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Apple has found a way to protect iPhone from theft


Apple has come up with a way to secure their smartphones if someone wants to steal them from the official stores of the company. Forcing iPhone lock in this case will be an extreme measure. The corporation has filed an application for a new wireless technology that should help in this matter.

Its meaning is that a stolen iPhone or other proprietary technology will give certain signals. It will be something similar to "hey, I was stolen", but if this does not help, the new development, which is still in the process of obtaining a patent certificate, will permanently block the gadget. The company hopes in this way to prevent possible theft of branded products from the Apple Store.

Apple's new security technology will determine the location of the gadget and notify if the iPhone leaves the security zone (store territory). A special signal about this will appear on the smartphone screen, so that a potential kidnapper will see it. The sales outlet employees will also receive the notification. Until the moment when it turns out that the device has left its location area and the iPhone is permanently blocked, the gadget will play a sound signal to attract attention before finally turning into a "brick".


If all actions are in vain and the device will not be returned to its rightful place for a long time, the second stage will be blocking the activation of the iPhone and its access to Apple branded services until the device returns "to base" ... After leaving its safe zone, the iPhone will begin to suppress any attempts to interact with it. For example, hardware buttons may be disabled or touch input will be blocked. The new security technology will allow you to try to inform the rightful owner about the theft of the gadget indicating its location via open Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or a mobile provider's network.

In the long term, locking iPhone using a new patented technology will help the corporation prevent unpleasant situations with theft of branded devices. So, in 2018, in the California state alone, there were at least three episodes with the theft of "apple" technology from local Apple Stores. Thefts took place in the cities of Costa Mesa, Walnut Creek, Fresno for tens of thousands of dollars, and some were committed during the daytime.


Apple regularly draws up patents for its own developments and know-how, but not all of them move from the project stage to the implementation stage. So, at the beginning of 2018, the corporation filed a patent application for a stylus that is capable of drawing objects in space in a three-dimensional image. The technology assumed that the movements of the pen in the air should be recorded by special sensors and a camera. In this case, the motion sensors must be sensitive to the stylus mechanism, which itself reacts to the force of pressing.

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Author: Jake Pinkman