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What is E3 and what is it eaten with


Every year, the giants of the gaming industry present to their fans a variety of new games, exciting in scale and innovation.

And where is it better to present them if not at an exhibition? E3, or Electronic entertainment expo, is an annual exhibition where developers present their concepts, games, consoles to the public.

Every year the announcements are more and more like technology from science fiction stories, sometimes it’s hard to believe that soon we will be able to enjoy virtual reality in full immersion.

This year, the E3 exhibition was held from June 13 to 15 and brought with it a huge heap of developer achievements. For the first time, E3 itself opened its doors not only for specialists, but also for ordinary players: the organizers allocated 15 thousand tickets for fans.

What can gamers expect in the coming year?

PlayStation 4 from Sony and Xbox One from Microsoft will remain the leaders in the gaming consoles market, which presented its updated version at E3 - Xbox One X with the declared support of games in dynamic 4K resolution.

Xbox One X will be released on November 7 and will cost $ 499.

Xbox one X
Xbox one X Photo

At the same time, despite the declared support for virtual reality, at the presentation of the new console, Microsoft representatives never mentioned it and did not show a single game for VR glasses and helmets.

Sony is in a hurry to fill this niche, having announced several adaptations and new releases of games for the PSVR headset before E3.

PS VR Photography

At the Sony presentation, the developers showed teasers of VR adaptations of the role-playing game Skyrim and introduced several new games, including the horror The Inpatient and the shooter Bravo Team from Supermassive Games.

A virtual version of one of the genre's ancestors, Doom, will be released later this year, Bethesda announced at E3.

However, virtual reality and game consoles are not all that you should pay attention to at the last exhibition.

A large number of games were presented, especially the most anticipated by fans.

Ubisoft has unveiled Assassins creed origins. In the video, she looks as cool as Black Flag once did. Apparently, Ubisoft has prepared a huge game with an astronomical amount of content in the original setting of Ancient Egypt. The company also decided to continue the pirate theme by introducing Skull and Bones. Exclusively the sea, battles on ships and their own improvement.

Assassin creed: Origins
Assassin creed: Origins photography

The iconic Shadow of Colossus is being redesigned for the PlayStation 4. It's a full-fledged remake with new graphics, modern controls and live animations. The game will remain true to the spirit of the original.

Shadow of Colossus
Shadow of Colossus Photo

The new God of war will delight players with beautiful graphics and a new concept.

God of war
God of war Photo

Destiny 2, the sequel to the cult shooter, and Anthem, its strong competitor from BioWare, were announced. They will not leave players indifferent.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 Photo

Wolfenstein 2. The new Colossus promises to be the game with the most powerful storyline ever. Considering how interesting the first part was, we can expect something very special.

Wolfenstein 2. The new Colossus
Photo of Wolfenstein 2. The new Colossus

A new part of the atmospheric action movie Metro: exodus from 4A games will also be released.

Metro: exodus
Metro: exodus photography

And Nintendo will delight us with such novelties as Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3.

super mario odyssey
Photo super mario odyssey

So, if you follow the development of the gaming industry, then the annual E3 is the best indicator of the achievements of developers.

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