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Metro Exodus first evaluations - new game, old problems


A little more than a day remains before the release of Metro Exodus, and if you have not yet decided to buy the game, we suggest you find out what game critics think of the new shooter. Finally, the embargo on the publication of Metro Exodus reviews has been lifted, and critics generously express their opinion on the sensational project. Let's say right away that fans of previous games should hardly doubt that the new Metro brings the strongest sides of the dilogy to a new level. At the same time, there is also negative news. Apparently, the developers stepped on the usual rake and criticism of Metro Exodus is in many ways identical to the one with which reviewers attacked the first part of the series back in 2010.

According to review aggregator Metacritic, Metro Exodus scores 83 on PC. The result is excellent for the series, given that the computer versions of Metro 2033 and Last Light received 81 and 83 points, respectively. The version of Metro Exodus on Playstation 4 is rated more modestly and with fewer reviews the mark with an assessment stopped at 81 points. The Xbox One version has even more modest results - 80 points.

In numerous reviews of Metro Exodus, critics praise the series' typical strengths: atmosphere, story, graphics, production and sound design. The disadvantages include, again, the typical problems of the Metro series: simplified stealth, stupid opponents, a shooter component, a number of controversial, outdated game design ideas and the main novelty - a primitive and unnecessary open world. Separately, it is noted that on PC Metro Exodus is much more comfortable to play. console versions suffer from an abundance of bugs, poor-quality optimization and delays between pressing a key and a character's action (input lag), which makes gunfights extremely uncomfortable.

Brief excerpts from Metro Exodus reviews:

The Game Machines - 92

The game does not always work perfectly, but overall we have the best shooter of recent years, which was created with love, pleases with an increased degree of freedom and is still impressive with history, graphics and incredible attention to detail.

Hobby Consolas - 90

Metro Exodus is a great story-driven shooter that skillfully combines elements of survival, exploration, stealth and combat. We especially liked the post-apocalyptic setting based on the novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky and some elements of the open world of the game.

DualShockers - 85

Even though the move to an open-world game structure may not be what fans of the series expect from Metro, Metro Exodus is multiplying the unique elements of the game that made the franchise popular: action, stealth, survival and horror. ... Just as the Aurora train led Artyom and his companions to new, unexplored spaces, Metro Exodus is directing the series in a new direction, which, in our opinion, has even more unique opportunities for the development of the franchise.

Metro Exodus ratings

Gamespot - 80

The new Metro expands its own boundaries and at the same time loses focus a little from the main components of the series. But Metro Exodus makes up for the losses with exciting situations and a team that you want to follow even to the ends of the Earth.

USgamer - 70

Metro Exodus is a major step up in an iconic series that has been a success for its inhospitable charm. The open world and stealth system is not encouraging with numerous omissions, but when the game returns to its own roots and memorable companions of the protagonist, Metro Exodus begins to gain momentum.

Push Square - 60

Metro Exodus fully fulfills the promises made by the developers and offers an impressive variety of combat skirmishes, but at the same time, the game has a colossal number of technical oversights that cannot be ignored. Add to this a plot that does not answer many important questions and you get a game that can please and at the same time disappoint, even those who focus more on the plot, rather than shootouts.

As we can see, the game came out ambiguous, as, indeed, and past projects in the Metro series. To buy or not is a purely individual question, but we have no doubt that for most fans of the Exodus series it will become one of the main and possibly the best games of the first half of 2018. Metro Exodus is out on February 15th on all current gaming platforms, and if you want to know more about the game, we suggest you watch our review of the top 10 reasons to wait for Metro Exodus.

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