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What to see from the films at the weekend: “Mysterium. Home »(2013)


Today we will talk about detectives, of which there are currently not as many as we would like. Unfortunately, good fresh detective full-length films can be counted on one hand. And today, for everyone who cannot decide what to watch from films on the weekend, we recommend evaluating a solid detective story from Danish filmmakers, based on one of the novels of the writer Jussi-Adler Olsen, “Mysterium. Beginning "or, as it is literally called," Woman in a Cage "(2013).

Description of the film “Mysterium. Home "(2013)

A task force led by detective Karl Merck is tracking down the bandits. Mork, instead of waiting for reinforcements, decides to storm the house where the suspects are hiding outright. There was no plan. She and her colleagues simply broke into the home, where they received a fierce armed rebuff, as a result of which one of the partners went to the intensive care unit, and the other went to the cemetery. Mork himself was also wounded, albeit lightly.

It is clear that after such "doing business" the boss did not pat him on the head. Having restrainedly reprimanded, he covertly let him know that he was no longer sure of his abilities, and sent Merck to "sort out the papers" in the archive of unsolved cases, the so-called "Division Q". So he will keep his work and, in fact, will not work very much.

You can, by the way, look at the trailer for the movie "Mysterium. Beginning ”(2013), but unfortunately it is in Danish, albeit with English subtitles.

But stubborn Mork found something to catch on to. Instead of just sorting through pieces of paper, closing three cases a week, supposedly due to lack of evidence or after the expiration of the limitation period, he takes the first hang-up he sees and starts digging like a rabid mole.

A devout Muslim of Arab appearance Assad was assigned to him as his assistants, who had not distinguished himself in any way earlier and was not involved in operational investigative work. The naive guy is almost proud of his appointment to the "Q Division", considering it as some kind of long-awaited promotion. He was not upset even by the words of Merck that this department was not any promotion, but a real dead end of his career. On the advice of his partner “grab the bag and get out of here,” he only curled his brows with restraint.

When Mork, inspired by the same first pendant about a woman who was once missing on a ferry, jumps into the car to start an investigation, the naive Assad breaks into the car with him on the other side, implying that they are now sort of "gang".

Merk shrugs his shoulders restrainedly and kicks the gas, sending the car and along with it their newly minted "investigation team" forward, towards a deadly adventure. You can watch a small excerpt, so to speak "sample", of the film "Mysterium. Beginning "(2013). It won't be a spoiler.

I wonder how the bosses will react to the fact that instead of just putting a signature on a piece of paper and thus closing the case, Merk decides to investigate every counter-cross? And how will those who previously dealt with this case and have reached a dead end react to his investigation? Is it that Murk considers them incompetent amateurs?

This is probably the way it is.

Pros and cons of the movie

The only tangible minus that we saw in the film “Mysterium. The Beginning ”(2013), is connected in the tangible contradiction of the character of the main character - Karl Merck at the beginning of the film. We, of course, understand that the creators had to somehow "drive" the detective into the archive of "hanging". But something less idiotic could be thought of.

After all, Murk looks like a hot-tempered person, but he is not alien to a sense of proportion. So what, excuse me, did he run into the house without waiting for reinforcements?

Also to the creators of the storyline of the film "Mysterium. The Beginning "needed a person to whom Murk would go" to confess. " And it turned out to be a survivor of that "curve" of the special operation.

But this survivor, unless he is, of course, mentally shifted, would not want to see Merc again, since he would consider him to be guilty for his position. Therefore, the constant visits of the detective would only undermine the nerves of the poor immobilized poor fellow.

The rest of the film is 7 out of 10, which is a rarity for today's cinema.

The main plus is that the film is not Hollywood, and therefore neither in the foreground nor in the background loom, distracting from the main storyline, the same bored faces of Hollywood actors and actresses that have already set the teeth on edge.

Mysterium Franchise

The film was originally conceived as a starter in a future franchise. When he also paid off at the box office more than twice, the producers immediately started filming the sequel, which was released in 2014. The entire franchise looks like this:

  • 1 “Mysterium. Inception "(2013), the film just mentioned.
  • 2 “Mysterium: Pheasant Hunters (2014), in which the characters investigate the murder of two twin children. The local eccentric semi-vagabond was recognized as the killer then, and that was all. But the meticulous Karl Mork immediately discerned in the case of non-corruption and fraud.
  • 3 “Mysterium. Darkness in a Bottle "(2016), in which the already well-established duo undertakes to investigate the case of missing children, whose disappearance, for some reason, none of the parents announced.
  • 4 “Mysterium. Magazine 64 "(2018), the only film in the franchise that did not pay off at the box office, despite the fact that it came out the most interesting and exciting of the entire franchise. Karl Mork and Assad take on the case of human mummies seated at the same table, walled up in one of the buildings.

Each film has its own separate story, and each is worth watching. Hardly anyone will regret the time spent on them.


For anyone interested in our next tip on what to watch from movies this weekend, please follow the link below to watch the Danish masterpiece online.

Watch the film “Mysterium. Home »(2013) online

For the rest, who doesn't like “this”, you can pick up movies from fresh ones, of which there arein this placeenough for every taste. And may health and good mood be with us forever and ever!

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