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Inside # 6.09: OPPO 50Z; Xiaomi Mi TV 8K; Kospet Prime; flexible Apple device


This week's first insight will highlight the achievements of OPPO and the Xiaomi Mi TV 8K. We will also discuss the emergence of a new Android watch, data that Apple continues to develop a bendable product. In conclusion, let's review the characteristics of the unannounced Microsoft tablet.

The names of thirteen OPPO smartphones have become known at once

This year has become a special one for ORRO. It announced the closure of the R project, but almost immediately unveiled the Find series and several Reno devices.

In addition, the company has certified Find Y gadgets that can be equipped with the first subscreen front camera in the company's history.

These are not all of ORRO's achievements this year. Recently it became known about the project OPPO Z, numbering thirteen smartphones, which is almost completed. At the moment, it is known about the registration of the following models: 2Z, 3Z, 4Z, 5Z, 6Z, 7Z, 8Z, 9Z, 10Z, 20Z, 30Z, 40Z and 50Z. They have found their place in category 9, where mobile devices, smartphones, mobile software, memory units, headsets are recorded.


The technical equipment of new products has not yet been reported. OPPO Reno Ace is on sale soon. It is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, 12 GB of RAM, a 6.6-inch Full HD + screen, a 4000 mAh battery with fast charging.

In one of the social networks in China, information appeared about the development of an 8K TV by Xiaomi

On September 12, the Middle Kingdom celebrates the onset of mid-autumn. In this regard, one of the famous actors in this country, Huang Cancan, visited his friends who work in the Xiaomi Mi TV office.

He brought gifts and took some pictures in this room.


There is nothing unusual here, if not for one nuance highlighted by the attentive subscribers of the Weibo social network, where these photos were later posted. They saw the mention of an 8K TV on the monitor of a Xiaomi employee.

In the photo you can see a room with people, where one of those present sits at a PC monitor, which displays the relevant information.

Users and marketing specialists interpreted this data as a hint of the imminent appearance of a similar product in the range of the Chinese manufacturer.

The market for wearable Android devices will be replenished with watches with NFC

Among all the developers of wrist watches, Apple is now in the lead, occupying a significant segment of this market, accounting for more than 50%. Apple Watch Series 5 was unveiled last week and is expected to strengthen the Yabloko position.


Android devices of this kind are only trying to impose competition on Apple products, but here everything is more complicated. Users are not always able to make a choice in favor of the most functional and thoughtful gadget.

Another similar product is expected to be announced soon - the Kospet Prime smart watch.


It is known that this gadget is equipped with an NFC module for synchronization with a smartphone and contactless payments. The watch is also predicted to have a 1260mAh battery that could take advantage of wireless charging capabilities.

It is stated that the device will have an autonomy equal to three days of operation in active mode and seven days when using standby mode.

In addition, Kospet Prime has two 8MP cameras, which allows you to take photos and videos.

The watch face is a 1.6-inch AMOLED display. What processor the device has is not known, but there is information about the presence of 3 GB of "RAM" and 32 GB of ROM. The cost and details of modifications have not yet been reported.

Apple continues to develop a foldable smartphone

For almost eight years, a US company has been developing a bendable device. For the first time this became known in 2013, and more recently, information about the company's patents dated 2017 appeared on the Internet. They relate to five documents describing the flexible body device.


Several important elements are mentioned in the new document: flexible display, control circuit, hinge, compression and force sensor, application switching circuit when the body is compressed.


In other words, it can be understood that the engineers of this developer are ready to test new ways of interacting with the interface. However, this does not mean anything yet. The company's plans may change several times before the start of the production cycle. This has already happened many times.

Apple's first flexible device is not expected to arrive until late next year. Sometimes more pessimistic forecasts are voiced.

The characteristics of the unannounced Microsoft tablet have become known

The seventh generation of the Surface Pro tablet computer is just about to be presented to the whole world, and its technical characteristics have appeared on the network. Moreover, those gadgets, sales of which will soon begin in Europe.


The basis of the hardware filling of the device will be a tenth generation Intel Core processor. There will be five configuration options in total, providing for the presence of 4/8/16 GB of RAM and 128/256/512 GB of ROM. The product will also be equipped with a USB Type-C connector and an LTE modem for constant access to the Internet.

The tablet will be announced on October 2.

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