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Student demands $ 1 billion from Apple for false theft charges


Modern technologies aimed at improving living conditions and designed to help sometimes have the exact opposite effect. This time, Apple was involved in yet another litigation, although the plaintiff in the case is not another, equally large corporation, but an ordinary student.

New York student Usman Ba has accused the company of mislinking his name, or rather his face, with a series of heists at Apple stores in several US cities. Uthman was accused of crimes that he did not commit. Due to his carelessness, he lost his documents, and a real criminal managed to take advantage of this.

The attacker confirmed the identity of the documents found, then committed thefts, but the face recognition system recorded the name of the real owner of the documents with a series of robberies. After all, the student decided to sue Apple, estimating his moral suffering at $ 1 billion.

Usman Ba was arrested in his own home on charges of several thefts of Apple branded stores. Initially, confusion was revealed in the case, where Apple was initially the prosecutor. Firstly, in the photograph attached to the arrest warrant, there was a person who did not look like Usman Ba, and secondly, during one of the thefts, the student had a 100% alibi confirming his presence in another city.

Student demands $ 1 billion from Apple for false accusation of theft

The plaintiff said that some time ago he lost his student's driver's license. There was no photograph on them. Perhaps someone stole them or just found them and decided to take the opportunity to falsely identify the person in the Apple store. According to the student, Apple's facial identification system could have automatically entered the face of the real criminal into its database, signing the name of the victim Usman Ba.

The student believes that Apple uses face scanning technology in branded stores in secret from customers. The system is used to find suspects in crimes (more often, thefts), but the visitors themselves have no idea that their faces are identified and then entered into the database. The investigator, who was in charge of a complicated case, had to watch the video from the surveillance cameras himself to make sure that the student did not really look like the real offender and to clear all charges against him.

The Topic of Article: Student demands $ 1 billion from Apple for false theft charges.
Author: Jake Pinkman