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Top 30 Best Horror Movies of 2019: Part 1


Reviews of last year's top-rated action movies and science fiction films are over, and it's time to start reviewing the best horror films of 2019, since this genre is not far behind the leaders in terms of demand in terms of popularity. We have selected for our readers thirty of the most outstanding films of the horror genre of the past year, the rating of which has not dropped below 5.0 according to KinoPoisk.

A few words about low ratings for horror films

Do not pay attention to the fact that all horror films are rated much lower than the same Indian action comedies. The truth is that any admirer of Indian cinema will rarely pass by without giving a film of the genre he hates a mark "2", while an admirer of horror films will not look at "Indian soap" at all. This is where horror films get such low ratings and Indian soaps are so high.

Although, in many ways, the current horror films "rake" from the audience the ratings below the plinth deservedly. After all, it is difficult to create a horror film that can both boast that it is scary and that its script is not complete nonsense.

We got acquainted with all the nuances of low ratings, now you can start. And we will start with the best horror movie of 2019, which has been deservedly recognized ...

1. Lighthouse (Canada, USA) 7.34

The viewer will be very disappointed with the start of the masterpiece. Not only was the film used for filming in black and white, but it was also shot in a narrow-format style, so to speak, in the old fashioned way. But here's the question. If the creators really wanted us to be imbued with the spirit of antiquity, why did they not remove the sound from the film, limiting themselves only to idiotic uppercase titles between scenes?

But, we must pay tribute to the creators. This horror movie would not have turned out so dark if not for its "black and white". It all starts with the fact that two keepers arrive at the lighthouse, located on an island remote from the main coast, for a three-month watch - another kind of "outfit" for this lighthouse.

The duo of caretakers is made up of a seasoned elderly sailor Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe) and a green youth Ephraim Winslow (Robert Pattinson), who will have the main responsibilities of caring for the machine that gives life to the beacon and its searchlight to energy.

It's clear that the lighthouse lamp is not powered by kerosene. This is an electric incandescent lamp, the current for which is generated by a generator powered by coal. And, of course, it will not be an old fart, but a green novice, who will carry coal from the storage and throw it into the furnace. As well as he will also clean the toilet and completely manage the household.

These two didn't really get along well from the very beginning. To top it off, old man Thomas got the young one with his tales and prejudices, which made the already gloomy watch away from people into some kind of psychologically overwhelming torture.

Over time, poor green Winslow begins to see mermaids and he, out of anger, catching a seagull by the legs, bangs it with his head against a stone, although according to Tom it was a bad omen. Why not? After all, only a day is left before the "changing of the guard" So - whack up, you superstitious idiot!

But, either because of the killed seagull, or because of the raped mermaid, or there is still no news because of what, the heavens were angry with the lighthouse keepers and such stormy weather reigned on the sea that not a single boat dared sail for them.

Three months are over. And the impression is that the next three months are over, and the weather is still continuing. Where can you not completely move the cuckoo here, especially when:

  • among the coastal stones and rocks now and then throws out mermaids with quite suitable for use female genitals;
  • moonshine buried around the lighthouse becomes the main food;
  • Of your friends, you only have an eternally drunk old man and a squirrel biting your heels.

Completing the righteous anger is that you are never allowed to look at the holy of holies of the local area - the Lighthouse Lamp. Where can a cuckoo not move on one side?

2. Doctor Sleep (USA, UK) 7.24

In case you don't know, the next best horror movie of 2019 is a sequel to the story once described byStephen Kingand Stanley Kubrick in the 1980 film The Shining. Boy Danny Torrance and his mother, with the help of the sacrificing chef Dick Halloran, managed to survive in a collision with an evil entity that had taken over the Overlook Hotel. Having safely finished off their daddy, they carried off their feet from the evil snow-covered high-mountain resort town on a snowmobile.

In this horror film, written by the sameStephen King, the story of a petty asshole Danny Torrance continues several decades later. Danny is now in his forties. And although he still "Shines" (can communicate with other "shining" people at a distance through telepathy), he slipped into drunkenness, like his murdered daddy. His life flows in vain until he is offered a job in a hospice, calming the elderly here and helping them to retire.

