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5 alternative, convenient and functional cameras for your smartphone


The presence of a camera in a mobile phone is no longer surprising. But often the stock application for accessing the camera is not very convenient.

It is slow and the lack of important tools spoils the picture. The solution to the problem is very simple: you can always install a third-party application on your phone.

HD camera from KXAppCenter Inc

HD camera

The application is based on the source code of the native Android camera application, but has a number of differences. The camera is easy to use - turned on, photographed. Additional settings are called by holding your finger on the screen. There is a set of customizable effects, white balance adjustment, panorama mode using smartphone sensors, shutter speed and countdown function, convenient photo viewing mode.

The camera works fast and does not have a confusing interface. Suitable for lovers of minimalism.

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Open Camera by Mark Harman

Open Camera by Mark Harman

Powerful camera with rich functionality and tons of options. A useful application for those who like to play with manual settings, ISO setting, exposure adjustment, shutter speed and other tools.

There is a shutter control using voice commands, the ability to take a photo without interrupting video recording. Automatic stabilization works great: internal algorithms help to level the picture even in conditions of strong shaking.

The application is open source. If you are a programmer, try your hand at improving your camera. However, some of the functionality may not be available due to hardware limitations of the smartphone. Left-handed users will appreciate the app, with a left-handed user interface.

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Camera MX

Camera MX

This is a combine camera: in addition to the shooting functionality, it has its own photo editor with a huge selection of filters to improve the picture. In the application, you can change the brightness, white balance, exposure, quality of the output image file. In the Short-The-Past mode, you will be able to view the pictures that fell into the lens not at the moment the shutter was released, but a little earlier: this kind of takes you back in time for a few seconds and allows you to choose the most successful shot.

Unfortunately, the application has restrictions on filters, developers require registration to activate part of the functionality.

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Candy Camera by JP Brothers Inc

Candy Camera

The application is positioned as the ideal selfie camera. Its main advantage is the selection of filters in real time, as well as convenient photo adjustments using the built-in editor.

Each unsuccessful portrait can be turned into a masterpiece: lift your face, smooth out wrinkles, add makeup or a funny sticker. After adjusting, you can use the collage tool to combine your best photos into one shot.

The app contains ads.

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Cameringo Lite by Perraco Labs

Cameringo Lite

When shooting in HDR mode, the camera does a great job. In addition to easy control, it offers standard editing tools, a huge selection of effects, lenses, more than 300 filters and frames.

Lovers of retro style will love the emulation of antique photos. There is a tool for creating a playback-enabled GIF.

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Author: Jake Pinkman