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Saw Producer will revive Pumpkinhead

Image With the current love of Hollywood for various kinds of reboots, remakes and sequels, cult horror films often attract the attention of film makers. As reported by Entertainment Weekly , producer of the Saw franchise Peter Block has decided to create a new version of the horror movie Pumpkinhead .

Released in 1988, the film became the directorial debut for the legendary master of special effects, Stan Winston. Pumpkinhead is the story of a grieving father who lost his son after a terrible accident. To take revenge on the adolescents responsible for the tragedy, the main character summons a terrible demon ...

According to the source, the shooting of the film should start next year, but the project has not yet acquired a director. The reboot script was Peter Block co-written with Nathan Atkins ("S. Darko"). During his career, the producer has often worked on horror films: in addition to the film series Saw , his filmography includes horror films The Chamber, The Warriors of Light and The Zombie Named Fido.


Pumpkinhead was released in limited rent in 1988 and earned only $ 4.4 million , but over time, the army of horror fans grew so much that the tape Winston spawned a straight-to-video sequel and two TV movies.

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Author: Jake Pinkman