But the quiet routine of days is once disturbed by an inscription on a slate board. Someone, most likely another one of the same radiant as him, wrote to him: "Hello." He replied, and from then on he had a funny correspondence with a mysterious stranger, until one fine moment he received the message "REDRUM" (literal translation - red room), which reads backwards as "MURDER" (literal translation - murder) .

A mysterious pen pal turned out to be a small dark-skinned girl who witnessed the murder of a teenager by some strange adults. The teenager, like her, possessed the gift of radiance, and this gang of abnormal, having killed him, fed on the substance that left his body at the time of death. It was clear that now these unfinished vampires would come for her too, since their main witch discovered her location by the mental cry that gave the girl.

Danny realized that the Overlook Hotel had once tried to feast on the same substance, which made an attempt to kill him with the help of his zombie father. And after much deliberation, he decided that he had to save Abra (that was the name of the girl) from the clutches of these ghouls who called their sect "True Knot".

3. I'm going to look for (Canada, USA) 6.71

The rich have their own quirks. And the rich Le Domas family from the next 2019 horror movie has their own quirks, but also the most bizarre of all the weirdest. It turns out that on the night of the wedding of the next offspring of their blood, they must, having gathered together with the whole family, play with a newcomer (or a newcomer) in any game chosen by a special device. And it is imperative to win the newly minted spouse (or spouse), otherwise, as the legend says, they all will have a skiff with the onset of the next morning.

Grace, having agreed to marry Daniel Le Domas, of course did not suspect anything like that. At that time, she was simply full of love for him and for the untold wealth of his family (it is still not clear what more). And now, after the wedding gatherings, they begin to bring her up to date. A special box is brought into the hall, which gives out a card with the inscription “Hide and Seek”, which means “Hide and Seek” in USA.

The rules are simple. While the relatives are counting to a hundred, Grace must hide in the huge Le Domas mansion, after which they will go to look for the "initiated bride." And if she hides badly and they find her, then she is not good enough.

But pleased and intrigued, Grace does not yet know that "not good" should be understood as "krants", and happily hides in the dumbwaiter of one of the floors. After waiting a dozen minutes, she begins to think that it all looks stupid and it would be time to end this idiotic game. With these thoughts, she leaves her refuge and immediately almost becomes a victim of one of the idiotic relatives, who almost shot her with a miniature pistol.

Now she believed in the words of her husband that his would-be relatives would hunt her around the mansion, closed from the inside, until they were killed. And the only chance for her to survive is to try to survive until dawn. But there are too many hunters.

4. Solstice (USA, Sweden, Hungary) 6.62

It turns out that in order to survive the hell of cannibals it is not at all necessary to climb into the jungle of some impassable Amazon jungle. It is enough to go on vacation to advanced Sweden and visit one of the villages of the Swedish outback Helsinglland on the solstice day.

It was for this holiday that the girl Dani Ardor went with her gullible and naive anthropological friends. And she was right. Since it is unlikely that she will get more share in her life than experiences and adventures.

This horror film, which is ranked 4th in our top of the best of the best, tells about how people in Swedish villages spend traditional festivals and festivities. For example, on the solstice, they take psychedelics and enjoy the sight of sacrifices. Moreover, not some fake or those in which roosters, sheep or rams become victims.

People are sacrificed here. Some of those invited to the celebration "not local" are destined to rule the ball, and someone - to burn alive in the fire. Such an interesting entertainment for tourists has been prepared by the local residents.

The locals are lovely, joyful, happy and not at all seemingly bloodthirsty, kind and hospitable people.

5. It 2 (Canada, USA) 6.63

The next picture of our top best horror films of 2019 is a direct continuation of the first part, the one where the Losers Club, consisting of youngsters Mike, Bill, Beverly, Ben, Richie, Stan and Eddie, dealt with Pennywise, behind whose guise was hiding an ancient and seemingly not quite earthly Monster.

