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Inside # 1.04: Apple news; the cost of laptops on Intel Core i9-10980HK; POCO headphones; OPPO Reno Ace 2


Today is April Fool's Day, but nobody wants to joke right now. The coronavirus pandemic is raging in the world, from which thousands of people suffer and die. Despite this, life goes on. In many industries, everything goes on as usual. Electronic product developers are not willing to share their secrets and secrets. Insiders play an active role in disclosing their plans, who are in constant search for new data. They willingly share them online.

In the first April issue of insiders we will tell you about promising Apple products and pricing for laptops equipped with top-end hardware from Intel and NVIDIA.

In the last two information blocks, readers will receive information about the POCO headphones and the yet to be announced OPPO Reno Ace 2 smartphone.

Apple experts continue to develop new devices

Most of the American developer's engineers have been transferred to telecommuting. They continue their research and development. Netizens are reporting improvements to the HomePod and Apple TV, the cheaper iPad, the new Apple Watch and iMacs coming soon.

They don't forget about the iPhone 12 either. Work on the line continues.


When working remotely, company employees use special communication services of their company for communication. Among those in demand are FaceTime, Slake and CiscoJabber or WebEx.

The Yabloko security service allows using only its own tools for file transfer: FTSE (Salesforce), Quip and Box.

Insiders are inclined that the announcement of most of the new products will take place this fall, as is the case with Apple. New products include iOS 14 and WatchOS 7.

Pricing for Intel Core i9-10980HK Gaming Laptops Revealed

Tomorrow, the announcement of the Comet Lake-H line of chipsets and graphics cards for GeForce RTX Super laptops, developed by specialists from Intel and NVIDIA.

An unidentified source reported that the first device based on Intel Core i9-10980HK with a GeForce RTX 2080 Super Max-Q graphics adapter could be the MSI Stealth GS66 laptop.


Its cost in the maximum configuration will be € 4,400 . The device will receive an IPS-screen with a refresh rate of 300 Hz, a resolution of at least Full HD, 32 GB of RAM and a 2 TB SSD. It also talks about the imminent start of sales of more affordable laptop versions. They are supposed to be equipped with an Intel Core i7-10750H six-core processor, NVIDIA RTX 2070 Max-Q graphics card, and a 240Hz screen.

The cost of such a gadget will not exceed € 2,500 . All versions of the devices will be on sale in May this year.

Poco India will present new headphones in mid-April

Poco India's online conference was held the other day. During the broadcast, representatives of the company spoke about its plans for the near future.

A number of news stories were announced, but one piece of information caught the attention of the audience. It concerns the imminent announcement of the Poco TWS branded wireless earbuds.


To increase the competitiveness of the accessory, the company has made this product not only functional and effective, but also reduced the cost to $ 65 per pair. Improvements in the usability of the headphones have also been reported.

Prior to that, one of the leaders of the company reported another interesting news regarding the future product of the company - the POCO F2 smartphone. He stated that the device will not be a rebrand of the Redmi K30 Pro. The new device will become a completely independent device.

Also, fans of this manufacturer have learned that work on the POCO Launcher for MIUI continues. The firm intends to grow its POCO community. It will definitely remain a hub for feedback between this business and users.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, India has been quarantined for three weeks. Therefore, all events related to the presentation of new products from electronics manufacturers have been postponed to a later date. Poco TWS will not air until April 15th.

OPPO Reno Ace 2 Design Revealed

Earlier it was reported that ORRO was developing the Reno Ace 2 smartphone. The other day there was another data leak, thanks to which the nuances of the device's appearance became known.

The TENAA-validated selfie cam will be located at the top left of the 6.5-inch AMOLED display. On the back of the device, the manufacturer installed a quad-module for the main camera. It got the shape of a circle.


It is assumed that the basis of the hardware filling of the smartphone will be a Snapdragon 865 processor with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. Its autonomy will be provided by a 4000 mAh battery. It will receive 40W wireless charging functionality. The capabilities of the wired charger are limited to 65 W.

Nothing has been reported about model specifications or modifications. The date of the announcement and the start of sales has not yet been disclosed.

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