Insider # 8.01: ZTE 5G modem; Apple MacBook Pro 5G; Samsung Galaxy Note10; Pocophone F2; Xiaomi Mall (Topic)

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Insider # 8.01: ZTE 5G modem; Apple MacBook Pro 5G; Samsung Galaxy Note10; Pocophone F2; Xiaomi Mall


The first August Insider Data release focuses on 5G devices from ZTE and Apple. We will also talk about the features of the technical equipment of some Galaxy Note10 models and the specifications of the Pocophone F2 smartphones. In conclusion, we will tell you about the news from the Xiaomi Mall store.

Technological device from ZTE

The Chinese company ZTE has not spoiled its fans with interesting news about the latest developments for a long time. Therefore, many of them were interested in the information about the imminent appearance of the Axon 10 Pro 5G device on the market. This is a modem with the ability to support 5G networks.


Its functioning is based on interaction with Snapdragon X50 based on Snapdragon 855. The Chinese promise that this product will compete with other representatives of this segment. To this end, a proprietary 5G chip is being developed, which will work according to the 7-nm process technology. Its commissioning is scheduled for the end of this year.

Experts believe that the company will not present a platform with an integrated solution, but a separate device, which will allow it to supply its model to other manufacturers. If ZTE engineers can master 5nm technology, then this enterprise will become one of the industry leaders.

5G MacBook

According to Digitimes, Apple will release several models of MacBook laptops next year that will be equipped with 5G modems. This way they will have access to the next generation networks.

It has also been noticed that for better signal reception from cell towers, such devices will be equipped with unusual ceramic antennas.


While there is no confirmation of this data, the experts were skeptical about them. They suggest that Yabloko will first test this technology on the iPhone and only then move on to laptops.

One Galaxy Note 10 will use Qualcomm processors

In three days, Samsung will unveil a new line of Galaxy Note 10 smartphones. It is believed that the manufacturer has taken a course to reduce dependence on third-party supplies. This is especially true for Qualcomm processor vendors.

This is confirmed by the data recently published by one of the famous insiders Evan Blass. According to him, only one model of the new line will receive the chipset of this company. This will be a specification called Verizon.


All other smartphones, including AT & T and T-Mobile devices, will be equipped with Exynos 9825 processors. These chips are equipped with all smartphones of the Korean manufacturer, which are shipped to all countries except the USA. According to a long-standing technical tradition, devices sold in America are based on Qualcomm chipsets.

All other characteristics of smartphones do not differ from each other.

Testing data appeared in the benchmark of the Pocophone F2 gadget

Not so long ago, data appeared on the network about the imminent announcement of the Pocophone F2 smartphone. Following this information, information was published about testing this device in a benchmark.

Some media also expressed their assumptions about the specifications of the future novelty. It is assumed that the device will receive an AMOLED display, the resolution quality of which will be at the level of Full HD +. The basis of its hardware filling will be the Snapdragon 855 processor or Snapdragon 855 Plus. He is allocated 6 or 8 GB of RAM to help him.


It is also known that it will ship with pre-installed Android 9 Pie with MIUI shell.

According to some sources, sales of the Pocophone F2 will begin in September this year.

Xiaomi Mall will showcase new devices today

A few days ago, on the official website of the Xiaomi Mall, an entry “I want to be in silence” appeared. In addition, the date was indicated there - August 5th.

It is believed that on this very day the store will present several new products. No assumptions or announcements have been made on this yet. Previous leaks indicate a possible start of sales of headphones with active noise canceling functionality.


Xiaomi recently introduced Mi True Wireless Earphones 2, so there is a high likelihood of their sales start.

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