Insider # 3.08: Redmi smartphone with a lot of RAM; Charger for Xiaomi Mi9 5G; Realme 5 and new MacBook Pros (Topic)

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Insider # 3.08: Redmi smartphone with a lot of RAM; Charger for Xiaomi Mi9 5G; Realme 5 and new MacBook Pros


The world of electronic devices is constantly evolving. Experts, specialists and insiders tirelessly follow this. Partly thanks to the work of the latter, progress is being made in this niche. Therefore, our portal pays due attention to the coverage of information received from insiders. In this issue we will tell you about the nuances of equipping smartphones from Redmi, Xiaomi and Realme. We will also share information from the Apple camp.

Redmi is thinking about creating a gadget with a large amount of RAM

As soon as electronics manufacturers do not attract the attention of users and potential buyers. Some declassify their new products long before the announcement, while others show journalists the secret laboratories where they are created.

Redmi's management is also not lagging behind in this direction. It regularly tests consumer opinion on various questions using the Chinese social network Weibo. Recently, Liu Weibing posted on his page a review of one of the users of the Black Shark 2 Pro, which recently went on sale. The question of whether the device has 12 GB of RAM was especially discussed.

A sly official tried to find out how much this amount of this type of memory will be in demand among users. Both the Black Shark and Redmi brands are owned by Xiaomi. The second one specializes in the production of inexpensive devices with optimal equipment. It is possible that they are thinking about expanding the range of their products and for this they are trying to probe the market in advance in this way.

New Xiaomi will receive a unique memory

An insider from India, Sundhash Ambhor, wrote on his Twitter page that the Xiaomi Mi9 5G smartphone, which will only be announced, will be equipped with a unique charger. Its main nuance will be the presence of a high charging speed.

At this time, it is known that the initial configuration of the basic version has a 20 W charger. It is clear that its 5G modification will be equipped with a more advanced product. However, the source does not provide any specific data. Therefore, it is not yet clear what type of charger will be, its capacity has not been established either.

Prior to this, there were already leaks regarding this device. According to them, it will be equipped with a 2K-display, a camera with optical image stabilization and a capacious battery.


The release date of this device and its detailed specifications are unknown.

Realme got a 64MP camera

Recently, photos of a device equipped with a main camera with a resolution of a record 64 megapixels appeared on the network. According to rumors, it will be installed on the Realme 5.


The Slashleaks website has published a snapshot of a smartphone equipped with a block of four lenses oriented vertically on the back of the product. You can also consider the brand logo.

According to the source, the photo shows the Realme 5 Pro smartphone. However, it has not yet been announced and the manufacturer has not yet confirmed this information. He did not receive any comments on this either.

The start of sales of the new device is scheduled for mid-August this year.

Apple will resize MacBook Pro

91mobiles reported that the 16-inch MacBook Pro could get the chipset used on the 15.4-inch models. The laptop is expected to be launched in September this year, replacing the 15-inch version.

According to experts from the marketing agency HIS Markit, the gadget will be equipped with an Intel Coffee Lake-H Refresh processor. This chip is already installed in Apple laptops. It is Intel's fastest 45W mobile chipset.

According to Forbes, the new device will begin production in September this year, and sales will start in October. After the release of the model to the market, Apple will gradually abandon devices with a 15-inch size. Their release is scheduled for sunset in November.

This information was obtained anonymously from suppliers of components for the company in the United States.

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