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Top 50 best films of 2018 according to KinoPoisk: Part 2


We continue the top 50 best films that we started last week, compiled at the end of 2018. We remind you that not animated films, short films, animated films or documentaries were not included in our list of the best films of 2018. They will later be used to compose their own tops.

Also note that the list is still raw. The ratings of fresh tapes on KinoPoisk are always "in motion". One day, a particular film can either jump a couple of positions, or, conversely, go down a couple of lines below. But in general, the list of the top 50 films is already established and will change only slightly in the future.

Now let's continue!

26. A hard trip. Kp rating 1.174

Countries: Finland, Norway.

Genres: music, comedy.

Directed by Juuso Laatio and Jukka Vidgren.

In chap. starring Johannes Holopainen, Torstein Bjorklund, Ville Hilska, Antti Heikkinen and others.

The plotter is still the same. On a reindeer farm on the outskirts of a shepherd's town in the wilderness of Finland, in a basement, four friends with shaggy hair below their shoulders are trying to play hard rock. Finnish reindeer herders probably all have this hobby.

And it so happened that one of the famous foreign promoters drove past the farm, who really liked their demo tape. Well, friends! It's time for you to get ready for a trip to the True Rock Stars Festival! Only the trip will be very "hard," and not only because rock is like that.

Unfortunately, nobody bothered to read the trailer in USA ...

27. The man who killed Don Quixote. CP rating 7.156

Countries: Spain, Belgium, England, France, Portugal.

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Drama, Comedy.

Director: Terry Gilliam.

In chap. starring Adam Driver, Jonathan Price, Stellan Skarsgard, Olga Kurylenko and others.

In order to shake things up and find inspiration that flew away overnight, the director of commercials Tobias Grammett returns to the Spanish countryside, where once, when he was a student, he filmed his thesis about Don Quixote of La Mancha.

Interestingly, over the past 10 years, the old man, who was then the leading actor in his film, went crazy in the end and really imagined himself Don Quixote. And Tobias managed to catch his eye. Now he is Sancho Panza, the glorious squire of the mad old man. And together they embark on their historic crusade.

It remains only to find out if Tobias himself has gone crazy, that he has decided on this idiotic, but promising to become a real hit, adventure?

28. Nothing good at the El Royale. CP rating 7.153

Country: USA

Genres: thriller, detective, drama, crime.

Director: Drew Goddard.

In chap. starring Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Erivo, John Hamm, Dakota Johnson and others

Our separate "Superspoiler" is dedicated to this masterpiece of American cinema. For those who are too lazy to read "mnogobukaff" or do not want to learn all the ins and outs of the film before watching it, we are talking about a funny set of people brought together by fate in an interesting place called the El Royale hotel.

The film was shot in the spirit of Agatha Christie - Quentin Tarantino. All the characters, in the Tarantino style, gather in one place, where the detective unfolds, somewhat similar to detectives about Poirot, only slightly with a thriller bias.

There is nothing in it that is so superb that it pulls on a seven. There are plenty of absurdities, naiveties and questions. But to call it frank slag too - the language does not turn.

29. To all the guys I've loved before. KP rating 7.142

Country: USA

Genres: drama, melodrama.

Director: Susan Johnson.

In chap. starring Lana Condor, Noah Centineo, Anna Cathcart, Janel Parrish and others

Someone has a hobby of crocheting. Someone has sewing. Someone collects stamps. Someone is repairing old cars. But the main character of this masterpiece, Lara Jean, has the wackiest hobby of all. When she has nothing to do, she starts scribbling letters. Scribbled to Peter with pretty eyes, Kenny from the camp, Lucas from the school ball, nerdy John from the debate club (idiot club), Josh the neighbor. Moreover, he scribbles his masterpieces on paper with a fountain pen, and not on a cloud from a smartphone, and puts them in a jar and under a bed, never sending them.

But one fine day, by some magic, all her letters fall into the hands of their addressees. This is where it all started.

A film from the category of "shushi-pusi" and "mi-mi-mi". It will be interesting only to naive girls who believe in fairy tales and are as naive as themselves. Therefore, it is not at all clear what makes this masterpiece so high in the KinoPoisk rating. It seems that nowadays only naive romantics and fans of Indian, Turkish and South Korean soap operas go there ...

30. Aquaman. KP rating 7.106

Countries: Australia, USA.

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Action, Adventure.

Director: James Wang.

In chap. Starring: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson and others.

