Insider # 6.12: ORRO Find X2 and Reno3 Pro 5G; Motorola Moto G8 Power; Apple's new way to transfer images (Topic)

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Insider # 6.12: ORRO Find X2 and Reno3 Pro 5G; Motorola Moto G8 Power; Apple's new way to transfer images


In this insider's roundup, the bulk of the data will be devoted to information about yet unannounced smartphones. First, let's talk about two devices from ORRO. Then we will discuss interesting information about the Motorola device and new technology from Apple.

Developers have revealed the nuances of equipping the flagship smartphone

More than a year ago, ORRO introduced its product - the Find X smartphone.


The other day, its representatives, during a conference in Shenzhen, announced the date of the presentation of the second generation of this device and talked about its main specifications. The Snapdragon 865 mobile platform is selected as the base for this product.

The second feature of the model will be the presence of the main camera sensor, which uses a sensor manufactured by Sony. Most likely, here we are talking about the latest development of the Japanese company, equipped with autofocus technology. This allows for more accurate and stable shooting performance.

OPRO reported that the main camera meets the requirements of four aspects, including high resolution, fast autofocus, high sensitivity and wide dynamic range. The manufacturer also paid great attention to the device's display.

Since more than 80% of interaction with a smartphone is related to its screen, engineers have focused their efforts on creating a display with high resolution and refresh rates. Its color rendition has also been improved.

Nothing was said about the matrix used in the display of the new product.

The form factor of the front camera was also not mentioned. It is possible that it will be subscreen, but there is no confirmation of this.

Smartphone OPPO Find X2 will be shown early next year. The developer's representatives did not say anything about the prices for it and possible modifications.

What will OPPO Reno 3 Pro 5G get

OPRO specialists not only develop new mobile devices, but also simultaneously develop the technologies they are equipped with. One of them is the VOOC fast charging functionality.

More recently, insiders have learned about the company's plans to reincarnate this system. Her new generation is preparing for release. They say that VOOC 4.0 will find application in the company's new smartphone - OPPO Reno 3 Pro 5G.

Thanks to the efforts of these specialists, a graph has appeared on the network that demonstrates the comparative characteristics of the current version of the VOOC 3.0 memory device and the fourth generation of technology.


It shows that the charging speed of the product equipped with VOOC 4.0 is 25-30% faster than that of the older version.


It has long been known that OPRO has another, more advanced Super VOOC technology, surpassing even VOOC 4.0 in its capabilities. However, it is rarely used, and only a limited number of the company's products are equipped with it.

In order to whet interest in the announcement of the Reno3 Pro 5G, one of the OPRO executives posted an image that schematically shows the location of the device's antennas. It can be understood from it that due to their placement along the entire perimeter, this device will be able to reach 3600.

Reno3 Pro 5G will be announced on December 26.

Moto G8 Power certification data and some of its characteristics have been posted online

The FCC Certification Authority Database has been updated with information about the yet to be announced Motorola Moto G8 Power smartphone.

The document says that the new product has a 6.3-inch display, a 5000 mAh battery, and has a geometric dimensions of 157.9 x 75.8 mm. Its codename is Sofia and the operating system is Android 10.

Prior to that, information was circulated about equipping this device with a camera, one of the sensors of which will receive a sensor with a resolution of 48 megapixels. No release date has been announced yet.


It is worth noting the fact that this manufacturer has not produced flagship devices for two years. Therefore, all fans of the brand are looking forward to the release of the device. There is exact information about Motorola's intentions to announce a smartphone based on the top-end Snapdragon 865 chipset in the near future.

A new way of transferring images, developed by Apple engineers

A traditional VR headset is designed in such a way that its display is located a few centimeters from the user's eyes. Specialists of the American company Apple have developed a technology that facilitates the projection of an image directly onto the retina of the human eye. A lens system is used for this.


The introduction of this method will completely abandon the display, reduce the weight of the headset, and improve the quality of the transmitted picture. Apple's patent specification says the transmitter is a "holographic waveguide."

Over the past several years, rumors have been circulating on the network that the Yabloko are going to release their own VR headset. However, everything is limited only to the registration of new patents and the development of technologies.

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