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Skype has a new option

By the end of this month, Microsoft will add the option of recording video calls to the Skype application, which the company officially announced.

Until now, users have been recording the desired conversations using third-party tools.

Long awaited option

The records made are saved in the cloud service, and their availability will become possible on any device running the most common operating systems. The saved recording will have a so-called mosaic video sequence from among all those who participated in this conversation. During the conversation, users will be able to create screenshots, which are also saved in the video. From the beginning of the recording process, all interlocutors will definitely receive a message about this.

The recording tool was announced on Skype about 15 years after the start of the messenger. Before that, users were forced to use third-party functionality. In addition, Microsoft developers are testing new technology modes for those who like to create video content. As a result, video bloggers will be able to integrate programs for streaming video into Skype.

Updated version 8.0

In addition to the recording function, Microsoft's main message was the announcement of a new Skype update to version 8.0. The developers said that the previous version 7.0, which is more perceived as a classic Skype, is suspended from the first day of autumn. The company hopes that by then everyone can update the app in time.

In the updated Skype version 8.0, the function of HD quality video communication is declared. It does not matter what device the participants in the conversation use. New tags are added to the personal messaging system with the name of the account owner and the @ symbol. Their task is to attract the attention of a certain participant in the general conversation.

Chats add their own media content galleries, which will make it easier to find previously sent Internet links, pictures, files between the group's interlocutors. In the updated version of Skype, users will be able to send files up to 300 MB. At the same time, version 8.0, compared to 7.0, does not provide for private conversations within one separate window. Additionally, Microsoft developers are deploying a new Skype for iPads.

Not for everyone

Additionally, Microsoft is introducing other innovations that not everyone will be able to use yet. Among the "secret" tools, for example, is included a check mark function, which makes it possible to see who specifically read the user message. This option is useful for group chats.

Private versions of audio calls, correspondences, transmitted files using end-to-end encryption are also being introduced. In such chats, text messages and notifications will be hidden. Plus, Skype added the ability to send invitations to register in the application, as well as organize mass invitation mailings to join a general conversation with specific users or their group.

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