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Details of Ghost of Tsushima, insights about Resident Evil 4 Remake - game news digest # 3.04. Part one


Also in the news: Crysis cryptic tweet, Team Fortress 2 Soldier dies from coronavirus, Half Life: Alyx without VR, HyperCard PT.

Missing Marks and Mongol Invasion - Ghost of Tsushima Details

The May issue of Official PlayStation Magazine has revealed an intriguing samurai project from Sucker Punch - Ghost of Tsushima. Information from it has already migrated to Reddit.

Exploration of the world will be one of the main gameplay mechanics. The emphasis in the game is on realism, so there are markings that indicate where you will not go. You will have to independently navigate in space, relying on memory, environment and knowledge about the island.


In parallel with this, an invasion of the Mongols will take place in the world of the game, who are equipping camps and seizing certain locations and objects.

Companions with whom you will develop relationships will help you to recapture the territory. All companions appreciate your actions, and with some you can quarrel so badly that it comes to a fight to the death.

Battles in the game are dynamic and fast-paced, regardless of aggressive or stealthy style of passing. During the battle, you will use not only weapons, but the martial art of Iaijutsu, as well as consumables like explosives.

According to the plans, the game should be released on June 26.

Resident Evil 4 remake will be released in 2022 and it will be the largest of all Capcom remakes

According to the Video Game Chronicle, a remake of Resident Evil 4 is already being developed. According to this unconfirmed information, the game is in an active stage of development. And its release itself will be in 2020. The project is handled by studio M-Two, founded by the former head of Platinum Games Tatsuya Minami.


VGC say that the original development was offered to Shinji Mikami, who was responsible for the original game. But he refused, giving only a few instructions to current developers. Within the M-Two team, there are former Capcom and Platinum Games employees, plus other internal publisher studios will help them develop.

This information was confirmed by AestheticGamer and told a couple more details about the remake. According to him, the team was originally created with plans to take on a remake in the future. The development of the project began in 2018 with a period of 4 years.

Studio M-Two is now the largest of all Capcom teams who worked on remakes of the second and third part of the game. The team is currently looking closely at player feedback on RE3. They are helped by the creators of RE2 and DMC 5.


However, an insider says that there will be no news about the project in the near future, and the announcement itself will take place only in a year and a half. But RE8: Village, according to him, should be announced very soon. Although even he emphasizes that this is only an assumption, and he does not know the exact plans of marketing development.

Plus, Capcom sticks to the "if you want something, let us know" logic as the publisher listens to the community. Therefore, if you really want to see RE Code: Veronica, we should show our interest, and who knows, after the next license plate developers can switch to it.

Crysis Twitter suddenly came to life

The Crysis series, the last game of which was released 7 years ago, unexpectedly made itself felt on its twitter. The last entry in it was made in 2016, and this week the message "Receiving data" appeared there.


Fans have long assumed that Crytek are working, if not on a new part of the series, then at least on a re-release of the old one. This is indirectly indicated by many facts.

Rick May, Soldier Voice Actor in Team Fortress 2, Dies of Coronavirus

Rick May is the voice actor who gave his voice to many characters in games such as Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, Star Fox 64, Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove. However, the actor is best remembered for his role as a Soldier from Team Fortress 2.

Patrick Lowry's Facebook page [voice of a Team Fortress 2 sniper] says May passed away at the age of 90 from the coronavirus. Also, throughout his career, he participated in many theater productions of various genres. There were about 300 of them in total.

As his friends and colleagues say, before that, Rick defeated cancer, survived a heart attack, and then ended up in a special rehabilitation center, where he contracted COVID-19.

A mod releasing Half-Life: Alyx from VR has appeared on the network

A week after the release of Half-Life: Alyx, it was already unpinned from VR. It was obvious that this was just the beginning, and now an enthusiast from USA r57zone made his own mod for the game, which allows you to pass the game without VR.

This creation completely simulates VR actions using the keyboard, like shooting, collecting items, healing, digging in the inventory. It turned out not very convenient from the word at all. So, the game controls are scattered all over the keyboard and to jump, you need to press Numpad 0, and the rotation of the controller is determined by KUHJ. Still all the passage you will be accompanied by black bars along the edges of the screen when you turn your head.

Plus, he made a special guide with difficult moments of passing, where you need to apply even more control tricks, and it blows your brain a little. You can rate the work done in the video.

This is probably not the first such modification, but the question is still open: how many people want to play this? Decide for yourself, and we'll just leave you a download and installation link.

Enthusiast recreated PT in HyperCard

In short, HyperCard is a programming environment released by Apple in 1987 that allows you to create your own hypermedia applications - something that was even before the World Wide Web.

HyperCard also allowed creating games, and one of the most striking examples is Myst. At the recent Merveilles Hyperjam, ind-developers had to create a project using HyperCard for a week. The project was not supposed to exceed the volume of 800 kilobytes - that is how much fit on an eight-inch floppy disk. One of the most notable projects of the Merveilles Hyperjam is Hyper PT by Ryan Travick. This is a complete recreation of Hideo Kojima's Playable Teaser at HyperCard.


According to Ryan, he had to remove some features of the game, but he replaced them with the buns of the HyperCard itself. You can download this beauty, which now looks even more atmospheric, here, and see other interesting works with Merveilles Hyperjam here.

This was all news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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