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Most Anticipated Gaming News of 2018


2017 is not over yet, but it can already be called one of the best in the history of the gaming industry.

This year, we received as many as 2 projects that have received some of the highest ratings among critics over the past 20 years - Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (with a rating of 97 on Metacritic). The living classics of isometric RPGs Divinity Original Sin 2, the custom RPG project Nier: Automata, and many other games that have brought hundreds of hours of unforgettable adventure.

Despite such a landmark year for the gaming industry, 2018 could become even more impressive. A real rain of big-budget projects awaits gamers, the quality of which can hardly be doubted.

Metro: Exodus

Continuation of the beloved Metro dilogy in USA, in which the developers are preparing to amaze players not only with atmospheric USA post-apocalypse and advanced graphics, but also with a world completely open to research.

At its core, the new Metro is the same STALKER 2, which we did not expect to wait. Anomalies, mutants, an open world, a familiar Soviet entourage that creeps to chills - this is exactly what we loved the Stalker series so much. Dmitry Glukhovsky is also responsible for the plot, so you don't have to worry about the quality of the script.

Red Dead Redemption 2

A new part of the famous western from the main masters of open world games - Rockstar. As with all Rockstar releases, the developers do not share much information about the plot or gameplay features before the game is released. Therefore, at the moment, there is a minimum of all information: we are playing for Arthur Morgan, who, together with his gang Van der Linde, is engaged in robberies, murders and everything that players are used to doing in Rockstar games.

According to the first two trailers, the project looks amazing, and the credibility of the developer is so great that RDR 2 can be called one of the main contenders for the game of the year in absentia.

Kingdoom Come: Deliverance

The most important role-playing project of 2018. The ambitions of the developers are truly amazing: a huge detailed recreated world, an advanced first-person combat system with the ability to choose an attack direction, advanced graphics and a multi-stage non-linear storyline based on real historical facts.

According to numerous trailers, the game looks like a correct synthesis of The Witcher 3 and Skyrim: non-linear quests were taken from the first project, and from the second openworld with a huge amount of content and a role-playing system.

Far Cry 5

Continuation of the cult shooter from Ubisoft. This time we have to go to the American quiet town of Hope, which is filled with rustic rednecks, American flavor and strange, a little kooky characters and psychopaths of all stripes.

Based on the available trailers, we can confidently say that this will be the canonical shooter from Yubisoft, where there will be a lot of explosions, cruelty, guns, black humor and hunting - all in the best traditions of Far Cry. The main innovation is the ability to complete the entire single player campaign in co-op, so you can count on double fan if you play with a friend.

God Of War

Simultaneously restarting and continuing one of the bloodiest slashers in history. Almost all elements of the original trilogy have been reworked: instead of sunny Greece, snow-covered Scandinavian countries, a combat system close to the games of the Souls series and a plot in which Kratos grew a beard, settled down and takes care of a child.

It is immediately clear that The Last of Us was the main source of inspiration for the developers, so for once in the game you can expect an acceptable storyline where Kratos will not only be a killing machine.

Detroit: Become Human

A new project from the master of interactive cinema - David Cage. Cage has repeatedly proved his skill in creating non-linear and sentimental stories, which can be seen on the example of the maestro's past releases: Fahrenheit and Heavy rain.

The new game tells a story in the world of cyberpunk, where androids revolt against humanity. It seems that the plot outline is not new, but the script already has more than 2,000 pages and, according to Cage, will be able to offer unprecedented non-linearity. Well, the project looks expensive, interesting and has been created for more than 4 years, so you can expect at least a good game.


A new role-playing project from the creators of Life is Strange, in which we will play as a vampire during the Victorian England. The developers focus on the fact that the story will be dark, cruel and completely different from the glamorous vampires from the "Twilight" movie series.

The game looks atmospheric, boasts good graphics and an interesting setting. It is unlikely that the project will be able to come close in quality to the cult masterpiece Vampire: The Masquerade, but there are practically no really non-linear role-playing projects on the market, so we give vampire the 7th position of our top most anticipated games.

Monster Hunter: World

A sequel to the popular Japanese action / RPG that debuts on stationary consoles and PC for the first time.

The game should be drawn to all connoisseurs of real and hardcore gameplay: each opponent is a puzzle, which in order to solve it is necessary to use traps and a huge arsenal of weapons. Graphically, the new Monster Hunter isn't impressive, but the 4-player co-op guarantees a huge amount of fun.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Continuation of the isometric role-playing game from the Obsidian studio. An open world awaits us in the game, in which every inhabitant lives according to the daily routine, a meeting with old and new characters, a non-linear plot, as well as the opportunity to transfer their choices from the original game to the sequel.

At this stage, information is minimal, but Obsidian has no reason to doubt, and graphically the sequel looks much more attractive than the original game.


A new project authored by Bioware, in which the developers for the first time in their history will create an adventure co-op game. Despite the fact that the game will only have role-playing elements, at least for the plot you can definitely not worry.

Drew Karpishin, who was responsible for the plot of Baldurs Gate, KOTOR and the Mass Effect trilogy, was appointed the main scriptwriter of the project. Among other advantages, it is worth noting the graphics, which at the moment simply have no competitors. Hopefully Anthem won't be downgraded, and the game will be playable without the need to buy loot boxes.

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