Did Nicole Kidman think when she watched Stargate Atlantis on SyFy that she would become Jason Momoa's mother? Probably unlikely. Yes, and about the series, most likely, I have never heard of. But on the other hand, everyone in charge of casting at DC Films has heard and thought about it.

So Momoa became, he is also Aquaman, the first living offspring, "obtained" as a result of the "love relationship" of the daughter of the sea and the son of the earth. To top it off, it is he who turns out to be the first and only legal heir to the throne, you will laugh, but, all the same Atlantis. Only, if in the series Atlantis was a huge spaceship, then here it is a full-fledged city, only located at the bottom of the sea, as usual, somewhere in its secret "corner".

In comics in our time on Earth, there are always such, take, at least, the same Wakanda, suspiciously resembling the local Uganda.

Along the way, it turns out that not very legitimate, but very bloodthirsty heirs want to climb the throne, who, if this happens, will level the entire land with the sea. And only the glorious Aquaman can now save the land of humanity!

31. Don't worry, he won't get far. KP rating 7.095

Country: France, USA

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Biography.

Director: Gus Van Sant.

In chap. starring Joaquin Phoenix, Jonah Hill, Rooney Mara, Tony Greenhand, Jack Black and others

A hard lot fell on the shoulders of John, who once loved to have fun and play around. He would, perhaps, and now would have fun and play tricks, but fate has in store for him a prank. After another booze, he found himself in the passenger seat of a wheelbarrow, which was driven by his stubborn friend. Here you doze languidly in a drunken stupor ...

... But you are already paralyzed, forced to live out your life, traveling through life in a wheelchair. Will John cope with such a "gift" of fate?

The film is very strong. We recommend it to everyone. Miss - you will lose a lot!

32. Assassin 2. Against all CP rating 7.083

Country: USA

Genres: Action, Thriller, Crime, Drama.

Director: Stefano Sollima.

In chap. starring Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin, Isabela Moner, Jeffrey Donovan and others

If Benissio Del Toro is in the movie, the picture is doomed to become a hit. And this action movie is still. It is a sequel to the first killer, only the heroine Emily Blunt is no longer here. Here the war on the Mexican border is being waged by the hero of Josh Brolin, who remained in splendid isolation, agent Matt Graver. And to help himself, he again calls upon all the same Alejandro, the hero of Benissio Del Toro.

And the plotter turned out to be more twisted than in the previous case. If in the first part it was just a war with drug cartels, then there will already be a war with terrorist drug cartels. Yes, such a squiggle ...

Watch and enjoy! It has been a long time since such good-quality action films have been released!

33. Without me KP rating 7.092

Country: USA.

Genres: drama, melodrama.

Director: Kirill Pletnev.

In chap. starring Polina Maksimova, Lyubov Aksenova, Rinal Mukhametov, Kirill Pletnev and others.

He was a cool guy. Just darling. Yes, he just took, overnight, and died. Quiet so. Calm down ...

Wait a minute though! It turns out that the guy was still that lover of thrillers and detectives! And after his death, two unforgettable loving friends suddenly began to receive strange SMS from ... the Otherworld. Yes, that's exactly what it seems! Because they come from HIM!

And now the two rivals must unite to solve this "on their own mind" puzzle. Well, very interesting, what will this couple of strange text messages "from the other world" lead to?

34. Night games. KP rating 7.017

Country: USA

Genres: Action, Comedy, Detective, Crime.

Directed by John Francis Daly and Jonathan M. Goldstein.

In chap. starring Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Sharon Horgan, Kyle Chandler and others

The film will be interesting for everyone to watch, and especially for fans of newfangled entertainment in our country - live quests.

And the tale is about one married couple - Annie and Max, in a cooperative with other married couples who love to arrange and go through such night games. But when Max's brother Brooks plays the role of the scriptwriter and organizer of the next quest, everything suddenly starts to go somewhere wrong.

At some point, the game suddenly became a reality and the participants feel like a skin that not everyone will survive to the end of the muddled and impassable quest ...

35. Mamma Mia! 2 KP rating 7.003

Countries: England, USA.

Genres: musical, romance, comedy.

Director: Ol Parker.

In chap. starring Amanda Seyfred, Andy Garcia, Lily James, Celia Imri and others

Fans of the work of the Swedish pop group ABBA will simply squeak with joy when they watch this dance-singing melodramatic masterpiece. Filmed, of course, on a grand scale. Nicely, gracefully, you won't get undermined. And everything is as naive as other musicals.

