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Interesting features of the two brands of smartwatches


Spring has arrived. Time for changes and updates. Electronics manufacturers are preparing to release their new products. Special attention is paid to wearable accessories. Among the variety of these gadgets, smart watches from Apple and Huami occupy a special place. They are distinguished by good functionality, proven quality and reasonable cost. Let's talk about the features of the equipment of these devices and their capabilities.

How Apple Watch helps identify health problems

Apple Watch is equipped with the latest technology. It makes no sense to describe all their advantages. The functionality alone, which allows you to monitor the heart rate, is worth a lot. Together with the ability to detect user falls, it has saved more than a single life.

One such case was recently reported in the European Heart Journal. An elderly woman was admitted to a hospital in Mainz who complained of chest pains, dizziness and an unstable pulse. After the initial examination (which included an ECG), there were no abnormalities in the work of the cardiovascular system.

Then the woman showed the doctors the data obtained through the Apple Watch. This watch can also take a cardiogram.


Everything changed immediately. It was found that the functionality of the smart device recorded significant violations of the heart rhythm, which indicated the presence of significant changes in one of the human vital organs.

The patient was prescribed a course of treatment, underwent stenting, as a result of which she was discharged from the hospital a few days later.

On this fact, cardiologists have compiled a report in which they indicated that, thanks to the capabilities inherent in the Apple Watch, it became possible to identify serious heart problems.

However, the American manufacturer is not going to stop there. There have been leaks indicating that the Apple Watch Series 6 (due to be announced this fall) will be equipped with a pulse oximeter.

This sensor is able to measure the level of blood oxygen saturation. If it is between 94% - 100%, then the user's lungs are functioning normally. A drop in this indicator below 80% indicates the presence of lung problems.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the availability of such functionality is especially important. Recently, doctors have shown that one of the early signs of infection with this infection is precisely a decrease in the level of blood saturation with air. The person does not yet feel breathing problems, although he may already be infected with COVID-19. Early diagnosis allows you to immediately start treatment and save the life and health of the user.


There is also information that Apple Watch Series 6 will be equipped with the ability to monitor the user's sleep. They will track its phases, look for problem conditions.

In addition, it became known (from data provided by insiders) that the next generation of smartwatches from Apple will receive functionality that allows users to know when they are stressed, anxious and prone to panic attacks.

There is also good news for diabetics. Apple is thinking about developing a bloodless way to test such people. Now they have to pierce their fingers several times a day in order to check their blood sugar levels with a glucometer.

Apple watches are the best-selling similar product in the world. By this indicator, they are ahead of all Swiss companies, the quality of which many people know about.

In the summer, Americans should showcase their new product - watchOS 7, but it's worth preparing a separate review about that.

Watch from Amazfit

Huami is known for its wearable accessories. The Amazfit Bip watch is selling well now. They will soon be replaced by Amazfit Bip S, which received a lot of improvements.


They have installed a new optical sensor that monitors the heart rate. By increasing the brightness of the diodes and tripling the reading area, the accuracy of the readings has doubled.

The autonomy of the device has increased by 75% compared to the current generation model.

In addition, the Amazfit Bip S has become waterproof. They are able to withstand a pressure of 5 bar. The software of such a product, even during swimming, records all vital signs of the body.

10 sports modes have also become available for monitoring physical activity. Based on the training results, a file is created every day in a special Amazfit application. There the user can make an analysis of his classes, make adjustments.

Amazfit Bip S has been equipped with an advanced and energy efficient GPS sensor from Sony to help track and trace your run.


Their design has not changed much. The display remains the same color with an oleophobic coating. The dial interface is easy to change to your taste. There are forty preset options for this. The brightness of the device is excellent. You can easily work with them even in the sun.

The weight of the smart watch is 31 grams. Autonomy of work is up to 40 days on a single charge.

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