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Microsoft no longer closes classic Skype 7.0


Microsoft will continue to support the standard 7.0 Skype look, although the company had previously planned to phase out it in September. The main reason for this was massive negative reviews regarding the updated Skype to version 8.0. Microsoft has promised to fix the situation and add features from 7.0 to the new program, which have proven to be valuable to many users.

Skype 8.0 - mixed ratings

The general reaction to the new Skype 8.0 forced the company to take retaliatory steps. If recently Microsoft announced the final stop of the previous desktop version 7.0, now developers are forced to take a step towards users. Practice has shown that the company's widespread proposal to switch to the new Skype with a redesigned design and the closure of the old classic interface caused a large number of negative comments.

The new Skype 8.0 has significant differences from the previous one, its design includes all modern trends in mobile applications. In specialized publications, information has been found several times that the updated version has a certain similarity with the social network Facebook, the Instagram messenger and the Snapchat application. And at the same time, the new version lacks some of the options that were considered convenient for many users. The 8.0 interface has also generated massive backlash.

How Skype 8.0 made a difference

The bright interface of Skype 8.0, launched last year, focuses on the message options. So, users were able to choose the color accompaniment of the chat, emoji were added to the number of tools that can be sent to their interlocutor even during the video call.


The new version has functions for watching videos on YouTube, gifs, stickers and other options. In addition, a series of add-ons (for example, Stubhub, Expedia, etc.) became available in Skype 8.0, information from which can be included in the active conversation window.

Three functional departments have appeared in the active window of the program: a search tool, a chat and the main novelty - a snapshot field. So, search queries can now be set right at the time of a video conversation or chatting. The default built-in search engine is Bing. The main volume of the screen space of the new Skype is reserved for the dialogue window, and the chat list and search are located on the left. At the same time, the ability to display several chats at once in different windows was lost.

One of the major updates to the new Skype is the snapshot option. Using this tool, the phone's camera is activated, which makes it possible to take a photo or video message without interrupting communication and instantly send them to the interlocutor. The process of shooting itself plus the additional addition of stickers to text, photos or videos makes version 8.0 look like another application - Snapchat.

In addition, the new Skype now has a feature called Highlights, which is analogous to the "stories" of the same Snapchat. The tool allows you to post a photo gallery or video for general viewing by the user's friends. Speaking about the unspoken similarity of the new Skype with Snapchat, it is interesting that in 2014 Microsoft presented its new messenger - Skype Qik, the functionality of which allowed sending short videos.

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