Fans of "all of a sudden songs and dances in the middle of the film" will like it. For those who suddenly, for no reason at all, have a beloved girl bawling songs and dancing dances, it is better to refuse to watch the masterpiece. You can also get bored at the computer, playing tanks.

Always interesting. Well, okay - they are dancing. Well, okay - they sing. But who plays the music? Why are they not shown with their carriers, speakers and other equipment?

36. Flaming. KP rating 6.994

Country: South Korea.

Genres: detective, thriller, drama.

Director: Lee Chang-dong.

In chap. starring Yoo Ah-in, Jung Jong-seo, Kim Soo-kyung, Steven Yang, Choi Seung-ho, and more

Some more fans to play. Only now they are Koreans, whose games are not even remotely childish. Everyone knows that Koreans are masters of action films and dramas (long-running tearful melodramas). But their thrillers are rarely of good quality. This is one of the cases when a masterpiece came out here as well.

Also, in the process of watching, viewers can find out where of the "Walking Dead" died the performer of the role of Glen, Korean Stephen Yang. And he died, just the same, here. With a few good blows from his nail Lucille Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka Negan, not only took poor Glen's eye off, but sent him straight back to South Korea to star in ... "Burning".

Well, by the way, he did well. Stephen Yan, we mean. Although, Jeffrey Dean Morgan also has ...

37. Tully. KP rating 6.979

Country: USA

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Detective.

Director: Jason Reitman.

In chap. starring Charlize Theron, Mackenzie Davis, Mark Duplass, Ron Livingston and others

If you are a single mother, one child is usually not a hindrance for you. And two can be handled. But three ... This already needs a nanny, even if you are an explosive blonde Charlize Theron. And God forbid you run into one that looks superb, but disgusting behind the eyes!

I wonder what kind of nanny will our explosive blonde get? Obviously on my mind, since a whole full-length film was shot about this.

38. Ant-Man and the Wasp. KP rating 6.973

Country: USA

Genres: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Comedy.

Director: Peyton Reed.

In chap. Starring Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Pena, Walton Goggins and others

The tale of how everyone disappeared, and poor Ant-Man remained in the quantum world, caused all fans of the Marvel universe to be shocked. But until it came to this, all that was forces had fun as best they could, watching the main characters play the sequel "Darling, I have reduced the children!". Only this masterpiece had to be called: "Honey, I am reducing the laboratory and everyone who comes to hand!"

One thing remains unclear in this film. They shake the poor laboratory, tilt it, run with it in their hands, jump, drive in a car, holding it on their knees. And upon increasing to a normal state, all objects, for some reason, in the building are in their places. Bottles and bubbles are in the cupboards. Chairs and tables - on legs, etc. Magic, and nothing more!

By the way, judging by the trailer for the feature film "Avengers: Endgame", released the other day, the nosy Ant-Man managed to return to our world, which we, in principle, did not even doubt about!< / em>

39. Kvnschiki. KP rating 6.967

Country: USA.

Genres: Drama, Comedy.

Director: Ilya Aksenov.

In chap. starring Daria Rudenok, Roman Mayakin, Yulia Akhmedova, Andrey Burkovsky and others.

The film was allegedly filmed at the KVN festival about the KVN festival without the knowledge of the KVN festival. It is difficult to believe in this. So that Mr. Maslyakov doesn't stick his nose in this business with potatoes? Anyway. It's none of our business. The main thing is that the film turned out to be watchable.

But, too, as it turned out, not for everyone. Individual citizens found a hair in the borscht cistern. So the whole tank is a complete marriage!

Who wants to try to find a hair too - forward to view. We just don't watch that. Therefore, we do not comment.

40. Suspiria. KP rating 7.045

Countries: Italy, USA.

Genres: Horror, Detective, Fantasy, Thriller,.

Director: Luca Guadagnino.

In chap. starring Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Malgosha Bela, Doris Hick and others.

In just a week, Luca Guadagnino's sequel blockbuster dropped by as much as 10 positions. When we just started preparing this material, "Suspiria" was in 30th place in the top. Today the demand for it has clearly fallen. Even the golden and blue lions of the Venice Festival did not help.

Apparently, the demand for Dakota Johnson is falling every day. Although she played two roles in the film. Yes, yes, the only old man in the film is also her. A harsh turnaround, isn't it? Where is there to some kind of tolerance, when in the film there is only one man among the women? And even the role of the only one was given to a woman?