In this part, the evil creature returned. After sleeping off over the next 27 years and having thoroughly regenerated all of his regenerated body parts, Pennywise is ready to cheerfully eat again, starting with a local blue named Adrian, who has not been able to walk humanly at the Channel Days festival. He cheerfully chewed off an impressive piece of Adrian, thus safely hitting the front pages of newspapers and in the first videos of television news channels.

Having learned about what happened, Mike, who, unlike other members of the "Club", still lived in Derry, that is, at the place of what happened last time, calls up with other friends, now forty years old and experienced adults. And, of course, they all arrive at his call, because everyone in their hearts wants to put an end to the horrors that seem to them every night, they just have to close their eyes.

But no life experience will prepare you to face the ancient monster that lives in the maze of the local sewer system again and defeat him in a mortal battle for the second time. None, except for the one that, according to Mike, the Indians of the local tribe have. In the past, it turns out that they have been quite successful in fighting this kind of Pennywise. So, the main thing is to study this ritual and drive the creepy clown creature into a trap, and it's in the bag.

And, of course, in no case should we forget that It is afraid of everyone who is not afraid of it. Such is the pun. But for some reason, everyone forgets and remembers this at the very last moment.

Still, “not to be afraid” and “to pretend that you are not afraid” are two different things. Where can you not be afraid of this ...

6. Zombieland: Control Shot (USA, Canada) 6.59

The next best-of-the-best horror movie of 2019 is again a sequel. After the sequels of King's "Shining" and "It" and Fleischer's "Zombieland" we will soon have another sequel, but about it at the end of the first part. Until then - on the topic.

10 years later, the company familiar to us from the first film - Tallahasi, Wichita, Little Rock and Columbus are doing great in the White House. And everything was fine with them, until Tallahasi began to show signs of paternal concern towards Little Rock, whom he automatically considered his daughter, and Columbus did not propose to Wichita.

After that, waking up in the morning, both men found that they were left in their White House without women. Those gathered and at night secretly got away from the worried men back home, having stolen from the garage an armored car with protection against zombies, on which Harrelson's hero had been working for a long time.

The men did not grieve for long. Tallahasi was already doing well alone, and Columbus found himself a friend named Madison who lived in the fridge of the local supermarket. And everything would have been nothing again if at one fine moment Wichita had not returned with the news that Little Rock had run away from her with some hippie.

There is nowhere to go. We'll have to put on the ammunition again and set off on the road. Now - in the footsteps of Little Rock, going with her new boyfriend to Graceland. And then, as we all understand, to the new Zombieland, in which our heroes will have one more final battle with the zombies mutated in the T-800.

Of the horrors in the film - only absolutely not horrible zombies. For the most part, it's a comedy. But since the blood and the brains flying in different directions from the shots of the shotgun are present in the frame, we will not argue.

7. We (USA, China) 6.29

The next horror movie of 2019 will tell us about the most ambitious and wackiest project of the US government to control the population of its own country. But let's start with the Thomas family, in the distant 1986, walking in the amusement park of the town of Santa Cruz, and, in particular, with their 5-year-old daughter.

This little asshole named Adelaide fought off her parents, always swearing and busy only with their own affairs, and wandered onto a deserted beach, from which the entrance to an attraction in the style of "Mirror maze" called "House of Laughter" opened. There she first met her double. This meeting scared her pretty much, but over time the girl came to her senses.

Years later, the matured Adelaide returns to her father's house with her family - her husband and two children - the eldest Zora and the youngest Jason. Arriving at the place, she feels that the old fears have returned, but she does not show it. But in vain. After a good time at the beach (with the exception of the misguided Jason incident), they hang out at the beach house when they suddenly notice the silhouettes of four strangers of different heights on the driveway.

By all accounts, this is someone's confused family. But why do they stand so still? And what is it in their hands? And what exactly are they up to?

As it turned out a little later, it turned out to be their counterparts and they conceived something unkind. And first of all - the murder of their originals. What for? And where did they come from? We learn about this from the film itself, although it is already clear that, of course, it was not without the aforementioned conspiracies of the US government against its population.

