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Microsoft has released a major Skype update


Microsoft has released an updated Skype. Together with many fixes, the new version of Skype has been supplemented with a number of options that were not previously used in the messenger. Skype build 8.55 applies to all known software systems, including desktop Windows, macOS and Linux, as well as mobile Android and iOS.

Meet Now Option

One of the new features of the application is the Meet Now solution. With its help, updating Skype allows you to call the subscriber, even if he does not have the messenger installed or does not have an account in it. The initiator of the call can collect the entire conversation in audio or video format. To do this, he needs to activate the Meet Now command, then a link will be generated that acts as an invitation to join the general conversation. Then the link is sent to the desired contacts, after which the Start Call button is activated.


To participate in the conversation, the user just needs to follow the link. If the subscriber has Skype installed, but does not have an account, he will become a participant in the conversation as a guest. If the user of the desktop device does not have Skype in the list of installed programs, after clicking on the link on the PC, a browser will start, where the messenger's web page will open. After clicking on the link, owners of a mobile gadget will be asked to install an application from the software store. According to official information from Microsoft, published on the company's website, records of all conversations through the Meet Now function are stored for about a month. The storage period for files sent via text chat has been set even longer.

Voice messaging

Another innovation of the desktop version of the messenger is the ability to transmit audio messages, similar to how it is done on other platforms, for example, in the same Telegram. In the mobile version of the application, this option already existed before the release of the current update, and now it has received a new Skype in the desktop version.

To use this function on a PC, just select the desired contact and activate the microphone icon. The recording process will then begin. Its duration does not exceed two minutes. An already sent message can be deleted by selecting the appropriate command in the context menu.

Other innovations

Also, the new version of Skype for the Android system has been supplemented with the function of scanning text files inside the messenger itself using the phone's camera. The application automatically processes the resulting image for the convenience of studying the information displayed on it.

In addition, the developers have corrected the existing bugs and improved some points. Thus, the messenger icon has become more correctly displayed in the notification area. Skype has learned to automatically support Windows 10 night mode, added improvements to the split screen system.


The updated Skype is being rolled out in stages. The first phase began on December 10, and over the next month, all users will gradually gain access to the new features of the application.

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