But the film itself makes you tense, and how. Those who have not watched the original version and have no idea what this masterpiece is about is lucky. It will be very interesting to watch such a story for the first time. And creepy ...

41. Han Solo: Star Wars. Stories. KP rating 6.954

Country: USA

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Action.

Director: Ron Howard.

In chap. Starring Alden Ehrenreich, Jonas Suotamo, Emilia Clarke, Woody Harrelson and others

Although Ehrenreich Harrison Ford came out of Alden, useless, the tape, nevertheless, has been on the list of the best films of the current year for six whole months. And despite the stupid plot that conflicts with both comics and book versions, you can still watch the movie. After all, "idiotic" does not mean "not colorful" yet.

And the colors in the film for as much as 200 million dollars! So you have to watch. Grinding your teeth ...

42. I am losing weight. KP rating 6.953

Country: USA.

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Alexey Nuzhny.

In chap. starring Alexandra Bortich, Irina Gorbacheva, Evgeny Kulik, Sergei Shnurov, etc.

The idiotic domestic comedy "I'm losing weight" has overtaken the foreign space suit named "Venom" together with its brave carrier Tom Hardy put together. Although, if you look at these two masterpieces from the outside, our comedy with a film from the company "Sony" was not even close. Moreover, even if we consider that these films are completely different genres. "Venom" looks with the greatest interest - definitely.

But as usual, lovers of naive nonsense, for some reason, never hesitate to go to KinoPoisk and vote for their favorite naive nonsense. While fans of comics and fiction vote for films based on comics and fiction simply in scrap.

But then it begins: “Why aren't you filming about this? And about that? Why didn't you shoot the sequel? " And they didn’t mean that all of you, dear, are real traitors!

43. Venom. KP rating 6.927

Countries: USA, China.

Genres: Action, Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror.

Director: Ruben Fleischer.

In chap. starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Reid Scott, Reese Ahmed, Scott Hayes and others

And now, finally, we got to Venom, which lost 8 positions in a week. The creature in costume has collected huge sums of money around the world. But ... The rating, alas, for some reason turned out to be deprived. This picture gathered about a billion greens all over the world, but from the duet "Venom-Hardy" only Hardy turned out to be intelligible. Venom fucked up all positions.

Eh you Hollywood! You don't know anything about cinematography! It was necessary to hire Tom Hardy for the role of the costume too .. Then shove Tom Hardy into Tom Hardy and it would have been such a double blow to the pocket of moviegoers that Van Damme never dreamed of!

In general, everything that we wanted to say about Venom can be read in the corresponding "Superspoiler". There are more than enough contentment, discontent, and spoilers ...

44. On the border of the worlds. KP rating 6.924

Countries: Sweden, Denmark.

Genres: fantasy, thriller, melodrama.

Director: Ali Abbasi.

In chap. starring Eva Melander, Eero Milonoff, Anne Petren, Jorgen Thorsson and others.

If your face is ugly, you live alone, you work as a security guard at the airport, and between your legs you have a “daddy” plug instead of a “mom” connector, do not hesitate, you are a troll from a fairy tale, and your place is in the forest, where the main character lives.

Crazy from the touching meeting of a couple of trolls, suspicious spectators rushed to vote for their favorite story, losing sneakers with winter sandals. But time has passed, dear. Ask yourself the question: "What was actually interesting there?"

"Yes, actually, nothing ..."

"And what, then, did they actually vote for?"

"Yes, actually, no way, it turns out ..."

"So, in fact, you can always change your unjustifiably high mark on KinoPoisk!"

"Duc, actually, laziness ..."

This is how any senseless and absurd slag turns out to be among our leaders. Nobody argues, everything turned out so nice at the end. And the thought seems to be ambitious, like, even trolls, at times, are more human than people themselves. But the whole point is that there are no trolls. And even if there were, then trash among them is much more than among people. This is how they are invented!

45. Outlaw king. KP rating 6.918

Countries: England, USA.

Genres: military, action, drama, biography, history.

Director: David McKenzie.

In chap. starring Chris Pine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Billy Hole, Florence Pugh and others

To learn how the struggle for Scottish independence began, see Braveheart and this masterpiece. And to find out how in the future the descendants of these Scots missed everything, you can watch Outlander.

Filmed on a purely English scale. Soundly and frankly. To shut up the throats of the same Scots once again, they say, see ?! We understand you! You are great! But, nevertheless, although you are great, you are part of Great Britain, and are not worthy of having your own king. Your queen is the queen of Great Britain!

