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How Diablo fans hated Blizzard or what is the problem with Diablo Immortal


In 2018, there were 3 absolutely disastrous announcements that angered the gaming community: Battlefield 5, Command and Conquer Rivals, and no doubt Diablo Immortal. But if the developers of Battlefield 5 listen to the expectations of fans, Rivals have forgotten like a bad dream, then the announcement of Diablo Immortal on smartphones is still heard and Blizzard continues to hammer nails into the coffin of its first mobile game with all its might. The hype has already reached the point that Blizzard shares fell by an impressive 7 percent, and players created a petition to cancel the game. Let's try to figure out why Diablo Immortal did not please the fans of the series.

First, a little history: Blizzard Entertainment is a company that has been fully focused on PC game development since 2000, the only exceptions are the belated release of Diablo 3 on consoles and Overwatch, which was originally created for both PC and game consoles. ... Next is the Diablo series, the last release of which was released in 2013. And the last moment is the Blizzcon exhibition, under the very curtain of which fans are always waiting for the loudest and most important surprise of the exhibition.

And now, adding all three terms, we get a negative reaction to the announcement of Diablo Immortal, which is being developed exclusively for mobile phones, a new project in a popular series over the past 5 years and presented to viewers at the very end of Blizzcon. Particularly eloquent is the series' fan outrage in a recording of the reaction to the Blizzcon announcement.

Against the background of the general negativity, the naive phrase of one of the developers of Diablo Immortal: "Guys, do you have no mobile phones?" , has become a real memes in the gaming environment.

Diablo fans have already christened the announcement "a real slap in the face" and regard it only as an attempt to cash in on gamers with a minimum of effort. Representatives of the company said that mobile Diablo is designed primarily for Asian gamers, and insiders of the Bloomberg website, citing internal sources, say that in just a year the game should have brought at least $ 300 million in profit.

Another point that caused bewilderment among hardcore players: the words of the head of Blizzard, Allen Adham, that the developers have always tried to create their games on the maximum platforms to reach the largest audience. But the fact that Blizzard themselves practically do not participate in the creation of the game and entrusted the development of Diablo Immortal to the Chinese giant of mobile gaming NetEasy hardly adds to the company's honor. Especially if you remember that the game looks like a cosmetically embellished version of another NetEasy project - Endless of God.

Obviously, audience outrage could have been avoided if Blizzard, along with the announcement of Immortal for mobile, demonstrated a full version of Diablo for PC. As did, for example, Bethesda, announcing at E3 two versions of "The Elder Scrolls" at once: Blades for smartphones and a full 6 part for PCs and next-generation consoles. Blizzard, on the other hand, only modestly stated that other games in the Diablo series are in development, Immortal is actually very good and will appeal to hardcore fans, and in general: “Expect more games in the famous Blizzard series on smartphones. We have big plans for mobile gaming. ”

This is not the first time that Blizzard has faced negative reactions from the gaming community, albeit not of this level. That is just the announcement of the Diablo 3 port on consoles. Therefore, it is safe to say that the developers will continue to adhere to their own game development policy. Diablo Immortal does not yet have a release date and based on the NetEasy developer portfolio, it can be assumed that the game will be distributed on a shareware model.

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Author: Jake Pinkman