We also recommend that you check out our other top, where we talk about the best Microsoft games.

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Author: Jake Pinkman