Death Stranding will be released on PC, Orthodox action game Zealot, Mother Sanctuary return - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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Death Stranding will be released on PC, Orthodox action game Zealot, Mother Sanctuary return - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one


In addition, we will tell you how Sony registered PS6 PS7 PS8 PS9 PS10, what happens if you kill a baby in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and about the new trailer for Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York.

Death Stranding Coming To PC In 2020

No sooner had we started to joke and build theories about the release of a new game from Hideo Kojiima on the PC, when the official announcement rolled up. This was announced on Twitter by Kojima Production.

The game will be released in summer 2020, and the port will be handled by studio 505 Games. They are responsible for leaving Control and Journey to the Savage on PC.


Given that the game calls for people to unite, it would be wrong not to release it to the great and mighty. Therefore, with such a bright morality, we will wait for Death Stranding to follow in the footsteps of Skyrim with its number of ports.

Holy saints, he has a censer in his blood! Trailer of Orthodox Zealot

Have you ever wanted to play an action game where you will kill pagans as an Orthodox priest? Regardless of your answer - there is one.


According to the lore of this universe, pagans receive power from the worship of their deities. They were always opposed by Orthodoxy, whose missionaries tried to convert all pagans to the faith of one God. As a result, the pagans destroyed their colony, turning it into ruins, and hid in them.

A few centuries later, life was seen again on the ruins. An Orthodox priest, also our hero, goes to them in order to deal with the accursed evil spirits.

By genre, it will be a top-down action game. Of the game's features, there are levels characteristic of metroidvania, a rich arsenal and narrative, low-poly pixel graphics in the spirit of the 32-bit era, hand-drawn. Also, developers are trying to recreate and adhere to Slavic authenticity.

The most interesting thing is that the developer Prime Cut Games has nothing to do with Eastern Europe. This is a Portuguese studio of only 4 people.

Another Diablo IV Leak: Surviving Mother Sanctuary Returns

Screenshots of the Diablo artbook about which we wrote earlier began to appear on the net. One of the screenshots contains a description of Lilith, who is the daughter of Mephisto, queen of the succubi and Mother of Sanctuary.

The text on the screenshot says that she appeared in the second game. The Diablo wiki credits it much more, as it was an important part of the universe in Diablo III and Reaper of Souls. The text says that in Lilith he will return to all her children and it will be both a wonderful and terrible day for them. Uh, looks like she might be the main opponent in the game.


Also from the text you can find out that she received an updated design. Diablo art director John Mueller says that it was created through the plus method, where an artist takes another artist's concept and complements it in his own way. Mueller says that many of the characters in the game are made this way.

The long-awaited fourth part of Diablo will be announced at the Blizzcon 2019 opening ceremony, we have no doubts about that.

Sony has registered several trademarks: PS6 PS7 PS8 PS9 PS10

It looks like Sony decided to be stable and not come up with weird names for their next consoles or skip the same number nine, which is trendy in technology. The company registered the sixth to tenth Playstation trademarks in advance. While this looks promising, we still have decades to live before the PS10 is released.

According to Gematsu, which reported the news, this is a typical practice for the company. So, for example, PS4 and PS5 were registered back in 2006. But the fourth came out in 2013, and the fifth is only creeping towards release in 2020.

It's funny, but the first PS was released in 1994, but only registered the trademark in 2000.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare will reward you if you try to kill a baby

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare loves to present you with difficult dilemmas. For example, in the mission to storm a house in Camdentown, there is a woman who is hiding behind a child from a gamer.

By assignment, every person in this house is your potential enemy and she is no exception. If you shoot her, she will fall and drop the child. Your partners will not be happy about this event, but the mission will not fail. One of the co-workers will take the baby and put him in the crib.

But if you shoot at the child himself, then even before the shot occurs, the screen of your game will darken and the inscription will be displayed: "Children are not part of the fighting", and you will be thrown back to the nearest save point.

But if you are stubborn and do this several times, the message will appear: "Are you serious?" And you will be thrown to the mission selection screen, thereby forcing you to go through everything from the very beginning.

Here's a payback that awaits you. Fortunately, if you are just wondering how it looks, then you can watch how someone else kills the baby instead of you. Hell, how wrong it sounds ...

Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York Gameplay Trailer

If you are still saddened by the transfer of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2, then at least the visual novel Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York can be a consolation for you. The game has a gameplay trailer today.

Naturally, you shouldn't wait for RPG and action elements, because the game focuses on reading descriptions of events, dialogues and choosing an answer.

Draw Distance Studio focuses on non-linear travel. So, as a new convert, you can choose which faction to join to strengthen bonds, and with whom to conflict. Your actions affect three key aspects of "Hunger", "Humanity" and "Masquerade". Many quests will revolve around them.

Recall that the game will be released on December 4 on Steam and GOG. In 2020, the game will drop on Switch, and if the publisher does not mind, then it will be released on major consoles.

This was all news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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