Insider # 11.05: 6G from Xiaomi; Samsung Exynos 992; Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha concept phone; failed version of Apple iPod Touch (Topic)

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Insider # 11.05: 6G from Xiaomi; Samsung Exynos 992; Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha concept phone; failed version of Apple iPod Touch


The latest insider review of this month consists, as usual, of four pieces of information. First, let's talk about the efforts of Xiaomi, which has begun work on 6G technologies. Then we will discuss information about the new Samsung processor. In the third block, we will find out the features of the Xiaomi concept phone. At the end of the release, there will be information about the version of the Apple iPod Touch that has not been released.

Xiaomi reduces the release of 4G smartphones, begins to master 6G technologies

Yesterday, Xiaomi introduced the Redmi 10X line of smartphones, which became the cheapest among devices equipped with support for fifth generation networks.

Almost at the same time, it became known that the Chinese manufacturer is starting to master 6G technologies. This was reported by Xinhua News Agency, citing data from Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun.

The official did not disclose the details of his plans, but said that work on the sixth generation networks is already underway.


He also announced the conduct of work on the study of satellite Internet. It is speculated to be about its ability to function with smartphones and other mobile devices.

Currently, satellite Internet has no alternative in rural areas and those places where mobile infrastructure is absent or weak.

In the field of Internet services, Xiaomi maintains a leading position in China. Therefore, the firm's specialists believe that merging their capabilities with mobile services will benefit everyone.

It also became known that this developer is reducing the capacity associated with the production of mobile devices operating in 4G networks. This is done in order to free up production capacity for the creation of 5G smartphones.

Processor manufacturers are currently working on low-cost chips that can work in fifth-generation networks. For this reason, it is not yet possible to release a 5G smartphone for less than $ 200.

Experts believe that Xiaomi marketers are correctly guided in modern realities. Most of the European countries, China and a number of other states have switched and are moving to new communication standards. However, users in USA, India and several other countries will continue to use 4G for a long time. Therefore, it is too early to completely abandon the production of devices of this class.

Exynos 992 will be equipped with the latest kernels

This summer, Samsung is slated to announce the Galaxy Note20 line of smartphones, which will feature the next generation Exynos 992 processors. This is an improved version of the Exynos 990 chipset found in the Galaxy S20 series.

Some details of this chip have been revealed today.


Exynos 992 will be the world's first mobile chip based on 5nm technology. It is expected to be equipped with the latest Cortex-A78 cores and the Mali-G78 graphics accelerator, which were recently introduced by ARM.

Recently, this manufacturer announced that the new product is equipped with 20% more performance in terms of CPU and 25% increase in power in terms of GPU, compared to Cortex-A77 and Mali-G77. Its power consumption is lower than that of previous models.

Samsung has not yet commented or refuted this information. The Galaxy Note20 lineup should be revealed later this summer.

A photo of the new version of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha concept phone has appeared on the network

Chinese insider Digital Chat Station posted a photo of the new smartphone model Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha on the network.

An employee of the manufacturer's company allegedly became the source of the fresh leak. According to an insider, the device is equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor, 512 GB of internal and 12 GB of RAM, as well as a 4050 mAh battery with support for fast charging with a capacity of up to 40 W.

A little later, the device was seen in the hands of Agatha Tan, who works as a marketer at Xiaomi Global.


She showed how the dynamic wallpaper function works in the new product.

The Chinese manufacturer previously stated that it does not consider the Mi Mix Alpha to be a mass-market device. Such arguments are understandable, because the cost of the model currently being produced is $ 2830. How much the new version of the device will be estimated has not yet been reported. The release date is also unknown.

An enthusiast showed a model of the Apple iPod Touch, the version of which was not in production

Apple has been successfully selling players for many years. Recently it became known that not so long ago the engineers of the American manufacturer developed a version of the Apple iPod Touch, which did not become serial.


Of interest is only the model itself (it was shown by an Italian collector), as much as one previously unknown fact.

We are talking about the prototype of the third generation iPod Touch, which did not get into mass production. The photo shows that the back of the gadget has a hole for the camera, which the serial version of the device does not have.

Cameras in players of this type appeared only with the beginning of the release of the fourth reincarnation of the device in 2010. This suggests that Apple had the ability to equip the iPod Touch with similar functionality, but for some reason held it back until the next update.

This possibility is confirmed by the arrangement of the internal space of the third generation gadget. There is room for a camera, but it was empty.

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