And that's it. Previously, it was possible to rebel and fight for independence. Well done! Now - figs to you. You already have a good life in the autonomy ...

46. A simple request. KP rating 6.917

Countries: USA, Canada.

Genres: thriller, drama, detective, comedy, crime.

Director: Paul Fig.

In chap. starring Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, Andrew Rannells, Henry Golding and others

In principle, the director Paul Fig (not to be confused with "fig"!) made a good picture. You can strain and relax at the same time. There are also funny moments. Really, Stephanie's life was cloudless until she managed to do a little favor for her friend.

From now on, the friend has disappeared, and Stephanie, together with her husband missing, has to roll up her sleeves and rake up heaps of shit, which, by the way, becomes more and more, the further her "investigation" moves. Will not overwhelm her with this substance at the end?

47. Christmas chronicles. KP rating 6.916

Country: USA

Genres: Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Adventure.

Director: Clay Catis.

In chap. starring Kurt Russell, Judah Lewis, Oliver Hudson, Darby Camp and others

The closer Christmas is, the oddly enough, the lower the rating for this year's Christmas film itself. Despite the fact that Kurt Russell looks like a glove in the image of Santa Claus, the film with his participation slipped by as much as 6 positions in a week.

But, despite this, there is simply no alternative to viewing from the Christmas novelties. We will definitely see it on New Year's Eve!

Both "Irony of Fate" and "Home Alone" and, without fail, both parts of "Bad Santa". Although, they are no longer the whole family ...

48. Between the rows. KP rating 6.966

Country: Germany.

Genre: Drama.

Director: Thomas Stuber.

In chap. starring Sandra Huller, Franz Rogowski, Henning Peker, Peter Kurt and others.

Not only American masterpieces are losing positions. The German drama Between the Rows, which tells about the difficult everyday life of hypermarket workers and about the sparks of love between the employees, has also dropped by as much as 10 lines in a week.

I would also like to dwell on the synopsis published on the KinoPoisk itself. Quote:

... Christian is a newcomer to a friendly family of hypermarket workers. In a world of endless shelving, Christian meets Marion from the candy department. A spark runs between them, and the coffee machine turns into a place for timid meetings. However, Marion is married and Christian is too shy to take the first step.

I would like to ask the employees of the respected resource "KinoPoisk", firstly, what department was Christian from (since they said from which his girlfriend) and, secondly, what first step could not be taken by a shy Christian if you consider that Marion is married? The first step to knock your husband out with a shovel? Or the first step to screw up his wife secretly from him?

49. Dogman. KP rating 6.932

Countries: Italy, France.

Genres: thriller, drama, crime.

Director: Nikolay Bruel.

In chap. starring Marcello Fonte, Edoardo Pesce, Adamo Dionisi, Nunzia Schiano and others.

As many as two palm branches cut off this work of Italian filmmakers. Apparently, the jury was very influenced by the way the little man, having taken himself in hand, finally rebuffs the big man who has been sitting on his neck for ever.

The movie is worth watching. Absolutely.

50. Heart of the world. KP rating 6.844

Country: USA, Lithuania.

Genre: Drama.

Director: Natalia Meshchaninova.

In chap. starring Stepan Devonin, Dmitry Podnozov, Vitya Ovodkov, Yana Sexte and others.

And our top 50 best films of 2018 are completed by Doctor Doolittle of USA style. The film will certainly touch the soul. But, in the depths of this very soul, you know that if there are such people in our life, then only a few.

In some ways, the film remotely resembled the Soviet "Don't Shoot White Swans". Of course, everything is not so dramatic here, but the naivety and clarity of the protagonist of the veterinarian Yegor is not far from the naivety and uncloudedness of his namesake, the artist from the 1980 film.


But this is still not an established arrangement of the best of the best. The main sonorous premiere of the end of the year "Bumblebee" is still coming. Something's going wrong with big-budget films this year, though. The failure of Fantastic Beasts 2 alone is worth it. The film came out frankly weak, with an uninteresting plot, etc. But we will devote our top list of 2018 films to the main disappointments of this year.

In the meantime, we say goodbye to the second part of the best TV series of 2018. All the best to you, great New Year's mood and more cool movies!

The Topic of Article: Top 50 best films of 2018 according to KinoPoisk: Part 2.
Author: Jake Pinkman