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Everything we know about Ghost of Tsushima


PS4 owners are eagerly awaiting two big projects this summer. The first is the epic story of Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2, and the second is a samurai action game from the time of the Mongol invasion Ghost of Tsushima. The latest game will visit us on June 17th, and may be the last major exclusive on PS4. Since its announcement, the publisher has been stingy with details and has only recently begun to share them. We learned a lot after being shown a 17-minute gameplay video and now we can talk about what we know about Ghost of Tsushima. The game itself is being developed by Suck Punch Productions, known to you from the Infamous and Sly Cooper series of games for PS2. The game was shown back in 2017 at Paris Games Week.

Ghost of Tsushima setting

Ghost of Tsushima is set in 1274 in Japan on the island of Tsushima. At this time, there is an active invasion of the Mongols, who leave behind only dead samurai and devastation. Many of those who defended the island have already died. The main character of the game We play as Jin Sakai, one of the last samurai. He can resist the Mongol horde, both by attacking head-on, relying on samurai skills, or be a ghost: sabotage and kill Mongols from the shadows.


Sucker Punch often spoke exclusively about the conflict of nations, but little about Jin himself. We know that he is one of the last in his clan, but so far there is no hint as to whether we will find out something about his past life. Other claimed characters are his friend [also a samurai] Masako and the general of the Mongol Empire, Khotun Khan, who is believed to be the main antagonist.

Explore the world

We do not yet know the full scale of the island's open world, but we definitely have the opportunity to explore it without restrictions. Starting from high mountains, ending with shrines. You can move around on foot [including climbing hills], and you can also use a horse to ride along paths and through dense forests. The world is lush and rich in detail. It seems like the place where you want to disappear.


Sucker Punch minimized the information displayed on the screen. It is stated that the game will not have mini-maps or pointers. You will have to navigate based on your knowledge of the island. Unless they give us a black and white map that we can use to highlight the places we want. Jin can then follow the direction of the wind to point to the destination. The developers called this mechanic "Directing Wind". The distance meter is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, which shows how much more our hero needs to go. If he is heading in the right direction, the wind should blow at his back and the distance will be reduced, but the indicator itself will remain on the screen for a short time.

Players will have many ways to discover new locations on the map. Obviously, we ourselves will stumble upon them or interesting meetings, but visual cues will help guide the player to specific places. These clues include smoke on the horizon, oddly shaped trees, and animals and birds guiding you in the right direction. For example, in the gameplay, following the fox, Jin finds a small altar, and a flying bird leads to a man by the fire.


By exploring, you will see that the world is alive, full of wildlife and people going about their business. You can witness them team up and come to the aid of someone attacked by an animal.

Jin can traverse small rock ledges and rooftops, and use a grappling hook to jump long distances. It looks like the capture can only be tied to certain things.

Jin can also sneak around unnoticed. And visually it is similar in design to the animations from the Assassin's Creed series. In fact, if you look closely, in stealth animations, the game really looks a bit like Odyssey.

Clashes with the Mongols

However, we will explore the world only when we have time for this. Throughout history, the Mongols have actively invaded the island's territory and moved into its depths, setting up camps and capturing entire areas. We saw how it works in the gameplay.

When we open up a new territory, we will be warned about its status, and in the occupied places we will be told that this is Mongolian territory. We've seen several missions, but we don't know if they are story missions or side missions. One of them tasked Jin to destroy the Mongol shipyard, and the other to find the cache. Both of these activities included both combat and exploration.


Two play styles: Samurai and the Ghost The game has two paths: you can play as a samurai or a ghost. The samurai makes his presence known, while the ghost sneaks up with stealth and attacks from the shadows. By letting the enemy know about your presence, you enter into a conflict with him, which visually resembles a cinematic battle, where patience and a good reaction are important.

The gameplay shows that Jin is often on the defensive and doesn't seem to move too much, allowing his opponents to approach him. While he is free to slash opponents with his sword, this approach may require multiple hits, while a counterattack can kill an opponent with a single blow. The battles themselves are fierce and during the battles limbs will fly and blood will gush. The block can also be used to counter the archers that surround the camp perimeter. If calculated correctly, Jin can hit the arrow on the fly.

If you are not a fan of going out into the open, then you can resist the Mongol army using cunning in order not only to kill opponents, but also to strike fear into their hearts, being a threat that they cannot track down or fully understand.


When you become a real "ghost", they will start to fear you and run away when they see Jin. Being a ghost means playing dirty, but it's an effective approach; when you sneak up on an opponent, you can quickly kill them by sticking a knife in the neck. The verticality of the gameplay can be used for air strikes. Hidden kills can be combined and made a streak. Additionally, you can distract enemies by throwing fireworks they explore, which gives you two stealth kill opportunities.


Jin's armor set is completely customizable, and it's not just about looks. Different sets of armor give advantages to both the samurai and the ghost. As you explore the world, you can collect materials that you can use to create dyes to change the color of your gear's clothing. We don't know if this will make it better to blend in with the surroundings, but at least it will brighten up your look.

On the way, Jin will collect various charms that improve his equipment. For example, one of them allows him to slowly regenerate health outside of combat. In addition to charms, he can use separate skill points for his skills.


Other details of Ghost of Tsushima

The game will have a photo mode, or more precisely, a video mode. It will allow players to record small videos with beautiful movements of the hero. Photo mode, which is also a video mode, allows you to change the depth of field, wind direction and speed, and even what particles of flowers or smoke are in the air. You can choose music for the video.

The entire game can be played with a black and white filter to recreate the feel of old samurai movies. Also, the game has fully Japanese voice acting, but you can turn it off if you want.

So far, that's all we know about Ghost of Tsushima

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