Funny, but not laughing.

8. Velvet Chainsaw (USA) 6.22

There are always some problems with portraits and their artists. After all, often artists are odious personalities. Some paint doodles and pass them off as deep masterpieces of human thought, the second churn out abstractions in the style: “And this is how I see it!”, And still others, as in this case, mix pieces of themselves into the paint.

In the next horror film of 2019, we will trace the history of the masterpieces of one such artist, who, after resting in the Bose, in his will ambiguously wished that all his works were disposed of. And he left behind thousands of drawings, which immediately became interested in members of the local beau monde of fine arts.

And seeing that the works of the deceased were truly the greatest, some of the most cunning decided to weld on them. Yes, only - that's bad luck. These pictures tend to kill. Moreover, not only those who want to warm their little hands at them, but also ordinary people who are lucky enough to stare at them for a long time.

In the light of what will happen in this horror film further, the impression creeps in that whatever in the will about the destruction of his painting collection, the author of the paintings did not write, but he really wanted everything to happen exactly as it happened. And, not even one o'clock, he is a hall that this is exactly how everything will happen.

And if so, then his plan worked one hundred percent. He was a smart guy. He endured everything and everyone until his death. And after death he took everything and heaped it. Our man.

9. The Dead Don't Die (Sweden, USA) 6.18

Let's just say that in the next horror movie of 2019, zombies will again have to eat Bill Murray. And now about the events of the picture in more detail.

An ordinary American hinterland. Despite the fact that life here is far from the advanced metropolitan civilization and the way of life here is unhurried and calm, the TV channels here are packed with the same "news singles" as everywhere else: "The polar strip has moved," "The North Pole, freed from ice, began mass mining "," Animals and birds are dying out in whole species "," Natural disasters are becoming more unpredictable ", etc.

Apparently, the only thing missing is the zombie apocalypse. And the dead still rise from their graves. And from that moment on, the measured, quiet and calm life of the American hinterland, like the whole world as a whole, flies into the pipe. The sheriff and a couple of his deputies stand up to protect their town from zombies. But everything goes to the fact that soon they will have to protect themselves from zombies not so much the population of the town as themselves.

Who wrote the original script and directed the original film, the original Jim Jarmusch tried his best to give his creation originality, filming it in the spirit of 100% realism. As a result, it turned out cliched, predictable, pathetic and, oddly enough, not at all original, with which Jarmusch and congratulations.

10. Happy New Day of Death (USA, Japan) 6.17

As promised, another sequel wraps up the top ten best horror films of 2019. And this time it is a continuation of the hit before last, called "Happy Day of Death." We all remember the movie,shot like Groundhog Day, in which a local university senior wakes up every day at the same time in the same place under similar circumstances, forced to live the same day , in which, by the way, the same maniac hunts her over and over again.

Who looked, he knows that Trish did manage to get out and break out of the closed time loop. Yes, just not for long. From this horror movie, we will learn why, in fact, this time loop formed and what to do with it so that it never comes back.

Because she just came back. And this time she pulled into a noose not a single participant, which Trish was in the prequel, but several characters - Trish's unintentional friends, all the same nerds, whose work belongs to the creation that causes all these temporary comebacks a la "Edge from the Future ".

But upon closer inspection, this temporary reality was not at all what Trish was used to in a series of her past comebacks. The maniac behind the mask is now not the same, and much more does not look like the original version, which she knows perfectly.

But now she, like her unfortunate partners, know how to end a series of kombeks. But for this you must first try to survive. After dying in reality attempts, where the combo is done away with, you will no longer have a chance for another "respawn", since the machine that generates "respawns" will no longer be functional.

Therefore, you need something like this. Not that.


Let's put a semicolon on this for now. There are still a lot of cool horror movies ahead, but we'll talk about them next week. In the meantime, let's revisit those masterpieces that we learned from the first part of our top 30 best horror films of 2019.

All the best to you, pleasant mood and even more cool films and TV series!

2nd part: films from 11 to 20

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