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Apple explained why it scans all photos in iCloud


All photos saved to iCloud are automatically screened. This was admitted by the Apple corporation, having told that all images uploaded by users to the cloud storage are scanned by special software. The company explains the reason for its actions by identifying possible crimes that may be depicted in the photographs, in particular, scenes of child abuse.

This was announced by Jane Horvat, the corporation's director of privacy. According to her, iCloud data is scanned using a special program. All photos taken on the iPhone and stored in the cloud are automatically screened. The company does not disclose the technical details of the software, but its capabilities are sufficient to "track images containing criminal activities against children."

The corporation uses image matching technology to find suspicious scenes depicted in the photo. The system resembles the spam filters used in e-mail. As a result, profiles with similar photos that are found in iCloud storage are immediately deleted, the company explains.


The automatic screening of photos stored in iCloud is linked by the company to the privacy policy regarding user information. Apple enforces mandatory encryption on all data on iPhone, including health and financial information. For this reason, the corporation has repeatedly had conflict situations with law enforcement agencies, which insisted on the existence of an opportunity to view the data of iPhones of suspected crimes.

Apple's position is aimed at maximum protection of user information, so instead of a compromise solution, instead of a way to unlock iPhone, the company offers automatic scanning of user photos. Information about this is on the official blog of the corporation.

Apple representatives clarify that end-to-end encryption technologies are used on all Apple devices to ensure the privacy of users' privacy. This is part of Apple's privacy policy, but Apple made adjustments in 2019 to scan images, including iCloud-posted photos, for crimes against children. The updated rules allow the company to use users' personal information to keep the account secure. This includes automatic content screening to detect suspicious and illegal content.

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Author: Jake Pinkman